Blade Show 2011

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Benchmade A2 235 Paul Axial Gents Knife

Benchmade A2 235 Paul Axial Gents Knife
Benchmade A2 235 Paul Axial Gents Knife
Benchmade Knives now produce the Paul Knives. Paul Pocketknives are great and unique items that we have been admiring since the mid 1990′s when Gerber Knives was producing them. Lone Wolf Knives did a great job of manufacturing more varieties of Paul Knives than anyone and we think Benchmade Knives will do an even better job. The Benchmade A2 is a great, mid size model with a 2.58″ blade and a sheath for carry. The handle has very attractive Carbon Fiber scales. This is a classy pocketknife produced entirely in the US by Americans and we think they are reasonably priced as well. You can see this model at
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Benchmade Aphid Folding Knives

Benchmade Aphid Folding Assisted Opening Pocketknives
Benchmade Aphid Folding Knives
We remember the Aphid series and we liked them a lot. These new ones are nicer, though, with a great assisted opening mechanism. Not sure why Benchmade picked the name Aphid for this knife—especially after reading about Aphids on Wikipedia. Ladybugs are a natural predator of Aphids… don’t anyone tell Spyderco. All of that silliness aside, this is a very cool little assisted opening gentleman’s tactical. We like the style, the size, the opening action, and the price. We’re just not so sure about the name…
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Benchmade A4 245-1 Paul Axial Gent’s Knife Cocobolo Handles

Benchmade A4 2451 Paul Axial Gents Knife Cocobolo Handles
Benchmade A4 245-1 Paul Axial Gent’s Knife Cocobolo Handles
Benchmade Knives ships their new Paul Knives! We have sold Paul knives from several companies over the years, and have loved them all. The originals from Gerber were so unique and collectible, the high fashion ones from Lone Wolf were simply exquisite… but the new ones from Benchmade will take Mr. Poehlmann’s design to a whole new level. Benchmade has the capacity to make these knives available to more people, at a lower price, and at the finest American quality. The first model is in our warehouse in limited quantities, and they are all we could have hoped for!
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Benchmade 581 Barrage AXIS-Assisted M390 Super Steel Blade

Benchmade Barrage with M390 Super Steel Blade
Benchmade Barrage with M390 Super Steel Blade
Benchmade has begun using this super steel M390 which, by all accounts, is the best on the market. We haven’t tried it here at the KnifeCenter, but objective accounts claim it is superior to the ZDP189 that we love so much. You can buy this knife and let us know! This Barrage model has an upgraded handle, assisted opening operation and the super hard steel blade. What’s not to like?
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Benchmade AFCK Limited Edition

Benchmade Knives AFCK
Benchmade AFCK Limited Edition SHOT Show Knife -SOLD OUT- Combo Edge Coming Soon!
Back when the KnifeCenter was starting out in the mid 1990′s, when we were the only web site selling Benchmade knives! the AFCK was a best selling item. It was, along with the Emerson designed CQC7, the knife that made Benchmade Knives a famous brand in the world of American cutlery. We’ve seen a few offerings through the years with this great design, but this new one is extraordinary. These were only available at the SHOT Trade Show in Las Vegas to dealers of Benchmade Knives that were placing orders. We got in line for a limited number of these. The look is striking with the textured handle and blue medallion. The pocket clip is designed for deep pocket carry and is brightly polished. The action, though, is really smooth and solid. The disengagement of the liner is super easy. Then you have the new material for the blade. This M390 steel is really tough and hard and should be about as top quality as you can get. This is truly a Benchmade classic and they are very limited in availability. Limited to a production quantity of 250.
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Benchmade 480-1 Shoki Gentleman’s Folding Knife

Benchmade Knives New product
Benchmade 480-1 Shoki Gentleman’s Folding Knife
No details were overlooked in the production of this elegant gentleman’s pocketknife. Benchmade knives has really done it again with a great new folding pocket knife.
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Benchmade 53 Bali-Song Butterfly Knife

Benchmade 53 Bali-Song Butterfly
Benchmade 53 Bali-Song Butterfly Knife

Benchmade got their start making butterfly knives, so it always gives us an extra thrill when they bring out a new model! The new model 53 gave us an extra, extra thrill because it is the first Benchmade butterfly to be made with offset handles-as best as we can remember. The sculpted G10 gives the fly a strong hand purchase, and is very comfortable for repetitive cutting tasks. The D2 steel also makes this a great pick for an Every-Day-Carry-fly!
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We Are Proud to Present a New Benchmade Assisted Opening Subrosa

Benchmade Lerch Subrosa Assisted Pocket Knife
New! Benchmade Assisted Opening Subrosa

Full titanium handles with a Chris Reeve inspired monolock… and assisted opening??? Finally, the much anticipated Lerch Subrosa is here! This knife is easy on your pocket, powerful and strong. It is also beautiful. Plus, if you act quick, the batch we currently have on our shelf is serial numbered and marked first production run. This knife will be looked back on as one of the classic Benchmades.

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Check Out The Exquisite Benchmade Gold Class 690-101

Benchmade Gold Class Pocketknife
The Exquisite Benchmade Gold Class 690-101

All of the brands we carry make top notch knives. The custom and limited edition products we carry are some of the highest quality knives on the market. But only Benchmade’s Gold Class series takes those excellently designed knives and advances them to the next level with extravagant and rare materials. From the hornet’s-nest damascus blade to the anodized gold titanium liners, the Gold Class 690-101 is a piece of art. Take note: The Benchmade Gold Class 690-101 is one of the most expensive folding knives we carry. But it is also one of the most beautiful and unique knives we have had the pleasure of offering to the public.

The blade of the Gold Class 690-101 is made out of a complex damascus. It is like a Rorschach test, with each examination revealing new insight. The mammoth ivory used for the handles is very rare, coming primarily from mammoths preserved in the Russian tundra. The bolsters are made of mokume, a Japanese style of metal very similar to damascus, but made with gold and other rare metals.

The collector who is looking for the prestige of a well made, rare, and valuable knife need look no further. This is the pinnacle of the art form.

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