Lots Of Specials! – Here’s a Breakdown on the Great Deals

Ok, we have a heck of a lot of specials going on at the same time. It can get confusing. Which ones are really cheap and which ones are just everyday sale items. I’m here to give you the inside scoop. First, let me point out that the reason for these lists is that we have so many items – the list is really enormous and so many of them are really great deals. We just want to help everyone get to what they are looking for and it’s not always easy. For instance: We just posted the “80 Items up to 80% Off- greatest sale ever” promotion. That’s a pretty big claim. Well, these items are hand picked as good items that we just happen to have too many on the shelf. We are willing to make just a bit on them to lighten up our inventory level for the end of the year. We are all in a buying mode right now and, as I say repeatedly, you have to make hay while the sun shines.

Then we have the flat rate shipping through today. Well, this is just a great deal.

We are running the Medford Sale that gives you some really solidly built knives at a reasonable price. Medford likes to price their product way Continue Reading

American Made Products at the Knife Center

American Made Products at the KnifeCenter of the InterNet
We have thousands of products made in the USA. We try to find the very best American Made products that we can. We have a page of links to various products that are made in America. From American Made Folding Knives to American Made Mulititools, to American Made Kitchen Products and American Made Flashlights and much, much more.


New Scorpion Knives from England

Scorpion Knives are a new brand for us here at the KnifeCenter and they are some of the most well designed, overbuilt fixed blades we have ever seen. Most, well actually all the knife designers at Scorpion use their real world experiences to bring new features and uses to their particular knife designs. From Chris Caine, Anton du Plessis, and John Wiseman to  Geoff Todd, John Campbell, and Bob Beasley, Scorpion Knives are specifically designed to do all the tasks expected by both the combat soldier and survival enthusiast. Using a variety of blade and handle materials, one thing remains constant; a 3/16″ (or thicker) full tang slab of hardened steel is the heart of the knife. Check one out today for yourself and you will not be disappointed. See the entire line at www.knifecenter.com.

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BLACKHAWK! Razorback-Trocar Fixed Blade Combat Knives

BLACKHAWK! Razorback-Trocar Fixed Blade Combat Knives
BLACKHAWK! Razorback-Trocar Fixed Blade Combat Knives
An amazing, smallish, fixed blade combat knife. Blackhawk has reissued the Masters of Defense Massad Ayoob’s Razorback – the state-of-the-art expression of a traditional Japanese tanto. It is easy to carry with the very slim profile and the design is very effective as a combat knife. Bringing these in from Asia is a great idea as it makes them affordable.
Here is the information from Blackhawk: Continue Reading

BLACKHAWK! Nightedge Elishewitz Designed Combat Knife

BLACKHAWK! Nightedge Elishewitz Designed Combat Knife
BLACKHAWK Nightedge Elishewitz Designed Combat Knife
Elishewitz is one of the most popular knife designers anywhere and this combat fixed blade is an awesome achievement. Blackhawk is just the company to offer it up to the troops that need it.
The design of this knife is awesome.
Here are the details from Blackhawk: Continue Reading

Blackjack Classic Blades Models 5 and 7 with Carbon Steel Blades

Blackjack Classic Blades Models 5 and 7 with Carbon Steel Blades
Blackjack Classic Blades Models 5 and 7 with Carbon Steel Blades
Years ago, Blackjack knives were made in Indiana with typical Randall Bowie knife style and materials. Well, the makers from back then are doing it again and we are thrilled to offer these incredible American made classics to our customers. Steel is 1095CRYO and the edges are not beveled, but are rolled. The fit and finish are great and we are offering a variety of handle materials. These are classics!

Blackhawk Hornet II designed by Keating

Blackhawk Hornet II designed by Keating
Blackhawk Hornet II designed by Keating
Remember the Keating Hornet from Masters of Defense? They still offer the automatic version made in the USA. Blackhawk bought the Masters of Defense company years ago and have tried to keep their best models available while offering many new models. The Hornet II is similar to the old model in size and style, but has some interesting differences. The Hornet II is a more modern combat folder. The handles are textured G10 with full liners on both sides. The blade steel is AUS8A stainless.
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Jani Song Folders from Blackhawk

Jani-Song Folder
Janich, the master knife fighter
, has designed a brilliant new folder working off a principle similar to butterfly knives. It turns out to be easier to use and just as fast and even more fun. The new knife series is called the “Janisongs” and they are spectacular from Blackhawk.
The Jani-Song is an entirely new concept Continue Reading