Boker Plus SOB (Spec Ops Blade)

BokerPlus Special Ops Blade
Boker Plus SOB (Spec Ops Blade)
We’ve mentioned the lack of gentleman’s fixed blades on the market these days, and though it is a little on the big side, we think the new Boker Spec Ops Blade falls into this great category. The SOB, as it is called, features Micarta scales and a Kydex sheath that can be matched to a Tek-Lok—though it is not included. The knife is comfortable in the hand, and the modified sheepsfoot blade is built for a variety of tasks—utility, tactical, and even culinary!
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Boker Plus Locking Folding Knives

BokerPlus Folding Locking Knives
BokerPlus New Locking Folding Knives
We got a mess of new items from Boker this week, several of which are the new Boker Plus gentleman’s locking folders. With materials ranging from wood to titanium to ceramic, and in a variety of sizes and shapes, these are wonderful knives. They are also wonderful knives for the money, produced under Boker’s supervision in their factory in Asia. These are great knives at great prices! Boker has done it again.

Boker Plus Vox VAT Access Tool, Titanium $26.95

Boker VOX VAT Tool
Boker Plus Vox VAT Access Tool, Titanium
This is one of the coolest non “knife” tools to come out in 2011. The Vox Access tool does all the other prying, opening, pulling tasks that you should NEVER actually use your knife for. Maybe Boker should have called it the un-knife? Regardless of what it is called, it is a great tool to have clipped onto your keys or your bag. It will make itself useful a million times over—and keep you from breaking your knife!
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Boker Magnum Outdoor Cuisine Folding Knives

Boker Magnum Outdoor Cuisine
Boker Magnum Outdoor Cuisine Folding Knives, $14.95
Sometimes you just need a big affordable locking knife for camp cooking chores. Fortunately, the thoughtful folks at Boker have produced a series of knives for just such an application. The Boker Magnum Outdoor Cuisine series offers great big camp use liner locks at a great little price… only $14.95 each at the KnifeCenter!

2010 Boker Plus Collection Knife David Broadwell

Boker Fixed Blade Knife
2010 Boker Plus Collection Knife designed by David Broadwell
This fixed blade collector’s knife from BokerPlus is amazing. These large knives are made of high quality steel and each is serialized.
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Boker Anso 67 Folding Knife

Boker Anso 67 Folding Knife
Boker Anso 67 Folding Knife
Another gem from the creative mind of Jens Anso. Jens is one of the hottest designers in the knife business and Boker Knives has gotten a few great models from him. This one is a remarkable folding knife with one textured G10 side and on titanium framelock side. Similar to the way some Strider knives and Emerson superCQC7 knives were made, these are workhorse tools. Made in Germany, this knife is top quality.
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New Boker Ceramic Utility Kitchen Knife

New Boker Ceramic Utility Kitchen Knife
New Boker Ceramic Utility Kitchen Knife

Everyone should have at least one ceramic knife in their kitchen, as they are your best bet for everyday cutting chores. Ceramic knives will never corrode, they can go in the dishwasher, and they stay sharp 10 times longer than a metal blade. You shouldn’t torque them, or cut anything that might chip the edge… but if you can slice it, you’ll love doing it with a ceramic blade!

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New Miltner Adams design from BokerPlus

New Miltner Adams design from BokerPlus presents New Miltner Adams design from BokerPlus
Miltner Adams designs are always awesome. The designer thinks outside of what other people do and comes up with designs that are unique and really fantastic. Their chisel ground concept is built around blades that are made to be sharpened by laying the flat side of the blade directly on a stone. The production that Boker does of these is also remarkable in quality as well as pricing. You can see all Boker Miltner Adams HERE or these at
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Meet the Boker Magnum Channel

Boker Magnum Channel Pocketknife
Boker Magnum Channel Folding Knife at less than $20

The sense of style on the Boker Magnum Channel is fantastic. The dark grey bolsters and blade finish are perfectly complemented by the dark wood scales. The wood scales are not only comfortable in the hand, but they also lend the knife a sense of elegance, making the Boker Channel a knife that would not be out of place clipped to a tuxedo pants pocket. Outside of the ballroom, the Boker design results in a knife that is capable of any task you might throw at it.

This is a work-capable dress knife for under $20. Whether you are on a tight budget, or just want to add another classy knife to your collection, this is the knife you are looking for.

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