Buck Knives Smidgen Small Neck Knife

Buck Smidgen Small Neck Knife with Deluxe Sheath, Lanyard and Carabiner
Buck Smidgen Small Neck Knife with Deluxe Sheath, Lanyard and Carabiner
Buck knives had a lot of luck with the Hartsook neck knife. It is small and easy to carry and well designed and reasonably priced. They went and designed another tiny neck knife but are able to sell it at an even lower price. The steel is different, but the sheath system is awesome. It has a carabiner attached that has a bottle opener built in. We like this small knife and the price makes it a natural.
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Buck Impulse Series Made in the USA

Buck Impulse Series of Assisted Openers Made in the USA
Buck Impulse Series of Assisted Openers Made in the USA
Buck Knives makes a great assisted opener. This new series follows on the footsteps of the Rush models but has the solid handle that a lot of people will prefer. Top quality construction from the USA.
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Buck Gen-5™ Rosewood Handle 154CM Steel Blade Skinner

Buck Gen-5 Rosewood Handle Fixed Blade
Buck Gen-5™ Skinner 3″ Blade Skinner with Rosewood Handle and Nylon Sheath
The Buck Gen-5™ Skinners just keep getting better. This new one is a regular production model with gorgeous rosewood handle and 154CM top quality steel blade. It is the brainchild of the latest generation Buck, Josh. His great, great grandfather would be proud.
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Buck Knives Redpoint Folders

Buck Redpoint Folders
Buck Knives Redpoint Folders
These are great, inexpensive folders which come with a “deep pocket” pocket clip, have a great opening system. There is a wheel at the end that you can easily flip with your forefinger to open the blade. The button on the handle is the lock- so simply move it to release the blade to close it. they are lightweight, comfortable to hold and easy to carry. What’s not to like?
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Buck Bravo Folding Work Knife

Buck Knives Bravo Working Knife
Buck Knives Bravo Working Knife Folder
Buck Knives has released the Bravo which was built for work. The blade configuration allows it applications like scraping and chiseling that other blade shapes just don’t approach. The construction is Buck Knives Tough, as are their combat/tactical folders. Instead of using a combat knife for your carpentry work, try a knife built for it!
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Buck Raven Fixed Blade Designed by Simonich

Buck Knives Raven Legacy by Simonich
Buck Knives Raven Legacy
The Buck Knives Raven is a classic fixed blade we are really glad to see it in production. Rob Simonich was a friend to the KnifeCenter, both personally and professionally, and he has been sorely missed since his passing several years ago. His widow has teamed up with Buck to produce a collaboration knife, and we are proud to carry it. The Raven Legacy takes many of Rob’s innovations and puts them into a knife which soldiers and civilians can afford…and depend on.
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