INOVA INFORCE Series of Flashlights

INOVA INFORCE Series of Flashlights
INOVA INFORCE Series of Flashlights
Inova’s special products division has seriously raised the bar in military application flashlights. Developed at the request of the DoD, this series of lights is designed to work in an infinite number of situations, across all branches of the military. Specifically, it can go from handheld to weapon mount with little more than a click and a twist. These are very well built – in the U.S. – and offer a range of brightness and color led options. Oh, and they are stupid bright and efficient as well.
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Surefire E1B Personal LED Flashlight

Surefire E1B Personal LED Flashlight
SureFire E1B Backup™ Ultra Compact Dual Output LED Flashlight
This is an amazingly powerful and small personal LED light. Surefire makes the best quality lights available anywhere in the world and we are proud to offer them to our public. This new model is the latest and greatest technology for a small, personal light. Here is the rest of the information: Continue Reading

Survival Gear at Knife Center

Survival Gear at the Knife Center
Survival Gear at the Knife Center
We now offer a wide variety of survival products. We have been adding new items in this category for a long time and it is finally ready to be a valid “center” here at the Knife Center. We have water purifiers, solar panels, shovels, hatchets and much more. Continue Reading

NovaTac Very Cool LED Lights

NovaTac LED Lights
NovaTac LED Flashlights
We see a lot of different flashlights. Most are Surefire knockoffs from Asia. NovaTac has a great design made in the USA with small LED lights that fit in the palm of your hand! They give out an incredible 120 Lumens and are available in a few finishes and with different end caps giving a variety of options on programmability. In addition, they are waterproof to a reasonable depth!
Here are some of the SPECS for one model: Continue Reading

Winchester Key Ring Light Special

Winchester LED Clip On Light
We made a great purchase of these handy Winchester LED key ring lights that we are offering at just $3.95! They have a built in clip so you can attach them to a cap, vest or jacket. The LED light pivots 90 degrees to place the light where you need it. Batteries included. The key ring is elaborately made and worth the price by itself! You can see our LED Flashlight page or list all our Key Ring lights. Keep in mind that our minimum shipping charge is $6.95, so you may want to order several of these!

Pentagon Light Angled Head MOLLE LED

pentagon Lights
New, retro lights from Pentagon! Bringing back the anglehead design of the past for today’s MOLLE equipped gears, it fits through PALs webbing for secured hands-free attachment on MOLLE vests and compatible equipment. The top-positioned button enables operation without removing from the webbing. Rotate clip to the back for carrying in front of a pocket or other clip – able surfaces. Rotate clip to the side for attaching to regular belts or duty belts. Its anglehead design provides personal illumination … Continue Reading