New eGear PICO LED Zipper Lites

eGear PICO LED Zipper Lite 10 Lumens
New eGear PICO LED Zipper Lites!

A tiny light that you can carry anywhere and is really bright—that’s what you need. Carry one on your coat zipper or your key ring. These are really useful! Designed in collaboration with survival equipment guru Doug Ritter, these lights weigh less than an ounce but produce 10 lumens of clear white output that projects up to 30 feet. The rotating bezel insures that you will never accidently turn it on. And at only $9.95 each, you can buy Dad several!

You can see them at

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Kyocera Advanced Ceramics Ceramic Adjustable Grinder

Kyocera Advanced Ceramics Ceramic Adjustable Grinder
Kyocera Advanced Ceramics Ceramic Adjustable Grinder
Kyocera has a lot of great ideas. Using a ceramic mechanism for a pepper mill is absolutely one of them./ Having metal workings has never particularly appealed to me, although I considered it a necessity. The ceramic is harder than steel and works cleaner and will absolutely leave less residue on anything you grind. These are also very reasonably priced.
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Kershaw Knives Mini Biner Carabiner Clip with 2″ Blade

Kershaw Knives Mini Biner Carabiner Clip with 2
Kershaw Knives Mini Biner Carabiner Clip with 2″ Blade
Kershaw Knives released the Carabiner knife combinations years ago and they have been steady sellers ever since. Now, Kershaw Knives releases a mini Version of the Carabiner knife combos and they’re awesome. Really inexpensive, these colorful little beauties are easy to carry and make having a knife at hand easier for many people- especially those outside with backpacks.
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Columbia River Hitchcock Hole In One Pocket Knife

Hole in One
Columbia River Hitchcock Hole In One
Columbia River Knife and Tool offers a new folding knife. The Hole in One is designed by Tom Hitchcock and is a pretty neat item. The blade folds sideways into the framed handle with a lever. This is not a tiny knife, however. The handle is over 5 inches long.
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Solid Wood Kitchen Magnets

Solid Wood Kitchen Magnets
Solid Wood Kitchen Magnets
We have found the nicest kitchen knife magnets for your kitchen cutlery! These are hand made in Texas by some master craftsmen. They use exotic hardwoods for these kitchen cutlery magnets with Mother of Pearl inlays on the spots where the magnet will work. The “rare earth” magnets are super strong. These kitchen knife magnets actually look nice in your kitchen! We carry three woods- Maple, Cherry and Wenge- a very dark, gorgeous wood that will fit any decor. We have them in two lengths- 5 inch which has five magnets and 7 inch with 7 magnets. We found these and liked them so much we wanted to offer them out to our customers. Have a look!

Benchmade 2.0GB USB Flash Bali-Drive

Benchmade 2.0GB USB Flash Bali-Drive
Benchmade 2.0GB USB Flash Bali-Drive
The first 50 state legal Bali-Song!

You already have all those files and images, but how about keeping them with you using something other than your ordinary USB drive? This Bali-USB™ drive features 2 gigabytes of storage and is pre-loaded with Benchmade computer wallpaper (in different resolutions). Best of all it is flippable and includes a locking latch.

Data storage and bali-flipping fuse creating this extremely handy 50 state legal bali-song USB flash drive. This is a fully functioning 2.0GB USB flashdrive that swings, flips and makes it easy to bring your important files anywhere. Constructed from three pieces of injection molded plastic, this little bali is tough enough for any file format you can throw at it.

Get yours while supplies last, and get one for a friend– so you don’t have to share.


* USB 2.0 Drive
* 480Mbps Transfer
* 2 Gigabytes Storage
* Flippable ABS Plastic Handles
* Locking Latch
* Pre-Loaded with Benchmade Computer Wallpaper

Columbia River Get-A-Way Driver™

Columbia River Get-A-Way Driver
Columbia River Get-A-Way Driver™
Yes, Inspired Design works.™

A carabiner screwdriver, bit carrier and LED flashlight designed to be part of the I.D. Works™ tool system.

At Columbia River Knife & Tool® (CRKT®), they’re inspired by great design. Their I.D. Works™ products are not tools you will find anywhere else. They’re motivated by design that is both inspired and functional, as created 500 years ago by painter, sculptor, architect, and inventor Leonardo da Vinci, who said “observe everything” in nature. They’ve partnered with the best and brightest designers of today who share this vision of putting functional art in your hand. They are organic and ergonomic shapes, sometimes whimsical, always useful. These unique tools make up our growing I.D. Works™ line. Put them to use, enjoy them, and always remember what inspires you!

The Get-A-Way™ Driver is another creative design by Launce Barber and Tom Stokes which is designed to be an integral part of our I.D. Works™ tool system.

The tool itself is a screwdriver; flat and Phillips hex bit carrier with four standard hex bits, two flat and two Phillips; a specialty wrench; bottle opener; and LED flashlight with carry carabiner.

Launce and Tom have designed this multi-tool to be as compact and lightweight as possible. Handle length is only 3.75”, and weight is only 1.9 ounces. Continue Reading

Chef’n Kitchen Gadgets

Chef'n Kitchen Gadgets
Chef’n Kitchen Gadgets
Chef’n is one of the coolest companies we have seen. They are out of Seattle and have the most creative and useful designs in the kitchen industry. They originated the “rabbit ears” pepper grinder which is the easiest to use grinder we have seen as well as dozens of other creative products to make your kitchen tasks easier. Look for a great variety of Chef’n products here because- we just like these products a lot and think you will too!