New Value Volt II from Kershaw

Kershaw Volt II Assisted Opening Knives
New Value Volt II from Kershaw!

The Kershaw Volt was a crazy knife at a crazy price. Now Kershaw and collaborator RJ Martin have teamed up to make the Volt II. The new version features the same overall shape as the original, but that is where the similarities end. There is now assisted opening and a molded Polyimide handle. Plus, because it is built in China to Kershaw’s exacting standards, it is only $25.95 at the KnifeCenter.

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Kershaw Clash Assisted Pocket Knife

Kershaw Clash Assisted Blade
Kershaw Clash Assisted Pocket Knife

Ladies and Gentlemen, might we introduce to you the Kershaw Clash. This is a Ken Onion designed assisted opening knife that has been built in China. Why am I telling you this? Because that means it is going to be the best quality of design and materials that you are going to find in this price range. This is a really great knife at a really great price!

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See the Gorgeous New Bradly Kimura IV Butterfly Knife

Bradley Kimura IV Butterfly Knife
Gorgeous New Bradly Kimura IV Butterfly Knife!

The latest installment in the Bradley Kimura series is here…finally, a clip point! These butterflies, made by Kershaw right here in the US, are a great value. They are also great flies, whether you want them for training and performing, or just as an every-day-carry knife with a twist. With Spyderco and Benchmade reducing their butterfly offerings, Bradley is rapidly becoming the go-to for high end butterflies.

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Just In: New Kershaw Little Lockback Pocket Knives

Kershaw Little Lockback Pocketknife
New Kershaw Little Lockback Folding Knives!

Kershaw’s new Little Lockback line is aptly named. These knives are quite small, with a 2″ blade and a 2-5/8″ handle. The lockback mechanism holds the knife tight, whether in the open position or the closed position. This is not much of a camping knife or a tactical knife, but the size makes it perfect as an every day carry knife. It is unobtrusive and non-threatening, making it easy to use around people who are skittish around knives.

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New Kershaw Blurs- Including ZDP model

New Kershaw Blurs
New Kershaw Blurs- Including ZDP model
Kershaw Knives has released plenty of their BLUR models through the years. They have been released with a myriad of blade steels and handle colors and we love the fact that our customers have such a great variety to choose from. They have finally released a ZDP-189 steel blade model and it’s great. The BLUR ZDP has a dark brown handle and the blade is a composite and so there is a jigsaw puzzle-like line where the softer steel meets the super hard ZDP. The BLUR handles have a rubbery insert for better traction in wet environments.
The orange handle model features 154CM stainless steel which is also a premium material. The orange color is also distinctive.
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Kershaw Barrage and Zing with Damascus Blades

Kershaw Barrage and Zing with Damascus Blades
Kershaw Barrage and Zing with Damascus Blades
Kershaw released some beauties that are American made and sell at great prices. One model, the Barrage, is brand new and the first one we received is with a Damascus steel blade. It is a flipper opener -and, although not assisted, it is “blur-like.” The other is one of the new ZING models but has the same Damascus steel blade. We like these very much and will have plenty of stock next week.

Kershaw Knives Half Ton Folding Knife

Kershaw Knives Half Ton Folding Knife
Kershaw Knives Half Ton Folding Knife
Kershaw Knives produces some great knives at all price levels. This Half Ton model is at the very lowest of those and we are selling it for $14.95! It is a real Kershaw design and is very well made. The wide blade allows a lot of work to be done. These are great items and can be found at:
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NEW Kershaw Emerson Commander Auto!

NEW Kershaw Emerson Commander Auto
NEW Kershaw Emerson Commander Auto!
Great idea! and pulled off perfectly by Kershaw. The Commander is a classic and much sought after blade. This auto version really lives up to the reputation of the original, hard use folder from Emerson. We have them at
This will be a limited run. The button pulls back to release. It is super fast and smooth and will be available in plain and combo edge.
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Blade Show 2009

A great show by all accounts. Well, some of the folks selling thought the number of shoppersd was light, but, as an observer, it was outstanding.
Here are the Blade Show Award Winners:
Hall of Fame inductee: AlMar
Accessory of the year: Wicked Edge Precision Knife Sharpener
Investor/Collector: William Henry “Anthem” Best Buy: Lone Wolf Blackfoot
Innovative Import Knife: Columbia River Knife & Tool Flux
Innovative American Knife: Fox Knives USA Rescue II
Manufacturing Award: Chris Reeve Knives
Collaboration: Spyderco/Bob Terzuola Slip-it
Kitchen Knife of the year: Chris Reeve Knives Sikayo Series
Imported Knife of the year: Benchmade Nagara
American Knife of the year: Kershaw Speedform
Overall Knife of the year: Lone Wolf Defender
New Kershaw Knives
Kershaw has some great new offerings coming out this year. Among them is the ” Speedform” which won American made knife of the year. It has a 3-3/4″ composite steel blade, titanium frame lock handle with g10 inlay. Also the VOLT which also has a composite blade and integrated titanium and G10 handle. This one is an RJ Martin design with a flipper.
There will be an OCC 10th Anniversary knife with composite blade, G10 handle and locking liner. You can see a page with some early images at
Much more Blade Show Knives Coming VERY soon!