SOG Aegis AE01

Our steal this week is the SOG AE01 model from their Aegis line of folders, assembled right here in the USA. The Greek word Aegis loosely translates to shield or protection, which tells you something about the intent with which these knives were built.

Blade on this one is a three and a half inch, flat-ground drop point, made from AUS8 stainless steel. The assisted opening is very responsive, needing just the slightest nudge to deploy the blade. To make sure that only happens when you want it to there’s also a safety switch which effectively keeps the blade closed. The piston lock lets you fold it back down after use.

Handle is a glass reinforced nylon Digi-Grip, making this a super lightweight everyday carry option. Shape fills the hand reasonably comfortably., and the jimping on the top of the handle and the base of the blade gives your thumb a nice place to lock in. The full handle is given a pleasant amount of textured grip by the repetition of a miniscule SOG, lest you forget whose knife this is.

And in case that print is too fine for you to read, you’ll also be reminded by their trademark bayonet reversible pocket clip. This clip works really smoothly and lets you have a nice, deep carry with easy depoloyment.

Overall, the SOG Aegis AE01 is a lightweight, capable folder with a very satisfying assisted opening action. To learn more about this knife, click here. To see our entire inventory, visit

Pohl Force Mike Three & Four Outdoor Folder

This week we’re spotlighting the Pohl Force Mike Three and Four Outdoor Folders. The Mike knives are the newest addition to the high-quality EOD series from Pohl Force, and meet those same precise standards. The EOD series is manufactured by LionSteel, Pohl Force’s production partner in Italy, so you know the quality is top-notch.

The 3.75″ blade sits right in between Pohl Force’s Alpha and Bravo series, making this a really excellent option for an everyday carry. Deployment action via the ambidextrous thumb stud is ridiculously smooth. Blade is constructed from 59HRC Niolox tool steel, the Mike three sporting a drop-point style blade and the Mike four a tanto. The sturdy frame lock with replaceable steel insert on this series keeps the blade very secure once extended.

The handle is made from two large pieces of black PVD aluminum, which is a first for Pohl Force. It has a curved, ergonomic shape with an indent for your index finger that helps it sit really nicely in the hand, with the milled grooves along the side making for a reliable grip. For that added bit of functionality there’s a small glass breaker tip on the butt of the handle. The only detractor I can see on this model is that you feel the pocket clip against your hand a bit, but it doesn’t create too much discomfort.

The clip slides on and off really smoothly, letting you draw this bad boy at a moment’s notice. If you’re the type to get excited by accessories there are a couple of neat extras thrown into the nylon case; a skull lanyard and Velcro Pohl Force badge.

These Mike Three and Four folders from Pohl Force are a high quality, durable option for an everyday carry blade, designed to meet the most extreme demands. To learn more about these knives click here. To see our entire inventory, visit

Cold Steel Safe Maker II

This week’s special is the simple but effective Safe Maker II from Cold Steel. Cold Steel has been making push daggers for 25 years, and those years of experience have been funneled into the Safe Maker 2, yielding a functional, comfortable self-defense tool.

The blade, shaft, and t-shaped tang are all drop-forged from one piece of AUS 8 stainless steel. This process allows for a smooth shaft that’s completely devoid of sharp edges. Between that and the shock absorbing Kray-Ex cover, this feels very comfortable in between the fingers.

Blade is 3.25″ long, which makes this thing extremely compact, especially when compared to the 4.5″ blade on the Safe Maker one. The sleek shape is inspired by traditional Japanese spearpoints, allowing for a razor sharp, efficient blade. The package includes a sheath with belt clip, as well as a steel bead chain for additional carrying options.

Overall, the Safe Maker two benefits greatly from Cold Steel’s years of experience, a satisfying combination of functionality and aesthetics. To learn more about this push dagger, click here. To see our entire inventory visit

Mercworx Knives

This time on Warehouse Hunts we’re taking a look at our selection of Mercworx products. Mercworx is a terrific brand for combat knives, and one little known outside the operative community. Their blades go all-in on function without sacrificing form, each specialty knife made by one artisan from beginning to end. Here we’ve got three different examples to highlight the range of products they offer.

First up is the Shiva Combat Dagger. This version boasts a beautiful, bilaterally symmetrical 5.5″ blade, made from 154 CM stainless steel and cryogenically treated to make it stronger and harder. There’s also a version of the Shiva with an inch longer blade, and both sizes are available in S30V stainless steel as well . The black micarta handle has a nice lemon drop shape that flares out on the butt, so this is a really comfortable hold that’s not going anywhere. As a total symmetry nerd this is probably my favorite of the Mercworx.

Next we’ve got the David, a name that will make more sense in a minute. The style on this one is more in line with the classic Mercworx aesthetic, sporting their chili pepper handle shape and double recurve blade. Blade is just over 5″ long, this time we’re looking at S30V stainless steel, again cryogenically treated. Handle is an OD green Micarta, which feels very nice in the hand. The chili pepper handle shape and finger grooves give you a good solid hold, and the jimping on the spine lets you have that extra bit of control.

Finally, you can’t have David without Goliath. This monster is essentially the same thing as its counterpart, just scaled way up. Make is comprised of the same S30V stainless steel, micarta handle combo. Blade on this one is just under ten inches long. Hand feel is very similar to the David, though only basketball players are going to be able to wrap their hands all the way around this guy. Despite weighing in at almost a pound and a half, balance is very good. This one also has that jimping, as well as a finger choil to give you as much fine control as is possible with a knife of this size.

These awesome blades are just a few of the options we have in stock from Mercworx. To learn more about these product, click here. To see our entire inventory, visit

Cold Steel 27TLCVG Recon 1

This week’s steal is a KnifeCenter exclusive, this Cold Steel Recon 4″ clip-point folding knife, featuring an OD green handle. With this model Cold Steel has packed a remarkably durable, razor-sharp blade into a slim, sturdy build, setting a tough-to-beat standard for tactical folding knives.

The blade is made from Carpenter CTS-XHP Alloy, hollow ground and finished with a black DLC coating. Deployment via the thumb stud is as certain as it is smooth, with no danger of an accidental extension. Locking is ably covered by Cold Steel’s ubiquitous Tri-Ad lockback, making this about as safe as they come.

Handle is the OD green G10, which has been fairly heavily textured. The curved shape fills the palm quite nicely, and the finger grooves lend the knife a really comfortable handling style. Between the texture and the light jimping on the spine, general grip is very good.

The Recon features an attached pocket clip allowing for tip-up carry, as well as including an alternate clip to affix to the other side.

Overall, this unique 4″ iteration of the Cold Steel Recon is a pretty robust option for an everyday carry folder. To learn more about this KnifeCenter exclusive product, click here. To see our entire inventory, visit

Quartermaster Mr. Roper XLS

This week we’re spotlighting the new and improved edition of Quartermaster’s Mr. Roper. This beefed up model improves on its predecessor in every way, proving that sometimes the sequel can be even better than the original.

We have this knife available in two varieties; a stonewashed tanto blade or a limo-tinted drop-point. The blade on each is 3.5″ long, with an overall length of 8″, making it over an inch longer than the last iteration. Both blades are constructed from CPM-154 stainless steel. The action works very smoothly thanks to the new implementation of the patented ORB pivot system. Even the lock gets an update on this guy, with the addition of a hardened steel lockbar insert making this super secure.

The handle shape is very simple but comfortable to hold, with the G10 scales giving you a firm grip. I’m personally not a huge fan of the way they look in combination with the stonewashed titanium model, but the limo finish alternative is very sleek and attractive. Both models sport a nice, sturdy frame-lock. The pocket clip is good and snug while still sliding on easily, so you can safely stow this knife with no struggle.

Overall, the upgraded Mr. Roper from Quartermaster totally steps up the game, leaving the old model in the dust. To learn more about this knife, click here. To see our full inventory visit

Happy Birthday America- 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July!

Here at KnifeCenter Independence Day holds a special place in our hearts.  Here’s to a wonderful Fourth of July celebrated with friends and family, while remembering those who had the courage to stand up and fight for the freedom of our beloved Country. Please stay safe this weekend as we look forward to celebrating many more holidays with our awesome customers!  Happy 4th of July from the Knifecenter!

TOPS Knives

This week on Warehouse Hunts we’re taking a look at a few selections from Tops Knives. Tops is a fantastic brand for fixed blade knives, designed by and for military and law enforcement personnel and made right here in the USA.

First up we’ve got the CAT 200. CAT in this instance is an acronym for Covert Anti-Terrorism, so this rugged little guy boasts an intentionally low profile. We’re looking at a 3.25” drop-point blade, manufactured from 1095 carbon steel, and a four inch G10 handle. Overall hand feel is very nice, just the right amount of grip without any uncomfortable hotspots.

Moving on, let’s take a look at the Black Eagle Strike Team Hunter’s Point. This blade was specifically designed for a specialized commando unit that can deploy to any environment, so this is going to be the top pick for your clandestine evening shadow ops. Here we have a solid 7” blade made from 5160 carbon steel, with a 6.25” cutting edge. Handle is black canvas Micarta. This one’s got some really nice wide jimping and a great big choil, which leaves you feeling very secure handling the knife.

Next up we’ve got the Steel Eagle 107C, a fixture in field-work for over 14 years. This knife also features a 7” blade, this time a drop-point made from the same 1095 carbon steel as the CAT. Up on top it’s sporting this jagged sawback spine that’s going to let you do some really aggressive cutting. The black linen Micarta handle has nicely curved, ergonomic shape to it. That combined with the more aggressive jimping and distinct choil are going to give you really nice control.

Finally, Tops’ output isn’t limited strictly to knives, they also offer tools like this ATAX 4.25” hand axe. This thing was designed with an absurd level of functionality in mind, you can obviously use it as an axe, or as a skinner, a field level, a wire cutter, and more. It’s got so many different uses it comes with a video to explain them all to you. Blade is again the 1095 carbon steel, with a black linen Micarta handle, and just as comfortable to hold as the other items we’ve looked at.

Each of these products comes with a Kydex or nylon sheath, depending on the model. Overall, Tops Knives offer rugged, dependable tools designed to stand up in the most hostile of environments. To learn more about these products, click here. To see our entire inventory, visit

Böker Plus Jim Wagner RBB 3.54″ Fixed Blade

This week’s steal is this Boker Plus Jim Wagner RBB fixed-blade model. The RBB, or Reality-Based-Blade, series of knives has proven to be a very popular line from Boker. This model, sporting a 3.54″ blade, was specifically designed as an option for everyday carry.

The whole knife is constructed from 440C stainless steel with a matte black finish, lending a very tactical appearance. The recurve blade is going to give you powerful, effective cutting.

The tang itself features heavy jimping on the spine and a nice, deep choil for the index finger. The screwed-on handle has been machined with scales to further enhance grip. Additional jimping can be found towards the butt of the blade for those who favor a reverse grip. Also present is a glass breaker tip for added functionality. This model sits in the hand very comfortably, and the weight provided by the all-aluminum construction gives it a solid heft and balance.

Included is a Kydex sheath, which the knife locks into very securely. The detachable belt adapter lets you carry the blade without additional burden to your pockets. Give that smartphone room to breathe!

Overall, this Boker Plus Jim Wagner RBB model meets its EDC goals admirably, providing a sturdy, durable blade in a discreet package. To learn more about this product, click here. To see our entire inventory visit

Kizer Cutlery Rugiada Flipper

This week we’re spotlighting the Rugiada and Seppia Flippers from Kizer Cutlery. These attractive and lightweight knives are a great, stylish option for your everyday carry.

The blade can be deployed via the ambidextrous thumb stud or the flipper feature, which has a very smooth, quick action. Length is just over three inches. Blades are manufactured from S35VN stainless steel, and are available in two styles, drop-point or a tanto radian recurve. I’m a big fan of the stone-wash finish on this line.

Rugiada is the Italian word for dew, which ably explains the dappled handle on these pieces. The machined, hand-finished titanium has a pleasing textured pattern that lends the knife an excellent grip. The shape of the handle feels very comfortable to hold, with the large choil and light jimping on the spine lending good control when you really need to bear down. A frame lock keeps the blade firmly in place when extended. The handle comes in silver, as well as a blue, adonized titanium.

The titanium pocket clip is a little on the tight side, which makes it somewhat cumbersome to clip on, but also means it won’t be jostling around on you. The slim profile makes carrying very comfortable.

Overall, the Rugiada and Seppia Flippers from Kizer Cutlery represent a solid pick for an everyday carry blade with a little extra aesthetic appeal. To learn more about these knives, click here. To see our entire inventory visit