Zancudo Folding Knife

The Zancudo: a KnifeCenter exclusive designed by the makers of ESEE Knives.

The Zancudo: a KnifeCenter exclusive designed by the makers of ESEE Knives.

The Zancudo was designed by survival experts Mike Perrin and Jeff Randall at ESEE Knives and produced exclusively for KnifeCenter by Blue Ridge Knives. The product is a slim, well-built blade that punches above its weight in terms of price and function.

The three-inch blade is made from AUS-8 stainless steel with either a black or stonewash finish – very simple, but effective. It is deployed via the dual thumbstuds and there is a very slight bit of jimping on the spine for grip.

The handle features a digital camo FRN scale and a frame-lock mechanism, which is a nice addition on such an affordable folder. Feels very solid while still weighing in at just over three ounces. It has a flow-through design and a pocket clip that can be reversed for tip-up or tip-down right hand carry.

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Cha-O-Ha Design Slim Every Day Carry Card

All your favorite tools. Right in your wallet.

All your favorite tools. Right in your wallet.

A weapons grade multi-tool in your wallet! The Everyday Carry Card is a precision crafted multi-tool made out of the highest grade blade steel available: CPM 3V. Harder than titanium, CPM 3V is a very high quality blade steel that is designed to hold an edge, be impact resistant and have a large amount of inherent strength. They are heat treated in a vacuum for uniformity, and cryogenically cooled to get the most strength this steel has to offer. Slim model features gold PVD coating and etched hex driver measurements on the reverse side. The EDC Card is completely sourced and crafted in the USA.

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Marfione Custom DOC Flipper

Start your day with a cup of joe and a Marfione.

Start your day with a cup of joe and a Marfione.

The DOC, which stands for “Death on Contact,” is a collaboration product between Marfione and Mick Strider of Strider Knives. It was originally produced as an automatic knife for the New York Custom Knife Show, and is now available in a manual configuration that is hand ground by Marfione.

It really is a beautiful knife. The four inch, hollow-ground blade is made from Elmax stainless steel with a black stonewash DLC finish. The handle is nicely milled carbon fiber with some of the same texturing as on the blade. It features a frame-lock design and a milled backspacer, both of which are made from bronze titanium, as is the rest of the hardware on the handle.

Beauty aside, this knife is a beast. The carbon fiber handle helps bring the weight down to just over five ounces, light for its overall nine-inch length, and great ergonomics and handle feel ensure that it will function as well as it photographs.

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Weekend Special: Kershaw 1304BW 4-Piece Set

With four pieces for under $20, do you really need a punchline?

With four pieces for under $20, do you really need a punchline?

The week’s special is a combination kit that will help you stay sharp in every situation: this is the Kershaw 1304 Own It 4-Piece Set.

The main attraction of the kit, of course, is the blackwash assisted folder. It’s a solid knife you won’t feel bad about abusing in less-glamorous tasks. The three-and-a-half inch blade is made from 3Cr13 steel, and the rugged finish will hide all but the most glaring scratches. It is deployed via the flipper feature or the dual thumbstuds. The SpeedSafe assist is great, as always.

The stainless steel handle and frame-lock lock design give the knife a very solid – even weighty – feel, and there’s a bit of jimping on the back of the handle to ensure grip. It also features a lanyard loop and deep-pocket carry clip for tip-down carry.

Included with the knife is a four-function multi-tool featuring a cord cutter and bottle opener, as well as a small LED flashlight. Both are nice little additions to toss on a keychain or in a glove compartment or cupboard for emergency use.

Overall, the Kershaw Own It Set is a nice combo package at a price that’s hard to beat.

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Benchmade 4300 AUTO CLA

A sleek new design makes a great knife even better.

A sleek new design makes a great knife even better.

The 4300 CLA (Composite Lite Auto) by Benchmade is an extremely lightweight automatic folder weighing in at only 3.47 oz. Depress the button on the side of the handle and the blade fires into the open, locked position quicker than a Klay Thompson jumpshot.

The blade is made from 154CM stainless steel blade. This is an American-made premium grade stainless steel originally developed for tough industrial applications and known for its best all-around qualities. It offers great corrosion resistance with good toughness and edge quality. The drop-point blade has a slow convex-curved drop in the point which characterizes a drop-point blade. This blade format lowers the point for control but adds strength to the tip. It is a very popular blade shape and is a great all-around blade format.

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Maserin 389 Atti Folder

Got a weakness for wood handles? Feel free to puddle up now.

Got a weakness for wood handles? Feel free to puddle up now.

Designed by Attilio Morotti, one of the most talented custom knifemakers in all of Italy, the 389 Atti model is like a production version of one of his customs. This beautiful folder is an ideal gentlemen’s knife, though only in appearance. At the heart of this knife is a serious tool with tactical capabilities. The 2.75″ blade is made from Crucible CPM-S35VN stainless steel, which is made right here in the USA. It has a great ability to hold an edge, is one of the most corrosion resistant stainless steels available, and is easy to resharpen when it needs to be. The handle is wood with file worked stainless steel liners which gives this knife a beautiful look. It definitely has a stout feeling in the hand and provides you with the confidence you need to handle any cutting task.

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LionSteel SR-1

My new favorite knives in the warehouse.

My new favorite knives in the warehouse.

New version of the SR-1 model with single-piece shell in Ergal Aluminium. The blade is D2 tool steel, available in satin or MilSpec finish, chemical black. The anodized aluminium used comes in four different colors: Black, Green, Red and Orange. The SR-1’s feature a monolithic knife and frame-lock system, designed by Molletta. The aluminium shell results in a lighter knife than its Titanium “brother”. It weighs a mere 5.57 oz. (158 g).

Overall just a stunner of a knife; it feels impossibly solid and combines function and style in a way that all knives should but few do. Definitely check it out.

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Spotlight Series: Spyderco Native 5

Go Native.

Go Native.

This week on Spotlight Series we’re looking at a knife that some might call the perfect EDC: this is the Spyderco Native 5.

Now, I’ve got no dog in the fight in terms of brand fanboy-ism, but I was very impressed by the lightweight, serrated version of this knife just added to our inventory. It really seems to combine a lot of the great qualities people look for in an every-day option.

The three inch blade is made from S35VN steel with a nice serrated edge and jimping on both the spine and the finger choil. Deployment is via the fantastic Spyderco thumbhole and the blade moves very smooth on the Bushing Pivot System.

The lightweight version features textured FRN-scale handle rather than G10, bringing the overall weight down to a feathery two-and-a-half ounces. The lockback design feels extremely sturdy. There is also a four-way pocket clip for maximum carrying versatility.

Overall, the Spyderco Native 5 is a fantastic and accessible option for people looking for a quality EDC. There are models at a few different price levels, culminating with the drool-worthy fluted titanium version that won the award for American-Made Knife of the Year at Blade Show a few years back.

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Weekend Special: Böker Plus Baby Bat

I want my Baby Bat, Baby Bat.

I want my Baby Bat, Baby Bat.

Our weekend special this week is a blade that would not seem out of place in the arsenal of a certain Gotham vigilante: this is the Boker Plus Baby Bat.

The knife is a more compact version of the original Bat, which was the brain-child of South African designers Kevin and Heather Harvey. The smaller model offers the same exciting Heavinforge design, while cutting weight and bulk.

The three-and-an-eighth inch hawkbill blade is made from 440C stainless steel and is deployed via the flipper feature or dual thumbstuds. The curved design gives the blade a rather ominous and aggressive look, despite its slimmer profile.

The handle features rugged G10 scales, and a good amount of jimping for grip, and a liner lock design. Clocking in at around four ounces, it’s a pretty easy carry option. There is also a reversible pocket clip for left or right tip-up carry.

Overall, the Boker Plus Baby Bat is a compact off-shoot of its big brother and a good pick for those who like their knives a bit more stylistic.

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Warehouse Hunts: Manicure Kits

Be a man. Take care of your hands.

Be a man. Take care of your hands.

This week on Warehouse Hunts we’re looking at an essential, and often neglected, product for your general health and hygiene routine: a quality manicure kit.

Now, the term “manicure” is a turn-off to a lot of people, especially men, who might find the association of the word overly effeminate or self-absorbed sounding.

That view is understandable, of course, but it fails to recognize the benefits of a complete and quality set of nail care tools.

First off, your manicure kit doesn’t have to be extensive, complete with buffers and a bunch of pronged, torture cell-type devices. It can be simple and practical like this Dovo three-piece kit, which contains only the most essential tools: a pair of nail scissor, tweezers, and a file.


The Swiss-made Rubis offers another minimalist option. I was especially impressed by the brand’s quality materials and solid construction.


From there you can expand to even more specialized kits like this Wusthof four-piece case, which adds a cuticle pusher, or full sets from Dovo and WÜSTHOF and other brands, which include things like nose and ear hair trimmers and heavy-duty toenail clippers.

No matter what route you decide to take, the bottom line is that proper nail care can benefit both your personal appearance and overall health, and quality sets from respected brands like this can help you do that.

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