We stand with the people of Paris


Thomas Jefferson said, “Every man has two countries – his own and France.” We mourn with our French neighbors over the barbaric murders perpetrated by psychotic criminals.
We have faith in the resilience of the people of Paris and other victims of terrorism around the world. Words are easy. We will do what we can.

Gerber Paraframe 2-Pack

This weekend our special is a two pack of Paraframe knives from Gerber. The Paraframe line has been a Gerber mainstay for years, and at less than twenty dollars this package represents a pretty tremendous value.

The larger knife, the Paraframe 1, is about four inches in the closed position, while the Mini is just a hair over three. They have a full stainless steel construction with a pretty slick tactical black coating. Both the knives boast the distinctive Paraframe skeletonized handle style that keeps the weight down, to 2.6 oz on the Paraframe 1 and 1.3 oz on the Mini.

Blade deployment on the Paraframe 1 is handled via the dual thumb studs. The action is a little stiff, but you’ll start to feel it loosen up as you use the knife. Blade is a 3″clip point with partial serrations, and is held securely in place by a sturdy frame lock.

Handling on this one is pretty comfortable, especially for people with medium sized hands. The shape fills the palm nicely and the chamfering around the edges has removed any potential hotspots. The Paraframe 1 has a pocket clip enabling right side, tip-down carry. The slim profile lets it ride very comfortably, though the draw can get a little hung up due to the size of the thumb studs.

The Paraframe mini is a two-handed opener with the basic fingernail nick. Again we have a clip point blade, this time just a little over 2″, also held in place by a frame lock. Although this model is quite small, handling still feels secure and safe. The Mini also has a right side, tip-up pocket clip, and given the compact design of this knife it’s an ultra discreet carry.

Overall, these are two solidly built utilitarian EDCs, and at this price you don’t have to feel bad about the years of abuse you’ll put them through. To learn more about these knives, click here. To see our entire inventory, visit knifecenter.com

Carving Sets

As an American I’ve been a huge fan of gravy since birth, which means it’s never too early to start looking ahead to Thanksgiving. This week on Warehouse Hunts we’re going to take a look at a range of carving kits that are going to make quick work of your holiday roast, and make a great gift this holiday season.

Every one of these kits comes with a carving knife and carving fork, with full-tang designs making them sturdy and durable. We’ve assembled a broad selection here that covers a wide range of prices, so we’ll be diving in at the least expensive and working our way up. First we have Messermeister’s Park Plaza kit. This German-made set features an eight inch blade on the knife, a seven inch fork, and triple-riveted polymer handles. While the fork is forged, the knife here is stamped steel which results in a blade that is lower cost but still high quality.

Next up is Wusthof’s Gourmet carving kit. This set is very similar to Messermeister’s with nearly identical handle build, though both pieces here are stamped steel. This is also an eight inch knife, but only a six inch fork.

Our next entry is something a little different from the rest of the assortment. This Mercer Genesis kit includes an eight inch carving knife, six inch curved fork, and a sturdy pair of kitchen shears. From here on out, all the knives we’ll be looking at are forged rather than stamped, resulting in a higher quality, more durable blade. This Mercer knife and fork have a nice soft rubber grip that feels really secure. They’re packaged in a professional storage roll, which I recommend strapping to your thigh and carrying with you at all times in case a turkey dinner breaks out.

Now here’s another Messermeister kit, their Meridian Elite. The seven inch carving fork is much the same as the Park Plaza, but this kit boasts a massive ten inch blade on the carving knife, which has been fully cambered. The handle on this particular knife is my favorite of the lot, as there’s a really pleasing ergonomic shape to it.

Almost as comfortable is the Zwilling J.A. Henckels Four Star Two kit. This is my second favorite of the knives as far as handling, thanks to the high-impact propylene handle and superior balance. Fork is six and a half inches long in this kit.

Our next kit comes from Claude Dozorme, one of the oldest knife-making houses in France. These ones are way too classy for any of MY family gatherings, but they’re absolutely perfect for a more elegant dinner setting. Manufactured in Thiers, France and bearing the distinctive bee on the spine, this is without question the most attractive set in the bunch. The vallernia handles have a really unique shape with a curvature that makes them extremely comfortable to use. This is an eight inch knife with an eight inch fork, and the two come in an attractive wooden gift box.

Finally we have one of Wusthof’s high end sets, the Classic Ikon. This kit has an eight inch carving knife and a six inch fork. Again a tremendous balance, and the handles on these have a nice seamless finish that makes them very hygienic.

As you can see here, we’ve got more than enough variety in carving sets to suit any conceivable Thanksgiving gathering, and what we’ve looked at today is just a small selection of what is available. To see the full range, click here. To see our entire inventory, visit knifecenter.com

HTM Dirk Pinkerton BroadHead Neck Knife

This week our steal comes from HTM Knives, working in collaboration with custom knifemaker Dirk Pinkerton. This USA-made BroadHead neck knife is a low-profile, lightweight tool that makes for a perfect self defense back-up.

The knife is made from a single piece of 6AL4V aircraft titanium that’s just a hair over a tenth of an inch thick and weighs in at less than an ounce. The pleasing symmetrical design sports some rugged jimping on both sides as well as a skeletonized grip traction system on the handle. Between that extra purchase and the inch wide finger hole, handling on this is very secure. You have two solid grip options, either a forward grip with your index finger through the hole, or a reverse grip with your pinkie through the hole. Both are perfectly comfortable, so your preference will depend on your own training and the specific scenario.

The design tapers gently into the tip, which is razor sharp to enable excellent penetration. That said, unlike certain other push knives there is no blade here, as the sides haven’t been ground down to a sharp edge. This is strictly a puncture tool that wasn’t designed with slicing or other functionalities in mind.

Included is a Kydex sheath with a cool faux carbon fiber pattern, which the knife slots into very securely. The attached bead chain is rated to withstand 20 pounds of pressure, making this perfectly equipped if you do want to use it as a neck knife, though it’s so compact you could just as easily carry it in your pocket or basically anywhere else.

With a smartly utilitarian design and an ultra low profile, HTM’s Dirk Pinkerton broadhead neck knife is a more than capable self defense tool. To learn more about this knife, click here. To see our entire inventory, visit knifecenter.com

Kizer Cutlery Ki4448 GTi Flipper

This week on Spotlight Series we’re taking a look at the new collaboration between Kizer Cutlery and Justin Gingrich, the Ki4448 GTi flipper. This is a really well-constructed assisted opening knife that ably balances a functional build with an appealing design.

Personally, I find this model much nicer to look at than Gingrich’s other designs for Kizer. The sleek shape, gray TiCN coating, and unique radial pattern in the G10 all combine to make a pretty attractive piece. While its appearance isn’t as utilitarian as his other models, it’s still designed primarily with functionality in mind.

Handle is super sturdy thanks to the thick titanium liners under the hardy G10 scales. It’s a very stout shape that feels formidable in the hand. There’s some wide jimping up top leading into the spine of the blade, as well as some towards the butt of the handle to assist with your reverse grip. The pronounced finger indent and overall curve made for a comfortable general hold, though you do feel the bump of the pocket clip pressing into your palm. Pocket clip boasts a sturdy titanium construction and allows for a left or right side, tip-up carry. The butt of the handle has been outfitted with both a lanyard hole and a glassbreaker tip.

There are two options for blade deployment here, either the dual thumb studs or the flipper. Both are perfectly feasible, but given the low profile of the thumb studs I think the flipper is easily the best option. The assisted action is fast and solid, making for a super confident deployment. Blade is a 3″ hollow ground drop point made from S35VN stainless steel. It sports just a hint of a recurve, enabling a great slicing performance. Blade is held in place by a very sturdy liner lock thanks to the thickness of those titanium liners.

When it comes down to it, Kizer Cutlery’s Ki4448 GTi flipper is a super solid everyday carry option with sharp looks. To learn more about this knife, click here. To see our full inventory, visit knifecenter.com

Maxpedition Fixed Blades

This week’s steal is an incredibly varied line of fixed blade knives from Maxpedition. Founded in 2003 by Tim Tang, Maxpedition quickly established themselves as one of the top purveyors of outdoor and survival gear, and these knives admirably follow in that tradition.

Design-wise these are about as simple as fixed blades get, but the basic, no-frills appearance belies a high-quality construction. Blade is made from D2 tool steel and double tempered with a cryogenic treatment. The hidden full tang nests inside the durable overmolded nylon grip. These guys were constructed to handle just about anything you can throw at them.

What really sets this line apart is the variety of styles available. There’s a selection of four different blade types, a standard clip-point, a long clip-point, a fish-belly, and finally a tanto with smooth transition. On top of that, each blade style is available in small, medium, and large sizes. It’s really appreciated when a company presents this many options.

Handle has a pleasant ergonomic shape that feels quite natural in the hand. These blades also have some nice pronounced choils to aid you in your precision cutting tasks. The nylon has some light EDM texturing to provide a pretty reliable no-slip grip. I personally prefer the handling on the largest size, but your own mileage may vary.

Each of these knives comes with a sturdy Kydex sheath, with dual retention lips to enable a very secure carry. There are several lashing holes present – designed to accommodate 550 paracord. Similarly, the handles of the knives sport a lanyard hole to give you that extra safety option.

Overall, these Maxpedition fixed blades are simple designs built well, and the number of choices available are pretty staggering. To learn more about these knives, click here. To see our entire inventory, visit knifecenter.com

Arthur Rosenfeld Book Yin: A Love Story by Yunrou

NNL11215_8Whether you love martial arts, tactical knives, swords, machetes, bolos, camp knives, khukris, or even a shaving-sharp kitchen knife, your enthusiasm and technique owe a debt to the early philosophical traditions of Asia, which still teaches millions of us how to appreciate how to move beautifully with steel, and, of course, how to cut.

KnifeCenter is delighted to announce that our friend, Taoist Monk Yunrou (AKA Arthur Rosenfeld) has just released a new book that reveals secret after secret about the natural world and our place in it. It’s a love story, of all things, and because it’s such a quick and easy read full of twists and turns and unforgettable characters, we don’t even realize we’re learning while being entertained. Order a copy today, and one for a friend too. You’ll find yourself thinking about new ideas and places, and yes, blades, in a way you can’t imagine.

Todd Begg Steelcraft Kwaiken

This week on Spotlight Series we’re taking look at a mid-tech version of Todd Begg’s custom creation, the Kwaiken. Begg’s first ever production knife inaugurates his new Steelcraft line by offering up the same sleek design that made the Kwaiken such a popular custom, now manufactured with precision by Reate Knives.

Visually, this is a very faithful reproduction of the original Kwaiken. It bears all the hallmarks of the original design, from the straight lines of the handle, to the milled fluting pattern down the middle, to the slender upswept blade. The build quality is exactly what you’ve come to expect from Reate, with high quality materials and an excellent fit and finish.

Blade deployment is ultra smooth and easy thanks to the IKBS ceramic pivot system. The blade is a healthy 4″ of S35VN stainless steel with a long, powerful cutting edge. The base of the blade functions as a double finger guard, preventing you from sliding forward onto the cutting edge when using the knife. With practice the finger guard can also be used to assist in opening the knife upon drawing in a style similar to the Emerson Wave feature. Blade is held in place by a sturdy framelock.

Handle is titanium with a lot of milled texture providing ample grip. The straight shape is going to take a little getting used to, but after a while it feels quite comfortable. No jimping in the forward grip, but the backspacer features some quite pronounced jimping to allow for a very secure reverse grip.

The Kwaiken features a milled titanium pocket clip with Todd Begg’s ceramic ball detent. The ball helps the clip slide on really smoothly and hold tightly, enabling a confident right-side, tip-up carry. A lanyard hole integrated into the backspacer rounds out the features on this model.

The Kwaiken may be Todd Begg’s first ever full production knife, but with Reate’s assistance he has kicked off his Steelcraft series with some serious style. To learn more about this knife, click here. To see our entire inventory, visit knifecenter.com

Zero Tolerance Emerson 0620 & 0630

This weekend we’re going to take a look at a couple of collaborations between Ernest Emerson and Zero Tolerance, the 0620 and the 0630. Emerson’s functional, utilitarian design paired with ZT’s top-notch American craftsmanship has produced a couple of admirably rugged folding knives.

Aesthetically speaking, both models look exactly like what you’d expect from an Emerson design. The G10 face scale on the handle and the patented wave opening feature on the blade instantly scream Emerson. These are precisely the kind of stout, sturdy workhorse folders Emerson is known for.

The first collaboration, the 0620, sports a razor-sharp tanto blade made from Elmax stainless steel with a black powder coating. Handle is large and comfortable, with the G10 scale and a long stretch of jimping providing really secure grip. Back frame is titanium with a bead-blast finish, and the sturdy framelock keeps the blade safely locked in place. The 0620 also comes in a variant with carbon fiber face scales and a two-tone stonewash/satin blade, made from Carpenter steel.

The next collaboration, the 0630, is functionally identical to the 0620, with the same titanium handle construction, G10 face scale, and the same 3.6″ blade length. The only difference is the S35VN stainless steel blade in the clip point style, enabling better slicing performance.

Deployment on all three is handled by either the ambidextrous thumb disc or the wave feature. The benefit of ZT’s American construction is a much smoother action than is typical with an Emerson. All three models have a large, deep carry pocket clip that allows for left or right side, tip-up carry.

Emerson and ZT are two of the finest knife makers in the game right now, and the 0620 and 0630 have admirably pulled together the best traits of each. To learn more about these knives, click here. To see our entire inventory, visit knifecenter.com

Costume Props & Accessories

This week on Warehouse Hunts it’s pistols at dawn! Or approximately 3:45 PM, but whatever. With Halloween less than a week away we know plenty of people are going to be looking to accessorize their costumes, and we’ve got you covered with all kinds of cool props.

First up, I spy… quite a bit better with this telescope than with just my little eye. This leather-wrapped, brass three-sleeve telescope not only looks authentically sea-faring, but it actually works. Adjust the length of the telescope to focus up your image and you can see quite a fair distance. This is a really fun accessory for kids and adults alike.

Next up we’ve got an accessory that is also technically functional, if in a slightly less exciting way: this reproduction powder horn. Made of wood and genuine steer horn, this thing really adds that air of authenticity to any period gunslinger get-up. The plug is actually removable too, so you could store anything you want in there, from gunpowder to Sweet & Low.

When it comes to gun-related accessories it doesn’t end there. This Civil War era leather holster with belt loop and genuine antique closure style boasts a very high quality construction. We’ve also got dummy shells for western pistols. This set of six is a great-looking recreation, just don’t try to fire them out of anything or you’re not going to have a great time.

Now I know you were worried we were just teasing you with all these firearm related accessories, but don’t you worry. Next up we have guns… lots of guns. Collector’s Armory makes a lot of super cool period pistol replicas. These are all really high quality for the price point, each one manufactured in Spain. They’ve got a ton of variety in flintlocks, with a Pirate pistol, 1700’s German style, English dueling Flintlock, and an elegant 18th Century Belgian design. All of these can be cocked and fired. Just don’t expect sparks or, y’know… a bullet. There are plenty of other varieties too, like this double-barreled Derringer. This pistol also mock-fires, and you can flip the barrels up to make a show of loading your weapon. These are all a lot of fun to play with, just ask anybody who’s walked past my desk today.

If you feel some of the more realistic props are inappropriate for your child’s trick-or-treating purposes, we’ve got a couple of simple wooden swords that should fill the bill. We have two varieties on hand, an Excalibur broad sword and a pirate’s cutlass. Not suitable for actual swashbuckling, but they’ll derring-do for your costuming needs.

For our last item let’s shake things up a little bit with this Z-Hunter Zombie face-mask. This gruesome ghoul is made from a cream resin, which makes it a little heavy to wear for those of us who skip neck day at the gym, but it can be done. Fortunately it comes with hardware for wall-mounting, lending any room that undead flare.

Overall, what we’ve looked at here is just a small selection of the costume props and accessories we have available. To see the full variety of products available, click here. To see our entire inventory, visit knifecenter.com