Böker Plus Chad Los Banos XS

This week’s steal is an ultra affordable, super functional folder from Böker Plus, the Chad Los Banos XS. Simple and functional, this knife is the perfect option for a low-cost EDC.

Handle is a textured G10 with a basic shape that nevertheless fills the palm in really comfortable fashion. General hold feels secure, and there’s a nice, deep index finger choil, as well as some heavy jimping on the spine of the blade to allow for multiple hold styles.

Blade deployment via the ambidextrous thumb studs is easy and smooth. Blade is a 3″ reverse tanto, made from 440C stainless steel and sporting a stylish black titanium coating. To close the blade down just give a solid push.

The Chad Los Banos XS comes equipped with a reversible pocket clip, allowing for a secure tip-up carry. It’s non-locking design allows it to be carried in many different localities.

Overall, this is a remarkably solid entry-level folder for the phenomenal low price you’ve come to expect from Boker Plus. To learn more about this knife, click here. To see our full inventory, visit knifecenter.com

QRTRM5TR QSE-10 Biff Tannen

This week we’re spotlighting a product that’s gonna make you want to make like a tree, and get outta here, QTRM5TR’s Biff Tannen flipper. Named for the oafish bully who terrorized two generations of McFly in Back to the Future, this knife is exactly as beefy and stout as you’d expect.

Deployment is reliably smooth thanks to the encased rollers of the patented ORB pivot system. Blade is 3″ long and a robust 4mm thick, made from CPM-154 stainless steel. We’re looking at a Wharncliffe style with a compound grind. Once extended the blade is held in place by a very rugged frame lock with stainless steel insert.

Handle on this model is a tremendously sturdy titanium with that robotic, squared-off look you’ve come to expect from QTRM5TR. Shape feels pretty comfortable to hold, with the various machined elements affording a nice level of grip. The thickness of the handle makes this a super solid carry.

We’ve got this model in three really attractive finishes, a stonewash, Texas Tea black stonewash, or tactical black. I’m a sucker for the Texas Tea, myself. Pocketclip is reversible and allows for a secure tip-up carry.

Overall, the Biff Tannen is a stout, capable folder that’s vastly more useful than a screen door on a battleship. To learn more about this knife, click here. To see our full inventory, visit knifecenter.com

CRKT 7912GK Mini Special Forces Cruiser

This weekend our special comes from Columbia River Knife & Tool, their Mini Special Forces Cruiser. This worthy entry into the rugged Cruiser series is exactly what the name implies: a smaller variation of the traditional design.

Handle on this model boasts full steel liners with textured G10 scales, which allow for certainty in your grip. The shape really fits the contours of the hand with no uncomfortable hotspots. Hold is further enhanced by the pronounced index finger indent and large thumb rise. The three holes cut into the handle reduce weight and make cleaning your knife a very easy task. Blade is released using the liner lock.

Deployment via the flipper can be a little stiff, at least until you’ve given the mechanism a workout, but the Mini Cruiser has two alternate opening methods in the dual thumb studs and thumb rise. The flipper is probably going to be the easiest method for most users. Once extended, the blade can be further secured using CRKT’s patented LAWKS safety switch. This extends a mechanism that prevents the liner lock from being depressed and keeps the blade locked firmly in place. Blade on the Mini is a 3.25″ clip point with partial serrations, made from 8CR14MoV stainless steel. The tactical black finish makes this a really sleek looking folder.

The reversible pocket clip is smooth and secure, allowing for a confident tip-down carry.

Overall, the durable, compact Mini Special Forcers Cruiser is another solid offering from the always dependable CRKT. To learn more about this knife, click here. To see our full inventory, visit knifecenter.com


Rescue Knives

This week on Warehouse Hunts we’re going to be taking a look at a variety of rescue folders. These knives are all purpose-built for getting somebody out of a vehicle entrapment, whether from the inside or outside, boasting such tools as glass breakers, seatbelt cutters, and more.

First up, at the entry level of our price range, is the Boker Magnum Firefighter. This one actually manages to throw in more functionality than any of the other knives we’re going to look at today. Packed into the red G10 handles are multiple sizes of hex tool, an oxygen tank key, glass breaker and a seatbelt cutter. Deployment via the ambidextrous thumb stud is really nice and smooth. Blade is 3.5″, made from 440 stainless steel, and sports partial serrations. A liner lock keeps the blade in place.

Next up we have the Smith & Wesson 911N. The 911 series is considered by many to be the grandfather of the rescue folder, pioneering a lot of the features you now expect to see. This guy’s got a 3.5″h 4034 stainless steel blade with a serrated edge and built-in seatbelt cutter. The MAGIC assisted opening mechanism just launches the blade out. Pretty unique to this model is the spring-loaded glass-breaker tip. Handle is Zytel with a lot of texture to enhance grip.

Moving on, we have the aggressively yellow Spyderco Assist Salt, though it’s also available in black and orange. Despite the fun, alligator-esque appearance this knife is serious business. It’s got an H1 stainless steel blade that comes in a little over 3.5″. The H1 means the blade and lockbar are 100% rust-proof. The Assist Salt has a reversible wire pocket clip and a survival whistle built into the Zytel handle.

Finally, at the very top of the price range sits the Benchmade 915-ORG Triage rescue knife. Handle on this one is a pretty heavily textured G10 with 420J full stainless steel liners. Deployment via the dual thumb studs is almost absurdly smooth. Blade is N680 corrosion-resistant stainless steel, coming in at 3.5″. Close it down using Benchmade’s patented AXIS lock. As far as additional functionality, this model has a carbide glass breaker tip on the butt, and a fold-out seatbelt cutter. The Triage is also available in an automatic version.

While each of these unique rescue folders has their pros and cons, all of them will reliably come through for you when the going gets tough.To see all four featured knives, click here. To see our entire inventory, visit knifecenter.com

KA-BAR 5558 Fin Velocity

This week’s steal is an entirely unassuming folding knife from KA-BAR, the Fin Velocity. While it’s not going to win any beauty pageants, when KA-BAR placed this model in our hands we just had to buy up the close-out. This is a remarkably solid folder with a sharp, aggressive blade.

Handle is a lightly textured G10 with stainless steel bolsters and liners. The shape is pretty comfortable and the G10 makes the hold feel very secure. There’s also some pronounced jimping along the bottom of the handle, as well as up on the spine transitioning into the blade, which provides additional traction. The only minor downside I see is that you do feel the pocketclip in your palm a little bit when gripping this knife hard.

Blade is a 3.75″, modified reverse tanto with a plain edge, made from 3Cr13 stainless steel. Deployment isn’t fancy or slick, but thanks to the dual thumb-studs it’s solid and reliable. Blade is held firmly in place via a sturdy lock-back.

The attached pocketclip allows for a confident tip-up carry. It’s even reversible, allowing you to adapt it to your own personal carrying style.

The Fin Velocity by KA-BAR is the very definition of a workhorse knife: tough and capable without a lot of frills. To learn more about this knife, click here. To see our entire inventory, visit knifecenter.com

New Maserin

This week we’re spotlighting a few items from the host of brand-new products we just got in from Maserin. Founded by Maserin Fervido in 1960, Maserin has been putting out consistently high quality Italian-made products for over fifty years, and these do not buck that trend.

Let’s ascend from small to large with this overview, because that’s just the kind of fun we like to have. First up is a Maserin take on a classic pocket knife, the Temperino Slipjoint folder. Right off the bat this is just a beautiful knife. The stag handles and nickel silver bolsters make for an incredibly elegant appearance before you even open it up. The 2.25″ Damascus steel blade only enhances the effect. This knife comes in a gorgeous wood case and includes a leather pouch to keep it safe in your pocket.

Next we have the 382 AM1-Tech Frame Flipper, designed by Attilio Morotti, one of the most talented knifemakers in all of Italy. Blade is a 3.75″ drop point, made from CPM-S35VN stainless steel. That means it’s going to hold an edge and resist corrosion. Handle is titanium with a nice sturdy frame lock. On this particular knife we have a stylish olive wood inlay, but this model is also available with a Paosantos or carbon fiber inlay.

Finally we move on to a couple of Maserin’s rugged fixed blade options. You’ll notice a theme here with the Rupicara, because this is another gorgeous knife. Blade is 4.25″, also made from the CPM-S35VN stainless steel. This guy’s got a drop-point with gut hook, and sports a full tang. The olive wood handles are great-looking, and have been contoured to fit wonderfully in the hand. There’s some aggressive jimping up on the thump-ramp to really enhance grip. This model is also available with a neon green G10 handle, and both versions come with an attractive leather sheath.

Last but not least is the beefy, formidable Outlander. Blade is a massive, wide 6″ recurve, though the actual sharpened edge is only three and a quarter inches long. It’s made from N690 stainless steel and has a really nice-looking stonewash finish that only adds to the rugged appearance. The handle is milled G10 with a really ergonomic curved shape and nothing in the way of hotspots. Included in the box with the Outlander is a nylon sheath with belt loop.

These four beautiful, durable knives are just a small part of the new selection we have in from Maserin. To see all the new Maserin available, click here. To see our full inventory visit knifecenter.com

Kershaw Scallion

This weekend our special is one of Kershaw’s most popular knives, the Scallion. This design was a later addition to the Ken Onion Kershaw family, filling a size gap between the Leek and the Chive. It was originally made as a liner lock with synthetic handles, until it was reimagined to more closely resemble its brothers with this frame lock version. This is a beautiful little folder that manages to pack a ton of functionality into a small package.

The first thing you’re going to notice about this model is the bead-blast finished stainless steel handle, which is a great look. The handle is only about 3.5″ long, but the shape lets it sit even in larger hands without that awkward feeling that sometimes accompanies smaller knives. Some light jimping up at the top allows for a real sense of stability.

Blade is a 2.25″, hollow ground drop point made from 420HC stainless steel. The action is absurdly fast thanks to the Ken Onion SpeedSafe assisted mechanism. While the Scallion has an ambidextrous thumb stud, the way you’re really going to want to open it is with the flipper.

Blade is kept in place via a nice, secure frame lock. As an additional safety feature this model sports a Tip-Lock slider on the end, which prevents the blade from deploying in your pocket. This knife has a really smooth pocket clip, allowing for an easy tip-down carry.

The Kershaw Scallion is a fantastic option if you’re looking for a robust folding knife without a lot of bulk. To learn more about this item, click here. To see our entire inventory, visit knifecenter.com

Emerson Commander Series

This week on Warehouse Hunts we’re taking a look at the Commander series of knives from Emerson. These tough-as-nails folders were designed by Ernest Emerson for a West Coast Navy SEAL team, and were voted Blade Show’s overall Knife of the Year in 1999 for their rugged dependability.

The Commander line comes in four different sizes: standard, mini, micro, and the gigantic Super. Across all models the Commanders sport heavily textured G10 scales that provide a superb grip. The handle has a great ergonomic shape that sticks in the palm, and the large finger notch makes for a very relaxed handling. There’s some decent jimping up here at the top for that extra bit of grip.

Blade ranges from 2.9″ on the micro to 4″ on the super. We’re looking at a 154CM stainless steel recurve drop-point with a conventional V grind. There’s a lot of great variety on this line when it comes to the blades, with both stonewash and black finished models available, and your option of Dragon’s Teeth serrations or a plain blade.

Deployment is handled one of two ways. The most basic is via the ambidextrous thumb disc, or thumb hole in case of the micro. All models also have Emerson’s patented Wave Opening Feature that grants you a lightning fast deployment right out of the pocket.

Overall the Emerson Commander is a tremendous option for a work-horse style everyday carry with an unbelievable variety available. To see the full variety of Commanders available, click here. To see our full inventory, visit knifecenter.com

Brous Blades

For this week’s steal we’re highlighting the fine selection of knives available from Brous Blades. It may seem like cheating to call an entire brand a steal, but with Brous you really can’t go wrong. KnifeCenter was one of the first retailers to partner with Brous, because they make absolutely outstanding mid-tech knives but sell them for production prices.

Jason Brous began making knives in his early twenties. His first models, inspired by biomechanical artwork, weren’t tremendously well received. It wasn’t until the Silent Soldier line of neck knives that the company really took off. He even licensed the design to SOG. There are a bunch of blade variations on this line, like this hawk we have here. This guy has a Black Cerakoate D2 tool steel blade measuring in at a little under two and a half inches. The design lends itself to multiple different grip styles for maximum versatility in combat situations.

Since they made their name with the Silent Soldier, Brous has put out a number of great designs, like the Coroner; a mean fixed blade available in black or a limited edition neon green zombie. This massive 6.25″ blade is also D2 steel, and sports an embellished chainsaw-like pattern on the spine for destructive impact strikes. The G10 handle and deep finger grooves make this a comfortable, confident carry.

In recent years Jason has transitioned away from fixed blade offerings and turned his focus towards creating some of the best folders on the market. Brous’ biomechanical background gives all his models a very sleek, animalistic appearance. The action across the board is smooth as heavily buttered silk, and the handles, whether they be titanium, carbon fiber, or G10, are a joy to hold. With each line available in numerous eye-catching colors there’s a high degree of personalization available.

Brous also puts out one of the best one-piece multi-tools on the market with the BMT. This is made from 1/8th inch D2 steel and the compact design belies a tremendous functionality. This thing boasts the ubiquitous bottle opener, a pry bar, nail puller, screw-driver, and more.

When it comes to variety, quality of materials, and general craftsmanship, Brous Blades is a pretty hard company to beat. To see the full variety of Brous products available, click here. To see our entire inventory, visit knifecenter.com

Marfione Custom Knives

This week we’re training the spotlight on some of our high-quality offerings from Marfione Custom Knives. Marfione customs come from knifemaker Anthony Marfione, founder of Microtech. These are beautiful knives that exhibit the finest craftsmanship across the board.

The amount of pride taken in these products really shows on something like the Anax. The 3.75″ blade is made from Elmax steel and has a beautiful tri-tone stonewash finish. Handle is one solid piece of carbon fiber, except of course the framelock. You’ve got to appreciate that. That’s not to mention the finer details too, like the inlaid Tritum ampule to help you pick the blade out in the dark. Just a fantastically constructed knife.

And Marfione isn’t afraid to go overbuilt either, like this Apocalyptic Star Lord flipper. This beefy son of a gun also has a 3.75″ Elmax blade, but this time super wide and sporting Tony’s apocalyptic finish. As is the 6A14V titanium handle. Despite the size and weight, the action on this knife is about as smooth as you can get.

There’s great variety from these guys, too. They’ve got automatics like this Desert Tactical Ultratech, which has an unbelievably powerful deployment system. There are also more unique items like this Assailant titanium credit card knife. For as low-profile an item as this it’s got great functionality, with a razor sharp knife, a bottle opener, and a ton of jimping around the edges to make for a superb grip.

And if you’re feeling really extravagant they’ve got absolutely stunning offerings, for example this exquisite Sigil flipper with a mirror finish blade and dragon koi handle engraving. It doesn’t get much nicer than that.

Overall, Marfione is a brand that has become known as a reliable source of top-tier custom knives. To check out our full line of Marfione Custom Knives, click here. To see our full inventory visit knifecenter.com