Steal of the Week: Cold Steel Safe Maker I

This week’s Steal is an incredibly well-made and functional self-defense tool: this is the Safe Maker I by Cold Steel Knives.

As a brand, Cold Steel has made push knives for over a quarter of a century; and those 25 years determined revisions and innovation has led to the Safe Maker’s sleek and effective design.

The knife has gained quite a following among law enforcement and military personnel for its versatility and easily concealable design.

The four-and-a-half inch blade, shaft, and “T” tang are all drop forged from a single piece of AUS 8A stainless steel, making the knife extremely solid. The more compact Safe Maker II version features a three-and-a-quarter inch blade, and both models now come with USA-made Carpenter’s steel.

Textured, shock-absorbing Kray-Ex covers the tang and allows the knife to be held comfortably between the fingers. The knife also comes with an inconspicuous Secure-Ex boot/belt sheath and a steel chain lanyard for optional neck wear.

Overall, the Cold Steel has done its homework when it comes to designing a great push knife, and the Safe Maker I and 2 are the very effective fruits of that labor.

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Spotlight Series: Cold Steel Voyager & Recon 1

New steel, same great design and functionality.

New steel, same great design and functionality.

This week on Spotlight Series we’re looking at an exciting update for two mainstays of the folding knife market: this is the Cold Steel Voyager and Recon 1.

Both have stood out over the years for their affordable price point, the variety blade shapes and range of sizes – from compact to (in my opinion) slightly excessive – that allows buyers to choose the version that best suits their lifestyle; and now that their new models feature USA-made Carpenter steel, there is just one more reason to love them.

The Voyager series features Carpenter CTS BD1 alloy steel blades, which offer a surprising level of edge retention because of their high carbon content. The Griv-Ex handles are textured and comfortable – I especially like the way my fingers sit on the curved heel of the large version. The Tri-Ad locking mechanism feels extremely solid, as always.

The Recon 1 remains very popular with police, military, and first responder crews and now comes with Carpenter CTS XHP alloy steel blades, making a good thing even better. The handles are super ergonomic and tactile G10 scales and it has the same Tri-Ad lock as the Voyager. Out of the two I’m partial to the Recon for its G10 and slightly slimmer profile.

Overall, the new Cold Steel Voyager and Recon 1 models are a great update on an established line of products.

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Weekend Special: KA-BAR Zombie Killer

It's zombie time..

It’s zombie time..

Our Weekend Special this week is a knife built with an imminent apocalypse in mind: this is KA-BAR’s Zombie Killer Death Dagger.

It’s the most intensely-named blade I have ever come across; and while we’ll probably never know the extent of knife’s zombie-killing prowess – at least until Umbrella Corporation finally takes over – it still has a few upsides in terms of practical applications.

The dagger shaped blade is nice and slim and made from SK5 Carbon Steel – very sharp right out of the box. The textured handle has good grip and is pretty much identical to the parang-style machete we reviewed from KA-BAR a few weeks back. It includes two sets of scales – a standard black and a toxic green version.

There is also a sizable nylon sheath and an “Acheron” skeleton knife included in the box, making for a nice, versatile outdoor adventure package.

Overall, the Death Dagger is solid, sharp, and comes with a number of extras and features that definitely make it worth checking out.

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Warehouse Hunts: White River Knives

Doing it better and doing it in the USA: this is White River Knives.

Doing it better and doing it in the USA: this is White River Knives.

This week on Warehouse Hunts we’re looking at a Michigan-based company that is churning out some of the highest quality and best value products around: this is White River Knives.

As a very early adopter of the White River brand, we’ve recently expanded our inventory to include all of their models. We’ll be taking a look at several of them today.


First up, we have the Backpacker – a versatile “cross-over” knife that is equally suited for hiking, hunting, tactical and other types of tasks. The three-and-a-quarter inch blade is made from S30V steel with either a stonewash or black ionbond coating. The handle is wrapped in black or colored paracord. It comes with a Kydex sheath that allows for multiple carrying options.


The Sendero Bush Knife is a collaboration product between White River and Master Bladesmith Jerry Fisk. The blade is S30V steel and the orange G10 handle is extremely ergonomic. It fits really well in the hand and should be up to any outdoor task you through at it. Comes with leather sheath with belt loop rung.


The eight-and-a-half inch fillet knife is a great tool for boaters and fisherman. 440C stainless steel with a cork handle that make the knife so light it will actually float, which is pretty cool. The leather sheath also has a button security feature that attaches to the butt of the knife to prevent it from falling out.


The Large Clip Point is part of White River’s classic series and comes with a high carbon blade and genuine antler handle that just feels right in the hand. It’s a great classic-looking knife.

Overall, White River Knives are built to last. Great materials, great design – they are definitely a company to check out if you get the chance.

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Steal of the Week: Benchmade Griptilian

They might've won silver in the tourney, but the BM Grip wins gold in our hearts.

They might’ve won silver in the tourney, but the BM Grip wins gold in our hearts.

This week’s Steal is a line of extremely functional every-day-carry knives: this is the Benchmade Griptilian.

I have wanted to feature the knife since its strong second-place showing in our Ultimate EDC competition last month – which you can check out here if you missed it the first time. There was a lot of support for the knife and it has quickly become one of my favorite knives in the warehouse.

While there are many different iterations of the Griptilian line – from different blade shapes to color schemes to deployment mechanisms – the basic functionality and design remains the same, making each model an equally great option.

At the heart of this innate functionality is the AXIS locking mechanism, which allows the knife to be used equally well with either hand and provides a number of options in terms of deployment and closing the blade. The lightweight and textured Noryl GTX handle gives the user great grip and a reversible pocket clip for tip up carry.

The blade is made from 154CM stainless steel. This particular model is a hollow-ground modified Sheepsfoot, but there are also drop point and tanto versions available.

Deployment is via either a thumbhole or dual thumbstud feature; both work equally well, though I tend to prefer the thumbhole option.

Overall, the Benchmade Griptilian is a fantastic and functional option to start, or add to, you every-day-carry collection.

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Custom Knife Factory Garza

That blue anodized milling, though..

That blue anodized titanium handle, though..

The Garza is an Anton Malyshev design and like the ELF Extra Large Flipper, is one superb knife. The S35VN drop point blade has a unique shape that provides strength to the tip and also has a large amount of belly. Its got a stonewashed finish, which is a great wearing finish that will not show minor marring like other blades. This is one of only a handful of designs coming out these days that does not have a flipper mechanism but that does not hinder the opening speed. This blade absolutely flies out of the handle every time with minimal pressure on the thumbstud thanks to a bearing opening system.

The handle is Titanium with brushed satin flats and blue anodized milling. This knife just begs to be customized and reminds us of a Shirogorov of sorts. The knife features a milled, anodized Titanium pocket clip, Titanium backspacer, torx screw hardware throughout, and a stainless steel replaceable lockbar insert. You cannot go wrong with a Custom Knife Factory offering, the quality is up there with absolutely any manufacturer out there.

Spotlight Series: Zero Tolerance and Rick Hinderer Knives

A ZT a day keeps the... I mean, do we really need a reason?

A ZT a day keeps the… I mean, do we really need a reason?

This week on Spotlight Series we’re looking at a custom/production partnership that’s hard to beat these days. This is the Zero Tolerance Rick Hinderer collaboration series.

First up, we have the 0560, which is based on Hinderer’s drool-worthy XM-18. The three-and-three-quarters inch stonewashed blade is made from powdered ELMAX steel, which is known for its fantastic edge retention and toughness.

It’s the largest of the models we’re going to look at, but it doesn’t feel clunky at all, thanks to easy deployment via the KVT bearing system and a solid frame lock design. The handle is a 3-D machined G10 scale on the front side and an identical titanium back handle. A lanyard loop and four-position-carry pocket add a great level of versatility to the blade.

The 0562 plays it straighter with a simple, textured G10 scale and clocks in about a half an inch shorter overall than the 0560. It utilizes the same steel, KVT bearing system and frame lock design, though only a two-position pocket clip on this model. I found that the 0562 required a bit more effort to initiate deployment, while closing the blade felt easier without the slight jimping on the frame lock, but that’s purely a matter of preference.

Finally, we have the 0566, which combines many of the features from the first two knives into an even more compact package. It has the same steel, blade shape, and the 0560’s 4-position clip, while also adding a carbon fiber scale and a ridiculously SpeedSafe assisted opening. It’s probably my favorite of the bunch.

Overall, it’s hard to go wrong with a ZT/Hinderer collaboration product: great design, fantastic materials and construction. In fact, the 562 and 566 models now have new versions available made from Bohler M390 steel, giving buyers even more great options.

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Weekend Special: Böker Plus Gitano

Great materials and Spanish-style design in a full-size folder.

Great materials and Spanish-style design in a full-size folder.

Welcome to’s Weekend Special! This week we’re looking at a highly functional full-sized folder. This is the Böker Plus Gitano.

The Gitano was designed in collaboration with Arkansas knifemaker Tom Krein, who is most well-known for his fixed blades and outdoor knives. But his folders are quite popular as well, and this production model plays on some of his specialties, particularly his use of very thin blade edges, which Böker tries to emulate here with the Gitano’s deep hollow grind.

The long, curved handle and the very slight up-swept look of the blade calls to mind the Spanish Navajas style. It gives the knife a great ergonomic feel and flowing design. Despite its large size – nearly 10 inches long, with a four-and-a-quarter inch blade – the Gitano’s slim profile and lighter materials allow it to be carried much more comfortably than one might first think.

The stonewash blade is made from 440C stainless steel, a very good steel that will hold and take an edge, and the handle consists of G10 scales with a liner lock design. It is deployed via the dual thumbstuds and opens and closes smoothly. There is also a pocket clip for tip-down carry.

Overall, the Böker Plus Gitano features great design and surprising portability. It’s a nice value option for people in the market for a full-size folder.

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Steal of the Week: Schrade Frontier Survival Knife

This week we’re looking at an extremely durable collection of outdoor survival knives: this is the Schrade Frontier Survival Knife.

All models – the SCHF36, 37, 38 – are made from the same quarter-inch thick, black powder coated 1095 high carbon steel – the only variation being the five, six, and seven-inch blade lengths, respectively. The powder coating helps the blade resist corrosion, and the blade comes extremely sharp out of the box.

The textured black TPE overlays provide all-weather grip and comfort, and features jimping on both the spine and the underside. The 36 and 37 models also offer a micarta version of the handle. Both feel very comfortable in hand and offer a variety of grip options.

All the knives feature a black nylon sheath with a Velcro loop, making it easily attachable to your belt or pack. The sheath also has a pouch containing a ferro rod, striker, and sharpening stone, making it an great all-in-one survival package.

Overall, the Frontier Survival Knives have a lot to offer outdoor enthusiasts of all types. They have been very, very popular for the last few months, and I don’t expect that to change anytime soon.

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Spyderco Roadie

Take your Roadies everywhere with Spyderco's compact slipjoint design.

Take your Roadies everywhere with Spyderco’s compact slipjoint design.

In essence a highly evolved penknife, the Roadie’s full-flat-ground sheepsfoot-style blade features a new “Double Dent” for fingernail-free, easy two-handed opening.

An improved notched-joint mechanism holds the blade open during use and is backed by a subtle index-finger choil to prevent accidental closure. Contoured FRN scales and strategically placed jimping on the choil and spine provide comfortable ergonomics that enable this knife to perform well beyond its size.

Sure to set a new standard in modern pocketknives, the Roadie is available in a variety of color choices. See more of the Roadie here, and check out our entire inventory at!