Spotlight Series: Zero Tolerance and Rick Hinderer Knives

A ZT a day keeps the... I mean, do we really need a reason?

A ZT a day keeps the… I mean, do we really need a reason?

This week on Spotlight Series we’re looking at a custom/production partnership that’s hard to beat these days. This is the Zero Tolerance Rick Hinderer collaboration series.

First up, we have the 0560, which is based on Hinderer’s drool-worthy XM-18. The three-and-three-quarters inch stonewashed blade is made from powdered ELMAX steel, which is known for its fantastic edge retention and toughness.

It’s the largest of the models we’re going to look at, but it doesn’t feel clunky at all, thanks to easy deployment via the KVT bearing system and a solid frame lock design. The handle is a 3-D machined G10 scale on the front side and an identical titanium back handle. A lanyard loop and four-position-carry pocket add a great level of versatility to the blade.

The 0562 plays it straighter with a simple, textured G10 scale and clocks in about a half an inch shorter overall than the 0560. It utilizes the same steel, KVT bearing system and frame lock design, though only a two-position pocket clip on this model. I found that the 0562 required a bit more effort to initiate deployment, while closing the blade felt easier without the slight jimping on the frame lock, but that’s purely a matter of preference.

Finally, we have the 0566, which combines many of the features from the first two knives into an even more compact package. It has the same steel, blade shape, and the 0560’s 4-position clip, while also adding a carbon fiber scale and a ridiculously SpeedSafe assisted opening. It’s probably my favorite of the bunch.

Overall, it’s hard to go wrong with a ZT/Hinderer collaboration product: great design, fantastic materials and construction. In fact, the 562 and 566 models now have new versions available made from Bohler M390 steel, giving buyers even more great options.

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Weekend Special: Böker Plus Gitano

Great materials and Spanish-style design in a full-size folder.

Great materials and Spanish-style design in a full-size folder.

Welcome to’s Weekend Special! This week we’re looking at a highly functional full-sized folder. This is the Böker Plus Gitano.

The Gitano was designed in collaboration with Arkansas knifemaker Tom Krein, who is most well-known for his fixed blades and outdoor knives. But his folders are quite popular as well, and this production model plays on some of his specialties, particularly his use of very thin blade edges, which Böker tries to emulate here with the Gitano’s deep hollow grind.

The long, curved handle and the very slight up-swept look of the blade calls to mind the Spanish Navajas style. It gives the knife a great ergonomic feel and flowing design. Despite its large size – nearly 10 inches long, with a four-and-a-quarter inch blade – the Gitano’s slim profile and lighter materials allow it to be carried much more comfortably than one might first think.

The stonewash blade is made from 440C stainless steel, a very good steel that will hold and take an edge, and the handle consists of G10 scales with a liner lock design. It is deployed via the dual thumbstuds and opens and closes smoothly. There is also a pocket clip for tip-down carry.

Overall, the Böker Plus Gitano features great design and surprising portability. It’s a nice value option for people in the market for a full-size folder.

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Steal of the Week: Schrade Frontier Survival Knife

This week we’re looking at an extremely durable collection of outdoor survival knives: this is the Schrade Frontier Survival Knife.

All models – the SCHF36, 37, 38 – are made from the same quarter-inch thick, black powder coated 1095 high carbon steel – the only variation being the five, six, and seven-inch blade lengths, respectively. The powder coating helps the blade resist corrosion, and the blade comes extremely sharp out of the box.

The textured black TPE overlays provide all-weather grip and comfort, and features jimping on both the spine and the underside. The 36 and 37 models also offer a micarta version of the handle. Both feel very comfortable in hand and offer a variety of grip options.

All the knives feature a black nylon sheath with a Velcro loop, making it easily attachable to your belt or pack. The sheath also has a pouch containing a ferro rod, striker, and sharpening stone, making it an great all-in-one survival package.

Overall, the Frontier Survival Knives have a lot to offer outdoor enthusiasts of all types. They have been very, very popular for the last few months, and I don’t expect that to change anytime soon.

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Spyderco Roadie

Take your Roadies everywhere with Spyderco's compact slipjoint design.

Take your Roadies everywhere with Spyderco’s compact slipjoint design.

In essence a highly evolved penknife, the Roadie’s full-flat-ground sheepsfoot-style blade features a new “Double Dent” for fingernail-free, easy two-handed opening.

An improved notched-joint mechanism holds the blade open during use and is backed by a subtle index-finger choil to prevent accidental closure. Contoured FRN scales and strategically placed jimping on the choil and spine provide comfortable ergonomics that enable this knife to perform well beyond its size.

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Spotlight Series: Emerson Sheepdog Rangemaster

The Flipper is strong with this one.

The Flipper is strong with this one.

This week on Spotlight Series we’re looking at an exceptional new offering from a titan of the tactical knife industry: this is the Sheepdog Rangemaster by Emerson Knives.

The first thing that has to be mentioned about this knife is, of course, the new flipper feature and bearing system, both of which are firsts for an Emerson design. The flipper addition was made at the specific request of military and tactical icon Lt. Colonel David Grossman, who first approached Emerson about designing the Sheepdog.

With so many firsts, it’s truly amazing how well the knife performs. Between the thumb button, the wave feature, and now the substantial flipper on the back, deployment has never been easier. The blade moves crazy smooth on the bearing system, opening and closing with satisfying certainty.

The blade itself is 3-and-a-half inches long and made from CPM-154 stainless steel with a flat grind. This particular model has a bowie style blade; there is also a spear point version.

The handle boasts a liner-lock design and extremely textured blade G-10 scales for great grip under any conditions. There is a lanyard loop as well as a reversible pocket clip for tip-up carry.

Overall, the Emerson Sheepdog Rangemaster is a fantastic flipper. It’s not often that a company gets a new design right on the first try, but this is knife is a pleasant exception.

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Iain Sinclair CardSharp2

Play your cards right with the compact and concealable CardSharp2.

Play your cards right with the compact and concealable CardSharp2.

Kept conveniently and safely in a wallet, the lightweight CardSharp (~12 grams) will always be handy (and far lighter than an ordinary pocket knife). With surgical blade technology made from non-rusting stainless steel – heat treated with an ultra tough black oxide finish – this invention is as clean and as sharp as a carton knife and highly suitable for anything from carton opening, cooking, DIY, camping, gardening to pencil sharpening.

A snap open lock mechanism enables the knife to be opened using one hand and ensures the knife is safe and secure with no blade tremor. The folding mechanism is impervious to water and rusting.

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Weekend Special: SOG Aegis and Aegis Mini

Same looks, same assisted opening mechanism. Sized to match your lifestyle.

Same looks, same assisted opening mechanism. Sized to match your lifestyle.

This week’s Weekend Special is a full-size and compact version of the popular SOG Aegis model. Both feature the same straight edge, satin finish blade made from AUS-8 steel, though the compact version clocks in a 3.25″ blade (compared to the full-sized 3.5″) and a little over 1″ shorter overall.

The zytel handle provides great grip and SOG’s Arc-Lock technology allows users to deploy and utilize the blade comfortably with either hand.

SOG Assisted Technology works through the balance of opposing high-tension coil springs. As one opens the blade the force to propel the knife open becomes greater than the closing force and the blade will open on its own. The end result propels the blade out once the operator has initiated the one-handed opening action.

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Steal of the Week: Ontario Knife Company RAT Model 1

I smell a RAT. And it smells like our Steal of the Week.

I smell a RAT. And it smells like our Steal of the Week.

This week’s Steal of the Week is a collection of knives that offer their owners a ton of functionality at an affordable price: this is the RAT Model 1 and Model 2 series by Ontario Knife Company.

The three-point-six inch blade is made from AUS-8 steel in either a plain or combo blade style with a black or satin finish. A lot of options with this knife. The blade is deployed via the dual thumb-studs and opens smoothly. There is also a small, sharp bit of jimping on the spine.

The Nylon 6 handle utilizes a liner-lock and has a flow-through design. This is where the knife really shines. The scales add a bit of texture and the whole handle feels extremely ergonomic and functional. It also features a lanyard loop and 4-way clip position, as well as a number of color schemes, giving the user a refreshing level of personalization at a great price point.

The Model 2 version of the knife boasts the same great hand-feel and customization as the Model 1, while reducing its overall size by 20%.

Overall, there’s a lot to be said for a knife that simply allows you to work the way you work best. The Ontario Knife Company RAT Model 1 and Model 2 do just that, and at a great price.

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Benchmade 6800 AUTO APB

The BM6800 makes deploying with either hand like a Steph Curry jumpshot. Automatic.

The BM6800 makes deploying with either hand like a Steph Curry jumpshot. Automatic.

Equally functional from both sides because you don’t always get to choose which hand to use. The AUTO APB is the first truly ambidextrous push-button automatic. Depress the button on either side of the handle and the blade fires into the open, locked position.

The 6800 AUTO APB features a 154CM stainless steel blade. Known for its all-around qualities, it offers great corrosion resistance with good toughness and edge quality. The drop-point blade has a slow convex-curved drop in the point that characterizes a drop-point blade. The anodized aluminum handle is solid and fits nicely in the palm.

Overall, a great new automatic option. Check out more about the knife here.

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Spotlight Series: CRKT Fossil

The CRKT Fossil: Don't tell your pet dinosaur.

The CRKT Fossil: Don’t tell your pet dinosaur.

This week we’re looking at a prehistoric blade with new-age features and stylings: this is the Fossil by Columbia River Knife & Tool.

This particular knife is actually the compact version of the full-sized Fossil. Both feature the same Flavio Ikoma design, with the full-size version offering a slightly beefed up handle and blade.

The gray combo blade has a hollow grind and drop point shape with Veff serrations and is made from 8Cr13MoV steel. There is also a satin finish version of both models. It’s deployed via the flipper feature or the thumb-hole cutout.

The handle is made from hammered stainless steel with a G10 overlay on either side and a frame-lock design. There’s also a pocket clip for tip-up carry. The sheer number of features don’t detract from the overall hand feel, however. The balance of style and comfort is really the Fossil’s greatest strength.

The IKBS ball bearing system allows for silky smooth deployment and the knife opens and closes confidently with the frame-lock design.

Overall, the CRKT Fossil excels in style without skimping on functionality, a winning combination for any every-day folder.

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