Columbia River L’il Guppie Multitool

Columbia River L'il Guppie Multitool
Columbia River Knife and Tool L’il Guppie Multitool
The Guppie from Columbia River has been a great seller since it was introduced last year. This smaller version keeps a lot of the functionality but allows for easier carry due to the smaller size. You don’t get the LED light or the bit holder and bits but it is easy to lug around. Here is the sales material (maybe a little silly!) from Columbia River: Continue Reading

Leatherman Skeletools – A New, Better Idea

Leatherman Skeletools - A New, Better idea
Leatherman Tools Skeletools.
The Skeletool is a great tool without all wasted space and size. This is a better idea for a multitool. They are lightweight, having been stripped down to the bare minimum. They feature a blade, a Carabiner/Bottle Opener and a bit holder. Two double sided bits fit in the handle and so you can carry the ones that you need most. So, you get all the functionality without the weight. Those are some smart folks at Leatherman! Here is the Leatherman Skeletool sales material: Continue Reading

Survival Gear at Knife Center

Survival Gear at the Knife Center
Survival Gear at the Knife Center
We now offer a wide variety of survival products. We have been adding new items in this category for a long time and it is finally ready to be a valid “center” here at the Knife Center. We have water purifiers, solar panels, shovels, hatchets and much more. Continue Reading