Emerson Commander Series

This week on Warehouse Hunts we’re taking a look at the Commander series of knives from Emerson. These tough-as-nails folders were designed by Ernest Emerson for a West Coast Navy SEAL team, and were voted Blade Show’s overall Knife of the Year in 1999 for their rugged dependability.

The Commander line comes in four different sizes: standard, mini, micro, and the gigantic Super. Across all models the Commanders sport heavily textured G10 scales that provide a superb grip. The handle has a great ergonomic shape that sticks in the palm, and the large finger notch makes for a very relaxed handling. There’s some decent jimping up here at the top for that extra bit of grip.

Blade ranges from 2.9″ on the micro to 4″ on the super. We’re looking at a 154CM stainless steel recurve drop-point with a conventional V grind. There’s a lot of great variety on this line when it comes to the blades, with both stonewash and black finished models available, and your option of Dragon’s Teeth serrations or a plain blade.

Deployment is handled one of two ways. The most basic is via the ambidextrous thumb disc, or thumb hole in case of the micro. All models also have Emerson’s patented Wave Opening Feature that grants you a lightning fast deployment right out of the pocket.

Overall the Emerson Commander is a tremendous option for a work-horse style everyday carry with an unbelievable variety available. To see the full variety of Commanders available, click here. To see our full inventory, visit knifecenter.com

Brous Blades

For this week’s steal we’re highlighting the fine selection of knives available from Brous Blades. It may seem like cheating to call an entire brand a steal, but with Brous you really can’t go wrong. KnifeCenter was one of the first retailers to partner with Brous, because they make absolutely outstanding mid-tech knives but sell them for production prices.

Jason Brous began making knives in his early twenties. His first models, inspired by biomechanical artwork, weren’t tremendously well received. It wasn’t until the Silent Soldier line of neck knives that the company really took off. He even licensed the design to SOG. There are a bunch of blade variations on this line, like this hawk we have here. This guy has a Black Cerakoate D2 tool steel blade measuring in at a little under two and a half inches. The design lends itself to multiple different grip styles for maximum versatility in combat situations.

Since they made their name with the Silent Soldier, Brous has put out a number of great designs, like the Coroner; a mean fixed blade available in black or a limited edition neon green zombie. This massive 6.25″ blade is also D2 steel, and sports an embellished chainsaw-like pattern on the spine for destructive impact strikes. The G10 handle and deep finger grooves make this a comfortable, confident carry.

In recent years Jason has transitioned away from fixed blade offerings and turned his focus towards creating some of the best folders on the market. Brous’ biomechanical background gives all his models a very sleek, animalistic appearance. The action across the board is smooth as heavily buttered silk, and the handles, whether they be titanium, carbon fiber, or G10, are a joy to hold. With each line available in numerous eye-catching colors there’s a high degree of personalization available.

Brous also puts out one of the best one-piece multi-tools on the market with the BMT. This is made from 1/8th inch D2 steel and the compact design belies a tremendous functionality. This thing boasts the ubiquitous bottle opener, a pry bar, nail puller, screw-driver, and more.

When it comes to variety, quality of materials, and general craftsmanship, Brous Blades is a pretty hard company to beat. To see the full variety of Brous products available, click here. To see our entire inventory, visit knifecenter.com

Marfione Custom Knives

This week we’re training the spotlight on some of our high-quality offerings from Marfione Custom Knives. Marfione customs come from knifemaker Anthony Marfione, founder of Microtech. These are beautiful knives that exhibit the finest craftsmanship across the board.

The amount of pride taken in these products really shows on something like the Anax. The 3.75″ blade is made from Elmax steel and has a beautiful tri-tone stonewash finish. Handle is one solid piece of carbon fiber, except of course the framelock. You’ve got to appreciate that. That’s not to mention the finer details too, like the inlaid Tritum ampule to help you pick the blade out in the dark. Just a fantastically constructed knife.

And Marfione isn’t afraid to go overbuilt either, like this Apocalyptic Star Lord flipper. This beefy son of a gun also has a 3.75″ Elmax blade, but this time super wide and sporting Tony’s apocalyptic finish. As is the 6A14V titanium handle. Despite the size and weight, the action on this knife is about as smooth as you can get.

There’s great variety from these guys, too. They’ve got automatics like this Desert Tactical Ultratech, which has an unbelievably powerful deployment system. There are also more unique items like this Assailant titanium credit card knife. For as low-profile an item as this it’s got great functionality, with a razor sharp knife, a bottle opener, and a ton of jimping around the edges to make for a superb grip.

And if you’re feeling really extravagant they’ve got absolutely stunning offerings, for example this exquisite Sigil flipper with a mirror finish blade and dragon koi handle engraving. It doesn’t get much nicer than that.

Overall, Marfione is a brand that has become known as a reliable source of top-tier custom knives. To check out our full line of Marfione Custom Knives, click here. To see our full inventory visit knifecenter.com

White River Justin Gingrich Signature Series

This week on Warehouse Hunts we’re highlighting a couple of rugged tactical knives from White River and designer Justin Gingrich. Justin spent 10 years as an active duty US Army Ranger, so when he made the transition to bladesmith he set his focus on creating high-quality, functional tactical knives like these. As with all White River knives, these are USA-made, manufactured in Michigan.

First up let’s take a look at the GTI 2.5. It’s a tactical dagger meant to be used like the SOCP combat dagger from Benchmade. This is a five inch piece of S35VN stainless steel with a black ionbond coating. Blade is 2.5″ long, and at 3/16″ thick is ridiculously sturdy.

The skeletonized handle feels surprisingly comfortable in the hand, thanks to the careful chamfering around the edges. The pronounced jimping on the top of the blade provides an excellent sense of control. This knife feels good in the traditional forward grip, but was of course designed to be used in a backhanded grip using the finger hole. The finger hole doubles as a bottle opener, because why wouldn’t it?

Next we’ve got the GTI 4.5. This is a really well-built fixed blade, sporting a massive 4.5″ blade and full tang. All the materials here are the same, so we’ve got an S35VN stainless steel construction with the black ionbond coating, and that same 3/16″ thickness. Both of these blades have been cryogenically tempered for added durability.

Handle is a grooved and contoured black Micarta that feels great to hold. Grip is solid and the shape fills the palm really well. There’s a nice pronounced choil as well for when you need to choke up on the blade.

Included with each knife is a sheath. In the case of the GTI 2.5 it’s a custom Kydex with a paracord lanyard. For the GTI 4.5 it’s a MOLLE compatible leather with belt loop.

These two knives from White River and designer Justin Gingrich are well-made, durable options for both tactical or survival applications. To learn more about these knives, click here. To see our entire inventory visit knifecenter.com

Cold Steel 36LPM Pendleton Mini Hunter

This week’s steal is an unassuming fixed blade from Cold Steel, the Pendleton Mini Hunter. At this point Cold Steel is a brand that needs no introduction, and this is a really high quality, compact offering designed by custom knife-maker Lloyd Pendleton.

And when I say compact, I mean compact. Blade on this guy is 3″, with the whole knife coming in just over 6″. Blade is a flat ground drop-point made from VG-1 stainless steel, and this is one of the last Cold Steel models to be made in Japan. This is a super sharp, high quality blade.

Handle is covered in a heavily textured Kray-Ex which gives it a very satisfying amount of grip. Coming in at 3.25″ the handle is probably going to get lost a little for those of us who have larger hands, but it’s still a pretty confident hold. The size just lends the knife a high-degree of flexibility, freeing it up for numerous applications where a low profile is ideal. For example this would be a great knife to attach to the strap of a backpack on a hiking excursion.

Included in the package is a Secure-Ex sheath with nylon belt loop. The knife snaps into the sheath and can be locked in at the handle too, so it’s a very secure carry in almost any situation.

Overall, Cold Steel’s Pendleton Mini Hunter is an ideal back-up blade or low-profile EDC. To learn more about this knife, click here. To see our full inventory, visit knifecenter.com

Custom Knife Factory Sukhoi 2.0

This week our spotlight falls on the Sukhoi 2.0 folding knife from the folks at Custom Knife Factory. This is a really terrific mid-tech whose quality borders on full custom, designed with care by Anton Malyshev.

The first thing you’re going to notice about this knife is the sleek, beautiful handle. Particularly eye-catching are the blue anodized accents. We’re looking at a solid titanium frame with large areas milled out for the contoured carbon fiber inlays. This has a great shape that feels pretty nice to hold, and you get a solid amount of grip out of the carbon fiber, in combination with the machined texture of the titanium.

Blade is a slender drop-point shape, coming in just over four inches long and made from S35VN stainless steel. The black stonewashed finish segues smoothly from the carbon fiber, giving this a really cohesive, elegant look. The action is absurdly smooth, with the thumb stud granting you a ridiculously fast deployment. The only thing that could make this model more perfect would be a flipper.

There’s a milled titanium pocket clip that allows for a secure tip-up carry, and the knife comes with a colorful nylon pouch.

Overall, Custom Knife Factory’s  Sukhoi 2.0 is a gorgeous, well put together mid-tech folder. For pure aesthetic appeal and functionality, you really can’t beat something like this. To learn more about this knife, click here. To see our entire inventory visit knifecenter.com

Remington Premier Excursion 1

Our special this weekend is on these two Remington Premier Excursion 1 fixed blade knives. Remington has been making hunting gear for very nearly two hundred years, so who better to provide hunters with their new right hand?

The Premier series is manufactured in Italy and sports an injection molded black rubber handle in a no-nonsense, ergonomic shape. This fills the palm very well and feels remarkably solid in the hand. There’s a band of textured lines running around the handle that give it a really terrific grip.

Blade is four and a half inches long and made from 440A stainless steel, coated with PTFE Teflon. There are two varieties available, the standard clip point or with a gut hook.

Included in the package is a water-resistant Cordura sheath with belt loop that the knife can be fastened into for a good, secure carry.

Overall, the Remington Premier Excursion 1 knives are a functional, high quality fixed blade that are going to serve you for years, even in the harshest conditions. To learn more about the Premier Excursion 1 line, click here. To see our entire inventory visit knifecenter.com

DPx Gear HEST II Assault

This week on Warehouse Hunts we’re looking taking a look at DPx Gear’s HEST II Assault fixed blade knife. This DPx Gear design was manufactured in Italy by LionSteel, so you can be certain the materials are of the finest quality.

The HEST II is a high-end, short-run version of the original HEST. The drop-point blade and the tang are made from 60HRC Sleipner tool steel. This makes it easier to sharpen, but also more prone to oxidization, so it must be taken proper care of. The handle is hollow to allow for the storage of survival materials like fire starter or water purification tablets.

HEST stands for Hostile Environment Survival Tool, and that’s exactly what this knife is. Beyond just the razor sharp blade, this knife sports a host of useful tools to help you on your wilderness escapades. There’s a pry bar, hex driver, wire strippers, and finally a bottle opener for when you give in to despair.

The handle on the original version of the HEST II has removable American G10 scales in black. This fills the hand very comfortably and feels quite solid to wield. DPx has also made it available with a paracord wrapped handle, which is an even more comfortable hold, though it feels just a little bit slicker. As a KnifeCenter exclusive we’re excited to offer the paracord in a stylish neon orange, perfect for hunting season.

Included in the package is a Cordura sheath with belt loop. All models with the paracord handle also include the G10 scales in case you ever feel compelled to swap them out.

The HEST II from DPx Gear is a fantastic fixed-blade option for those who are seeking a little additional functionality in their knife. To learn more about the models featured in this video, click here. To see all the HEST II varieties we have available, click here. To see out full inventory visit knifecenter.com

Mantis Knives: Snaggletooth

Our steal this week is the Snaggletooth line of folders from Mantis Knives. Mantis always puts out high quality, unique items and I can all but guarantee that you’ve never seen a knife like this before.

When closed, the profile is relatively unassuming. But it doesn’t take too much fiddling before you realize this is actually a Karambit. A push of the button here on the butt of the handle releases the patented spring-loaded finger ring. This is a knife that was designed with knife-fighting in mind, the blade protrusion serving double duty as a non-lethal impact device.

The handle has basically the same ergonomic curve you expect in a Karambit and fits nicely in the hand. The black G10 scales have a repeating shark tooth shape cut into them that lends a tremendous amount of additional grip. Some pretty aggressive jimping up at the top gives your thumb a real hold. There’s also jimping on the top of the blade to lend you grip when the blade is closed down.

Blade is a 2.75″ long modified drop-point, made from MvX stainless steel. We’ve got three different blade variations on this model, the standard, serrated, or a standard with a black oxide coating. Blade is meant to be deployed during combat by drawing it across your opponent, so deployment is a little awkward if you’re like me and are not a trained assassin. It’s nothing that will give karambit enthusiasts any real trouble, though. Blade is kept firmly in place via the liner lock.

The Snaggletooth has a nice sturdy pocket clip that lets the knife ride very securely, and that collapsible finger ring means this is going to sit much more comfortably than a karambit has any right to.

Overall, the Snaggletooth line from Mantis Knives is a really excellent everyday carry option if you’re looking for a concealable folding knife with serious self-defense applications. To learn more about this product, click here. To see our entire inventory visit knifecenter.com

CRKT M16 Classic

This week we’re spotlighting the latest version of CRKT’s M16: the Classic. The M16 line has been a mainstay from CRKT for over fifteen years. This new model is actually a reissue of the very first M16 in order to commemorate the passing of their designer, Kit Carson.

Here today we have three variations, the 02S, the 03S, and the 04S. All these models feature blades made of AUS 8 stainless steel with a hollow grind and bead blast finish. The 02S sports a tanto blade that comes in just over 3″ long. On the 03S we’ve got just about a 3.5″ spear point, and then the 04S is back to the tanto, this time just under 4″ long.

Blade can be deployed one of two ways; either via the ambidextrous thumb stud or the Carson flipper. Very nice action on this line. Knife is closed back down using the liner lock. For that extra bit of safety the M16 classic also features CRKT’s patented LAWKS system. That means there’s a little safety slider that prevents the liner lock from being depressed, so there’s zero chance of an accidental closure.

Handles on all three models are made from 6061 aluminum and fit very nicely in the hand. The hand feel is reasonably comfortable, with the machined holes providing a decent amount of grip. There’s some light jimping towards the base of the spine that helps the hold feel good and secure.

The M16 has a nice, sturdy pocket clip that can be reassigned to your choice of four positions, allowing for tip-up or tip-down carry on either side.

Overall, the CRKT M16 Classic is a great choice for an everyday carry folder, and a fitting tribute to the memory of Kit Carson. To learn more about the M16 Classic, click here, or click here to see the wide variety of M16 folders we have available. To see our entire inventory visit knifecenter.com