Cold Steel Voyager Blow Out Sale

Cold Steel Voyager Blow Out Sale

The Cold Steel Voyagers are right at the top of quality and value for every-day-carry folders. The KnifeCenter has recommended them over Spyderco and Benchmade for years and now they are at really low prices. These are worth getting – maybe several!

Cold Steel 88CSAB 1917 Frontier Bowie

Cold Steel 88CSAB 1917 Frontier Bowie

The Cold Steel 1917 Frontier Bowie may not be the prettiest piece in the collection but it will be one of the hardest working, that’s for sure. It’s a 1/4″ thick piece of nicely tempered 1055 carbon steel so you know it will stand up to any kind of use. The handle is beautiful rosewood and you’re prevented from sliding forward onto the 12-1/4″ blade by an over-sized “S” guard which can also be used as a place to rest your thumb during fine cutting tasks. The sheath is an excellent, quality design made of leather and it provides very adequate retention on the knife. This is a great value for such a ferocious cutter, check it out at
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Cold Steel Code4 Heavy Duty Folding Pocket Knives

code4blogCold Steel Code4 Heavy Duty Folding Pocket Knives
Cold Steel Knives create the best and most reasonably priced knives for various applications. No one does a better job of it. They wanted to create an easy-to-carry heavy duty folding pocket knife for law enforcement and military that wouldn’t break the bank. They have the production done in great factories and they use great materials and they create the absolute best designs. Like I said- nobody does it better! The Code4 series are flatter than the plastic handle models like the Voyagers or the G10 handle folding knives like the RECON series. They are super strong and feature a good stainless blade. We applaud Cold Steel for really doing it right! You can see the entire series which is now all available, at
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CHAOS Combat Knives from Cold Steel

Cold Steel Chaos Series of Combat KnivesCHAOS Combat Knives from Cold Steel
These new Chaos models from Cold Steel Knives feel like the ultimate combat knives. Especially the double edged dagger, these are just awesome fighting tools. The handle is solid and threatening with a steel knuckle guard and a solid skull crusher on the rear end. With that and the very solid grip and long blade, this could be the most effective fighting knife we have seen.

Cold Steel Blowguns, Fun For Everyone

Cold Steel Blowgun Fun

There are few outdoor activities you can practice within the comfort of your own home or office. When we discovered the satisfaction of hitting a 1′ target across the office with a small dart shot from a blowgun, it changed the office atmosphere altogether. Stress levels have dropped significantly, and employees treat each other with greater respect now. The blowguns from Cold Steel are surprisingly accurate, even with little training.

The blow guns are available in 4 or 5 foot lengths, with an optional 2 foot extension. We have found that additional length adds to the range and accuracy. A quiver attached to the blowgun keeps track of a dozen darts. There are several variations of darts for those who go beyond target practice. Happy shooting from!

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Cold Steel Spear Point, Mini, and Micro Recon 1

Cold Steel is one of the most popular knife brands in the industry today and the Recon 1 is a main stay in their line. New for 2012, the Recon series adds two new sizes which are here for good and much more easily carried than the original 4-inch models. The Mini Recon’s are the perfect EDC size for most people packing a 3″ blade and 4-1/8″ highly textured G10 handle. The Micro Recon series is more of a keychain knife with a 2″ blade, 2-3/4″ closed length and an included keyring. Ergonomics are definitely a strong point for the Recons as all three sizes meld into your hand perfectly. All knives are or will soon be available in Tanto, Spear Point or Clip Point blade configurations except the Micro, which will only be Tanto and Spear Point. See all the variations at

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Cold Steel Voyagers Come In!

Cold Steel Medium Vaquero Voyager
Cold Steel Voyagers
Cold Steel Knives are awesome. Their Voyager series has been a KnifeCenter favorite for over a decade and their Vaquero style blades are also favorites. I, personally, have carried a Vaquero Grande (no longer available) for years in my cars, right by my left hand in case I should ever need it and it is one of the most effective weapons you can have. They have since integrated the vaquero style blades into the Voyager series and we feel this makes a lot of sense. They are made the same and it makes the selection more straight forward. We’ve finally started getting them all in!