BokerPlus VoxKnives Rold Camp Knife

BokerPlus VoxKnives Rold Camp Knife
BokerPlus VoxKnives Rold Camp Knife
BokerPlus keeps coming out with incredible products – especially large fixed blades. This new VOX model is awesome- and I’m not just saying that! It has a full size (over 6″ x 1.5″) flat ground D2 blade. That alone gives it real knife lover cred. The handle is contoured G-10 to give a great and comfortable grip. The moster full tang is framed with the red layer before the G-10. The two holes in the handle give it a unique look and can serve as a lanyard hole- it comes with a Nylon lanyard through the rear hole. It is sort of simple, utilitarian, tough materials and great style all combined into one knife. The sheath is simple Kydex and a Tek-Lok is included. All this for just over $100 is a great deal. You can see them at
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New Kershaw Rake Assisted Opening Pocket Knife

Kershaw Rake Assisted Pocket Knife
New Kershaw Rake Assisted Opening Pocket Knife

Kershaw comes up with so many great innovations that quickly become the industry standard. Their new composite blades may just be the next big thing. The Kershaw Rake features high-performance Sandvik 14C28N steel on the spine, and the wear-resistant D2 steel on the cutting edge. The wide blade and deep belly give this knife a longer usable edge than other knives of similar lengths, increasing the slicing capabilities of the knife. Despite the size of the blade, the assisted action snaps the knife open quickly and firmly. Best of all, it is made in the USA.

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You’ve Got To See This Israeli Designed Combat Knife

DUSTAR Model 1 Arad Combat Knife
New Israeli Designed Combat Knife

Brands like Ka-Bar, Ontario, and TOPS make excellent knives, designed to take the stress of combat situations. But they have one inherent weakness: They are designed in a country that has not experienced war on its own soil in a hundred years. DUSTAR, making their debut with the Model 1 Arad Combat Knife, does not have that particular problem. As a knife designed and manufactured in Israel, the Model 1 is a product of one of the most dangerous areas in the world. This knife was not made by or for idle knife collectors. It was made by expert knife makers, according to the exacting requirements of the world renowned Israeli military, and it was made to be used in combat.

The clip point blade, which also features a live back edge, is made with D2 steel, which keeps an edge for a long time. This lowers the amount of maintenance needed on long trips in the field. The handle is made of practically indestructible fiberglass reinforced nylon, and is tightly attached to the blade with steel pins.

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