Columbia River 3500 HoodWork Survival Knife & 3510 HCK1 Hood Camp Knife

Columbia River 3500 HoodWork Survival Knife & 3510 HCK1 Hood Camp Knife

When it comes to Survival or Camping knives these two CRKT’s are what you’re looking for. Both the 3500 HoodWork and the 3510 HCK1 Hood are made from 1095 high carbon steel with durable G10 or Micarta handles. If you’re in the hunting in the mountains, camping in the woods or anywhere in between, these knives can do the job you need them to do. The leather sheath each is supplied with is as durable and well designed as the knives are. It’s natural tan leather with a 3″ x 1″ pocket for a sharpening stone or fire steel and secure button closure. See both these awesome American Made knives at

Maxpedition Fixed Blade Knives

Maxpedition Fixed Blade Knives

All of these Maxpedition fixed blade knives are extremely durable and would be a perfect addition to any pack. If you are hunting, fishing, camping, or just breaking down cardboard, these knives can do the job. At Maxpedition, they believe that the best knife is the knife you have on you and these fixed blades are very easy to carry with their lightweight designs and excellent Kydex sheaths. Maxpedition founder Tim Tang draws upon his passion for tactical knives and a decade of collaborations with the industry’s top custom knife makers to debut this design. They look like Mad Dog Knives and hopefully perform like them. See all 12 models at

Spyderco Enuff Fixed Blades

Spyderco Enuff Fixed Blades
Just In! All three Enuff knives feature skeletonized full-tang construction for strength and light weight. We may sell tghrough the first shipment, but we’ll get more. Available in your choice of a clip point, leaf shaped or sheepfoot blade. The blades are ground from VG-10 stainless steel, a workhorse material that offers a superior balance of cutting performance, corrosion resistance, edge retention, and ease of sharpening. The clip point and leaf-shaped blades are both plain edged and full-flat ground to yield exceptional edge geometry for precision cutting chores and point utility. You can see these at
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See Boker’s New Johnson Fixed Blade

Boker Plus Johnson Fixed Blade Knife
Boker’s New Johnson Fixed Blade

If you like a large, heavy, solid bowie knife, say hello to the Boker Plus Johnson. This knife is as beautiful as it is ready to go to work for you. It is also an amazing value at under ninety dollars. Finally, it is based on the design of the first Boker Plus Collectors series, so its collectability is assured-and to that end it comes in a beautiful gift box.

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Half Machete, Half Sword, All Condor

Condor Bush Cutlass Sword/Machete
New Condor Bush Cutlass Sword Machete!

It has gotten to the point where the only place a man can be swashbuckling is in his own backyard. The clever folks at Condor took their experience making all sorts of machetes, and applied it to a short sword. Now you don’t have to destroy that prized saber when there is Kudzu to hack or bamboo to beat back. The Condor Cutlass is black coated carbon steel with a plastic handle, to keep the cost down and functionality up. Oh yeah… and it is ridiculously fun to use!

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New Camillus TigerSharp Skinning Knife

Camillus TigerSharp Titanium Skinning Knife
New Camillus TigerSharp Skinning Knife, with Replaceable Blades!

If you like hunting and skinning, but you don’t enjoy sharpening-or skinning with a dull knife-then this is the knife you need. When it gets dull, just change the blade for a razor sharp new one. Imagine a comfortable to hold and use Camillus hunting knife with a replaceable TigerSharp razor blade. Actually, you don’t have to imagine… all you have to do is hit the “add to cart” button and never have to sharpen or skin with a dull blade again!

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Unique Damascus Bowie Knives from Bear and Son at the Knife Center!

Bear and Sons Damascus Bowie Knife
New Damascus Bowie Knives from Bear and Son at the Knife Center

Every now and then we get offered an amazing opportunity by our vendors. Recently, Bear and Son came to us with a batch of these bowies that they had made several years ago, but had misplaced in their factory. These were typically made with a 10.25″ blade, but, due to a mistake by the lazer cutting machine, these have a unique 7.5″ damascus blade. They also feature beautiful cocobolo handles and a leather sheath. These are Western Style Bowies made in the USA at really great prices.

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New SOG Vulcan Tanto Fixed Blade

SOG Vulcan Tanto Fixed Blade
New SOG Vulcan Tanto Fixed Blade with VG-10 Steel!

This knife has more grinds than a coffee shop. Like that? Made it up all on my own!

SOG has always been known for their complex grind lines and smooth curves, and this knife lives up to that legacy with a modified tanto blade featuring a slightly concave curve. It also offers VG-10 steel from Seki, Japan, honed to an exacting edge. Zytel handles keep the weight down, but the wave design provides a great grip, and the full tang gives the knife a lot of strength.

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New Case Hunting Utility Knife

Case Outdoor and Hunting Utility Fixed Blade Knife
New Case Outdoor and Hunting Utility Knife!

It is not often that we get an exciting new Case fixed blade, but when we do it is usually a big deal. This new Case is an instant American made classic- perfect for your hunting, or gift giving, expedition. The handles are Micarta, and fit a variety of hand sizes. The blade is classic Case, with its upswept tip. The open style sheath is beautiful black leather, and molded to fit the knife perfectly. This is a Father’s day gift that will be passed on to son and grandson.

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