Leatherman® New Series of Pocketknives

Leatherman New Series of Pocketknives
Leatherman® New Series of Pocketknives
Leatherman has offered a series of folding knives for a few years now. They have had only moderate success and this has been partly due to their expense and size. Many people don’t want to carry a big, thick pocket knife even if it has a bunch of tools on it. This new series is slimmer, better designed and easier to carry. There are models for every taste.

Fisherman’s Multitool with Bits from Gerber

Fisherman's Multitool with Bits from Gerber
Fisherman’s Multitool with Bits from Gerber/Winchester
Gerber brings in the Winchester line of products from China as an “economy” line. We don’t generally sell these products unless they offer exceptional value – as with this tool. This is a stainless tool with a few fold-out tools like a fully serrated blade, screwdrivers and bottle opener and the pliers come out the Gerber way- with a button release. They come with an adapter that fits over the Phillips head screw driver to take standard bits. 11 bits are also included which are kept in a rubber holder along with the adapter. The Nylon sheath has a Velcro pocket on the back that holds these items. These are not the top-of-the-line multitools that Gerber normally offers, but are of good quality and this is a great value – we can sell these at $9.95! We are carrying these because we feel that they are really worth owning- especially in the tackle box or glove box.
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