Microtech 154-4 DOC Killswitch Death

Microtech 154-4 DOC Killswitch Death

The DOC (Death on Contact) is one awesome AUTO folder. This collaboration between Mick Strider of Strider Knives and Anthony Marfione of Microtech, won Most Innovative Design and Collaboration of the Year at the 2013 BLADE Show. It’s large, tactical, rugged, fast, ergonomic and fun. The safety switch doubles as the push button for this folder and the grind lines on the blade are absolutely gorgeous. A great quality folding design you definitely can bet your life on. See it at www.knifecenter.com.

Microtech Mini UDT AUTOs

Microtech Mini UDT AUTOs

Microtech Mini UDT AUTOs

If you’re in the market for an compact, backup size AUTO knife or prefer the smaller EDC blades – look no further than the Mini UDT from Microtech. Engineered to the exacting specs of Microtech ensure the action is flawless and will continue to be for the foreseeable future. Microtech prides themselves on their tight tolerances, high quality materials, and cutting edge design innovation – so you always know you’re getting one of the best products available with every knife. The new Mini UDT AUTOs feature an easy to actuate push-button and aggressive skate-board tape like grip on the handles. You won’t find any unnecessary safety mechanism on these, nor will you find a pocket clip on them – which is both a good and bad thing. Not having a pocket clip stinks if you’re not a lanyard person but with such aggressive traction on the handle slabs – you’ve be ruining your pants in a single day, that I have no doubt. Serpeb ergos for a three-finger knife, check out these new Mini UDTs at www.knifecenter.com

5 Knives Ready for Zombie Slaying

Zombie slaying will be a way of life in the future but luckily for us there are knives out now ready for the apocalypse. Pre splattered blood and zombie green colors are a popular style for zombie fighting weaponry, and here are 5 knives we recommend.

Brous Blades Zombie Green Coroner

With it’s massive blade and saw back teeth the Coroner by Brous Blades will make a great tool in your zombie slaying journey. Continue Reading

Blade Show 2012 Award Winners

Blade Show 2012 Award Winners

2012 Industry Achievement: Knife Rights & AKTI

2012 Accessory of the Year: Wicked Edge Precision Sharpener Pro-Pack I

2012 Kitchen Knife of the Year: Shun Tayo Kitchen Knife

2012 Investor Collector Knife of the Year: William Henry B12 Freedom

2012 Collaboration of the Year: Zero Tolerance & RJ Martin 0600

2012 Best Buy of the Year: Kershaw Cryo

2012 Manufacturing Quality Award : Chris Reeve Knives

2012 Hall of Fame Inductee: Harold Kit Carson

2012 Most Innovative Imported Design: Lionsteel DPX Gear HEST 2.0

2012 Most Innovative American Design: Spyderco Autonomy

2012 Imported Knife of the Year: CRKT Ken Onion Foresight

2012 American Made Knife of the Year: Microtech Socom Delta

2012 Overall Knife of the Year: Zero Tolerance 0888

Microtech Select Fire Manual Folding Knife

Microtech Select Fire Manual Folding Knife
Microtech 129-7 Select Fire Manual Folding Knife
The brilliant Microtech SF manual openers. These are the winner of the Blade magazine’s Most Innovative American Design for 2011. These, top-of-the-line folding knives are incredibly well engineered and produced by one of America’s foremost arms manufacturers and the quality shows all the way through. The grip is configured to give a really tight and secure hold in regular or reverse grip mode. In fact, the handle allows for a variety of grips including a close in, choked up grip utilizing the jimping on the top of the blade and the finger groove at its base. Handle material is aluminum with carbon fiber inserts. The blade is wide and cuts quickly and powerfully with a saber / flat ground S-35-VN stainless steel. The opening pin is large with a unique design. The backspacer on the handle is anodized with one of several colors. The pocket clip is large and very utilitarian configured for tip-up carry. As usual with Microtech products, the “walk” and “talk” of this knife is incredible. The sounds of both opening and closing feel like you are engaged with a super-engineered, custom made hand tool. You can see this knife at www.knifecenter.com
Here are the SPECS: Continue Reading