Emerson CQC7B Returns!

Emerson CQC7B

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder-well, after a few years of missing an Emerson Knives classic, we’re thrilled to be welcoming an old friend back to the flock-the legendary Emerson CQC7B!

One of the all-time great knives, the CQC7B is really what made Emerson Knives famous. Featuring a 3.3″ chisel-ground 154CM steel tanto-point blade, G10 handles, and a smooth linerlock mechanism; the CQC7B is a tough, hard use tactical folder made to go where other knives can’t.  (Emerson knives have even been commissioned by NASA for use on the Space Shuttle!) It’s available in plain or combo edge. Made in the USA.

We’re so glad to have the revolutionary CQC7B back, and there’s no better time to give the gift of legendary Emerson quality! (Or pick one up for yourself…)

Take a look at www.knifecenter.com today!

Here’s the word from Emerson:

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Introducing SCAR Brand Blades

Introducing SCAR Blades

Every once in a while at the Knifecenter, we are lucky enough to add a new brand to our family. SCAR Blades, a company started by two brothers and based in Idaho Falls, Idaho, produces custom hand-built blades for the outdoors, law enforcement, and military communities.

Most SCAR knives are made from 1095 high-carbon steel, prized worldwide for its sharpness  and edge retention. Furthermore, they are heat treated only along the sharpened edge, allowing the “softer” steel of the spine to absorb impacts and reduce fatigue. Most SCAR blades offer full-tang construction and phenolic handles, and feature Kydex sheaths custom-fitted to each knife. Backed by a lifetime warranty, these are rugged knives, designed for the toughest tasks around. Made in the USA. Check out the new additions at www.knifecenter.com!

More from SCAR Blades:

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United Cutlery SOA Assault Knife

United Cutlery SOA Assault Knife
United Cutlery SOA Assault Knife
United Cutlery puts out an interesting assortment of products. Some are fantasy, some are curiosities and some are decent usable products. This fixed blade SOA (Special Operations Association) model is one of the latter. They are economically produced in China (of course) and have a decent quality of steel (AUS-6) and a great pattern of relief on the Micarta handles. We can market these at $38.95 which is a great price for a decent knife. They have a Kydex sheath with a belt clip. You can see them at www.knifecenter.com
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New Condor Barong Machete

Condor Tool and Knife Barong Machete Carbon Steel Fixed Blade
New Condor Tool and Knife Barong Machete!

The Filipino Barong Machete is a great choice for several reasons. It is longer than most fighting knives without being measurably heavier – making it a favorite of martial arts folks. It’s a very easy and effective weapon to wield. It is also a favorite of outdoorsmen in the know, as it is weighted towards the front of the blade, making it great for clearing foliage tirelessly.

You can see them at www.knifecenter.com

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Mantis MU-6 Cyclops

Mantis MU-6 Cyclops Neck Knives
Mantis MU-6 Cyclops Neck Knives
Mantis Knives releases a great necklace tool. Sometimes a funky looking necklace is actually a wicked-cool concealed neck knife with a really cool opening mechanism and availability in a bunch of colors! These take some getting used to, but, once you understand the way they work, they are really cool.
You can see the series at www.knifecenter.com
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Smith & Wesson Special Tactical Folding Knives

Smith & Wesson SPecial Tactical Folding Knives

Nobody delivers better tactical folders for less than 15 bucks than Smith & Wesson and these new Special Tacticals are no exception to that rule! These knives are available with steel handles in a satin finish or urban camo with tanto blades, and with plain or combo edges. You can see all of them at www.knifecenter.com or check out other products by Smith & Wesson.

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Smith & Wesson GuideMaster Economy Fixed Blade Combat Knife $12.95

Smith and Wesson Guide Master
Smith & Wesson Guide Master Economy Fixed Blade Combat Knife $12.95
This is a cheap knife. We don’t often try to sell a product by proclaiming it a cheap knife, but we feel that this one is a decent value. It’s a single piece of steel and so it is not likely to fail in it’s mission – it won’t easily break. It has a decent sheath and it is only $12.95. I wouldn’t carry it as my primary weapon in any mission critical situation, but it will serve as a backup. You can see them at www.knifecenter.com
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Zero Tolerance Assisted TigerStripe Blade Limited Edition

Zero Tolerance Assisted TigerStripe Blade
Zero Tolerance Assisted TigerStripe Blade
Tiger striping is very cool. These models are based on Ken Onion and Strider designs and are big, honkin’ folding knives. The tiger striping makes them look very cool.
You can see them at www.knifecenter.com
Zero Tolerance describes them as:

Zero Tolerance Knives Combat Folder. 5 1/8″ closed framelock. 4″ S30V stainless standard edge tiger stripe blade . Blade features Speed-Safe assisted opening and can be deployed one-handed with the dual thumb studs or index finger protrusion. Sure-grip handles are a combination of 3-D machined G-10 and titanium. Made in USA.

New Zero Tolerance Model 0160 Combat Knife

Zero Tolerance 0160 Combat Knife
New Zero Tolerance Model 0160 Combat Knife

Zero Tolerance designs their knives with a no-nonsense attitude. These are knives that are meant for heavy duty use in combat situations. The Model 0160 is no exception. The full flat tang ensures stability and power, reflected in the heft of the knife. The blade, on the other hand, will hardly reflect anything at all, because of the Tungsten DLC coating. The thick spine reinforces the knife’s power, while the sleek shape boosts the agility. The sheath utilizes a positive holding system that holds the knife well, but it also includes a snap strap for extra security.

As an American made item, you know that the materials are high quality as well, with premium Sandvik 14C28N steel for the blade, and grippy 3D machined G-10 scales.

See this knife at www.knifecenter.com

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