Benchmade Knives Tanto Vex

Benchmade Knives VEX Tanto
Benchmade has made great combat folders – always. This new VEX with tanto blade is in that tradition. The tanto blades are shaped like the Benchmade Strykers with an extended point. The handles are G10 and lock mechanism is a liner. The newest feature of these is the price- low $40’s! They’re made is Asia, but the factories today produce top quality products especially when Benchmade puts their name on it. Continue Reading

Al Mar Eagle Classic Lockbacks

Al Mar Eagle ClassicsAl Mar calls this knife the Eagle Classic. They are not kidding. It is as classic an Al
Mar knife
as has been seen, probably since the passing of the company’s namesake. From the brass liners, to the seamless matching of blade spine to backspring, the quality in this product is classic Japan – Classic Al Mar. The bolstered black Micarta handles are also reminiscent of product not seen for decades. The Eagle Classic is available in two different blade shapes, and both come with leather pocket sleeves.

Kershaw Knives LEEK Assisted Opener with Damascus Steel Blade

Kershaw Leek with Damascus Blade
The Kershaw Leek is a classic. This model with a damascus steel blade is double classic. The Leek was one of the knives that launched the entire genre of assisted opening folders. The damascus steel blade one this model is remarkable with alternating black and silver layers. Hopefully, these will be a regular item, but we cannot guarantee how long they will be available. Here are some SPECS on the LEEK: Continue Reading

SOG SOG-TAC Their First Automatic Knife

SOG TAC Auto Opener
It’s a natural for the company like SOG KNIVES that produces mostly tactical knives- both fixed blades and folders, to make an automatic opener. We are glad that it’s one of the finest automatics we have seen. The SOG TAC is all that and more with an intricately machined handle and a super fast blade opening system, it is a tactical weapon all the way. The lockup is super tight with a safety for added security.
This product is controlled the federal government and is available only to police and active duty military.
Here’s what SOG has to say about their new product: Continue Reading

RAT KNIVES First Offering- the RC3

Ratknives is striking out on their own offering their great combat/survival knives. The first offering is the RC3 model with black coated blade and Micarta handle – these are very similar to the ONRAT3 Ontario version. The main difference is the sheath offered. These come with a jump sheath which consists of the plastic part to hold the blade and a Nylon extension that fits onto gear. The Nylon portion can be removed and exchanged for an included plastic clip section so the knife can be carried on a belt.
Here are the SPECS on these knives: Continue Reading