Kershaw Junkyard Dog- Titaniun Handle and SG2 Steel Blade

Kershaw Junkyard Dog with Titanium Handle
Kershaw has released the “Ultimate” Junkyard Dog. This one is the full size model and has solid titanium handles with a frame lock instead of a liner. The blade is the super quality SG2 stainless steel. We stocked up on these but they were an extremely limited run of 1000 knives. We have a lot of customers that love this model and so this release will be a “must-have.” Continue Reading

Benchmade Limited Edition Sequel Folder with S30V Steel Blade

Benchmade Limited Edition Sequel
Benchmade Sequel Limited Edition SOLD OUT- Sorry!with S30V Steel blade and Carbon Fiber and Aluminum Handle. This is a great, small folder with the top of the line S30V stainless steel blade and beautiful carbon fiber on the handle. This is an exquisite knife and they are very limited with only 500 having been produced for the entire world distribution. We have some in stock, but they will likely be hard to get before very long.
Here is Benchmade’s description: Continue Reading

Benchmade Mini RUKUS with Plain Edge Black Blade

Benchmade mini RUKUS with Black Plain Blade
Benchmade’s mini Rukus with black Plain Edge Blade. The Benchmade Rukus series has been one of our favorites here at the KnifeCenter ever sense Benchmade introduced them a couple years ago. The latest version to appear may end up being the most popular one, the black plain version of the Mini-Rukus. The size, combined with the look and the function, make this quite an appealing knife. That’s without even mentioning the rock-solid lock-up of the Benchmade Axis lock system and the edge retention of S30V steel.
Here are some of the features: Continue Reading