BokerPlus Kalashnikov Automat Folders

BokerPlus Kalashnikov Folders
Boker’s Automat Kalashnikov Folders: A fantastic new offering from Boker that comes by way of Asia. These are full sized folders with large blades and Zytel handles with steel liners. The action is easy and fast as you use the lever (base of blade) to swing that big blade open and feel the “ca-chunk” of the liner lock flexing into place. These Bokers are not assisted openers or automatic openers (switchblades) but they are fast. Here is some more information: Continue Reading

Case Knives Tony Bose Collaboration for 2007

Tony Bose Case Knives
Case has shipped the 2007 Tony Bose knife– This one is a swing guard lockback with Ebony wood handles.
Tony Bose is one of the premier custom knife makers. Case and Tony Bose have partnered once again to produce a near custom-quality level knife design for a mass market; one with an ATS-34 scotch-brite finished blade, a pinned-on shield, and superior overall fit and finish. This year’s collaboration is the classic Swing Guard with a Coke bottle shaped handle. The blade is flat gound ATS34 superior stainless steel. It measures 5-1/4″ closed. The stainless steel pocket end bolster and badge-shaped shield give this interesting form a distinctive look. Only 200 pieces produced!
Made in the USA. Continue Reading

BUCK Folding Kalinga with camo Handle

Buck Folding Kalinga with Camo Handle
Buck has reintroduced the Kalinga and this new one is a folding model with RealTree Camo handles.
The Kalinga was Al Buck’s brainchild as the ultimate symbol of quality in a hunting knife. Originally introduced in Spring 1970, the Kalinga wasdestined to be Buck’s premium hunting knife. Today’s Kalinga is a rebirth of the classic — it replicates the original styling coupled with technology of today. Continue Reading