Kershaw Leek with Composite Steel Blade

Kershaw Leek with Composite Blade
Kershaw Leek Assisted Opener with Composite Steel Blade
There are few knife models as popular as the Kershaw Leek. This Leek‘s blade is a composite meaning that a truly top quality CPM-D2 tool steel is sandwiched between some softer but more corrosion resistant stainless. This gives you the most amazingly hard cutting edge at a price many times less than you would pay with a blade of solid CPM-D2 steel. The final sale price is very low for a knife of this quality. Here is some more information from Kershaw: Continue Reading

Paul Executive Series from Lone Wolf

Paul Executives from Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf Knives Paul Executive Series
The Paul knives from Lone Wolf have appeared in several forms to date. This new Paul Executive series is a great size. It’s not as short feeling as its 2.5″ blade would make it seem, but it is very slim. That makes it useful but still easy to carry. They don’t come with pocket clips but fit nicely into a pocket.
Here is the description and the specs for the Executive series from Lone Wolf: Continue Reading

Boker Re-Introduces Straight Razors

Boker Razors
Boker “Silver Steel” Straight Razor 3/4″ Carbon Steel Blade Buffalo Horn Handle
Boker of Solingen, Germany has produced razors for over a century, but not in recent history. They are doing it again! These are not inexpensive, but are world class and, when placing a “razor” sharp object to your face, would you want anything less? Their Damascus Steel blade model is available for preorder only at this time.
Here is some more general information about Boker Razors: Continue Reading

Damascus Sebenzas from Chris Reeve

Chris Reeve Sebenzas with Damascus Blades
Chris Reeve Damascus Sebenzas
The Sebenza is a classic folder that many people, including some knifemakers, prefer to carry. Although all are of top quality with no sacrifice to materials or manufacturing quality, Chris Reeve produces some extraordinary models. We got in 2 small Sebenzas with unusual damascus blades. The damascus pattern is very tight with a herring bone type of zig zag. The chatoyance effect (play of light) is really remarkable. They are each, of course, one of a kind creations. Here are the specs on one of them: Continue Reading

New Navigation Menus!

New Menu!
We are starting to integrate a new menu system at the KnifeCenter. Right now, you will only see it on the item detail pages (go to any item to see it), but soon they will be all over the site. The menu options drop down when your mouse passes over them and allow for the most complete navigation possible. Try it out and let us know what you think!

Boker Damascus New Models Have Arrived

Boker New Damascus Blade Knives
Boker Knives Damascus Blades
Boker always has such wonderful damascus and this year they have even more new models than normal. The Kalashnikov Damascus has the Leo-Damascus steel forged out of the barrel of the German battle tank Leopard I. This one is etched so that Kalashnikov’s name is in the layers of steel!
We also have another Damascus WWI Trench knife: this one with a stag handle. It’s a gorgeous fixed blade with a Damascus blade (180 layers) from high performance ATS-34 and 12C27 Sandvik steels. Only 500 will be offered world wide.
Here are the SPECS for these knives: Continue Reading

Buck Bravo Folding Work Knife

Buck Knives Bravo Working Knife
Buck Knives Bravo Working Knife Folder
Buck Knives has released the Bravo which was built for work. The blade configuration allows it applications like scraping and chiseling that other blade shapes just don’t approach. The construction is Buck Knives Tough, as are their combat/tactical folders. Instead of using a combat knife for your carpentry work, try a knife built for it!
Here is some more information and SPECS for this knife: Continue Reading

Buck Raven Fixed Blade Designed by Simonich

Buck Knives Raven Legacy by Simonich
Buck Knives Raven Legacy
The Buck Knives Raven is a classic fixed blade we are really glad to see it in production. Rob Simonich was a friend to the KnifeCenter, both personally and professionally, and he has been sorely missed since his passing several years ago. His widow has teamed up with Buck to produce a collaboration knife, and we are proud to carry it. The Raven Legacy takes many of Rob’s innovations and puts them into a knife which soldiers and civilians can afford…and depend on.
Here is some more info and some SPECS of this model: Continue Reading