New Boker Chad Los Banos Titanium Subcom!

New Boker Plus Chad Los Banos Subcom with Titanium Frame
New Boker-Plus Titanium Framed Chad Los Banos Subcom!

The Chad Los Banos series from Boker has been a huge success. The size, and the thought that went into the design, have given it appeal to the tactical as well as every-day-carry knife customer. To celebrate the success of the series, Boker has introduced a CNC milled titanium version. The look is very cool, and the price is quite reasonable. We love it, and we think that you will too.

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Swiss Army has Welcomed Summer with a New Classic

Swiss Army has Welcomed Summer with a New Classic
NEW Swiss Army Classic SD Multi-Tools, Summer Designs
These are not your Uncle Olaf’s Swiss Army Knives! Red and black and all those other solid colors are okay… but lobsters and flowers and swirls are much cooler! All the features that you have come to expect from the Classic SD, just with a snazzier coat of paint! These are a seasonal item, so we don’t know how long Swiss Army will make stock available—in other words, don’t dawdle.
Summer is here and Swiss Army has re-vamped the classic Swiss Army pocket knife to fit the season. Don’t let the breezy, beach-themed style fool you; these tools are completely functional.
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New Leatherman Squirt Keyring Multitools

New Leatherman Squirt Keyring Multitools
New Leatherman Squirt Multitools!

Leatherman is still doing the best they can to put everything you could possibly need into a multitool knife small enough to fit on your keychain. They still haven’t managed to fit the kitchen sink yet, but the Squirt series is a big step in the right direction.

The newest additions to the Squirt family are the PS4 series and the ES4 series. The PS4 series has the pliers of the P4 series with the S4 scissors. Similarly, the ES4 series combines the wire strippers of the E4 series with the S4 scissors. Both multitools include all the tools you might need, including a clip point knife, flat and Phillips head screwdrivers, and a bottle opener.  They each come in three colors: Red, blue, and black.

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Leatherman’s Got STYLE- Multitools, that is

Leathermans Got STYLENew from Leatherman, the Style Series of multi-tools. Leatherman knows their multi-tools. In Leatherman’s time-honored tradition they have miniaturized the most important features. Both Styles are made of 420HC steel and have a blade, scissors, file, flat head screwdriver, and a pair of tweezers. The Style has a great key ring feature while the Style CS comes with carabiner. Just think, you can now handle life’s everyday emergencies with Style, and 5 little tools. They are available in black, red, pink, or blue so add some color to your keyring. These tools are so Stylish, its a shame to keep them in your pocket or purse. This new product brings Style and flair to any keyring for an unbelievable price. You can see them and their features at

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SVORD Peasant Knives from New Zealand

SVORD Peasant Knives from New Zealand
Svord knives of New Zealand produces a wide variety of custom and production knives. So far, we only have access to these great Peasant Knives. These are made to compete with Opinel Knives in that they are very inexpensive and have crude, carbon steel blades. These are larger than Opinels, though, and the design in ingenious. The blade has a long tang extending from the end and so, when it is closed, this tang extends out and is used as a lever to open it. While open, the tang gets tucked into the handle and the pressure of holding the knife keeps it open. It is simple and effective and the steel is good quality that will take an edge easily and hold that edge. A great work- or peasant, knife.
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Ontario Signature Extra Thick Fixed Blades Limited Edition

Ontario Signature Extra Thick Fixed Blades Limited Edition
New, Extra Thick Bush Knives from Ontario!

The RD-6 and Afghan Bush Signature fixed blade series from Ontario features styles similar to the Ontario Ranger Bush series with one important difference: The blades are extra thick. These blades are 0.375″ thick S7 steel, making them quite a bit heavier than your typical knife. However, the thickness of the blade makes these great for unusual jobs. These are great for everyday camp jobs, such as splitting firewood, and they also make a great emergency axe or hammer in a pinch, while still performing ably as heavy duty knives.

The differences between the RD-6 and the Afghan are that the RD-6 has a 6″ clip point blade in a Bowie knife style and a pommel for hammering, while the Afghan has a somewhat shorter 4.438″ drop point blade and no pommel. Both come in either orange G10 handles with a black Micarta accent, or black Micarta handles with an orange G10 accent.

These are extremely limited, and every blade is numbered. So get yours today, before they are all gone!

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Handcrafted Excellence from Shun

Kitchen Knives from SHUN Cutlery
New Kitchen Cutlery Series from Shun Knives

The craftsmen at Shun have done it again. They’ve combined new steel and 100 years of artistry to create these light and graceful Damascus VG10 steel blades. The mottled blade allows food to fall away easily when cutting and the light PakkaWood Handles fit comfortably in your hand. These knives are elegant, functional works of art. They are an investment in your kitchen and your stomach. You can see these knives at


* VG10 cutting core
* Pattern Damascus clad with 16 layers of SUS410/SUS431 stainless
* 16-degree convex ground blades
* Oblong PakkaWood Handles
* Hammered finish released food easily when cutting

These are interesting and inexpensive new Frost of Sweden Knives

 Frost of Sweden Knives
Frosts of Sweden- new Knives under $12 each!
We’ve sold Frosts of Sweden knives for years. They’re well made, basic in design and very inexpensive. They’re great. These new models are really similar but one has a carbon steel blade and the other has a stainless blade and are still a great deal.
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Ka-Bar Besh Wedge BOGA

Ka-Bar Besh Wedge BOGA
Ka-Bar Besh Wedge BOGA
Ka-Bar Knives does it again- another great new introduction. Not a week goes by, it seems, without us introducing another Beshwedge’d product. This one has a unique twist—get it, they all kind of have a “twisted” edge configuration? What makes the Boga unique is that it is designed as a personal defense tool for women. The name is short for “Back Off-Get Away”. It can be carried on a neck chain, in a purse, or strapped to an arm or leg. You can see them at
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A really different offering Danish Designed Boker Haddock

Bokers Danish Designed Folding Knife
Bokers Danish Designed Folding Knife-the Haddock
Every so often something comes to us that catches our eye. Something a little different with a little different take on things. Boker knives in Germany has released something that fits this bill with this new Haddock frame lock folding knife designed by a Danish knifemaker. It’s noticeably lighter than most folders of its size. It feels a little better in the hand. The blade shape is different and very utilitarian. The blade is also a very thick stock, hollowed down to a razor edge – and it is sharp. The blade finish isn’t pretty- just a flat, stone washed gray, but this is a functioning folding knife. It is extremely well made.
We like this knife. There is no thumb stud or flipper and so you pinch the top of the blade with thumb and finger and flip the handle over or use the nail slot. The action is very good and adjustable with the torx screw. You can see them at
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