New SOG Vulcan Tanto Fixed Blade

SOG Vulcan Tanto Fixed Blade
New SOG Vulcan Tanto Fixed Blade with VG-10 Steel!

This knife has more grinds than a coffee shop. Like that? Made it up all on my own!

SOG has always been known for their complex grind lines and smooth curves, and this knife lives up to that legacy with a modified tanto blade featuring a slightly concave curve. It also offers VG-10 steel from Seki, Japan, honed to an exacting edge. Zytel handles keep the weight down, but the wave design provides a great grip, and the full tang gives the knife a lot of strength.

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New Boker Plus Mosier Tactical Fixed Blade

Boker Mosier Tactical Fixed Blade
New Boker Plus Mosier Tactical Fixed Blade!

This David Mosier collaboration with Boker is one of the most comfortable small fixed blades we have ever sold. Sandvic steel and a modified Wharncliffe blade shape give this knife a great deal of power. The jigging of the Micarta handle, a surprising luxury on a knife at this price, give the knife a great grip. This is a beautiful knife to look at, hold, and use.

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Bear MGC and United Cutlery Butterfly Knives

Bear and Son United Butterfly Knife
Bear MGC and United Cutlery Butterfly Knives

Bear MGC made these butterfly knives in their USA factory for United Cutlery Brands over a decade ago. Fortunately for us, they found a leftover batch in their warehouse, and they are letting us offer them to the public at a great price. In fact, these are the lowest priced live bali-songs we have available.

If you have ever considered trying a butterfly knife, this is your chance to get a great USA made knife at a price that is impossible to beat.

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Colt V-42 Dagger 7″ Double Edged Blade, Stacked Leather Handle

Colt V42 World War II Dagger
Colt V42 World War II Dagger
Reissued from the olden days, this is a great reproduction of early 20th century combat weaponry. These are made in China, but the manufacturing standards are high and the product is really first rate and the price is unbelievable. These are a perfect gift for anyone who served int the special forces in the 20th century.
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Here are the SPECS:
Colt V-42 Dagger. 12 1/2″ overall. 7″ 440 stainless double edge dagger blade with black finish. Stacked leather washer handle with black finish guard and skull crusher pommel. Brown leather belt sheath. Made in China.

Boker Besh Wedge Neck Knife

Boker Plus Besh Wedge Neck Knife
New Boker Plus Besh Wedge Neck Knife!

This neck knife combines the idea of the Besh-Wedge blade with the convenience of a neck knife. The four inch blade is slender, and extremely sharp right out of the box.

The entire concept of the Besh-Wedge blade is pretty incredible. Rather than a typical knife with one or two sharpened sides and a point, the primary variation of the Besh-Wedge has two sharpened sides which converge into a sharpened wedge tip. It is no wonder that this design is taking the industry by storm. The actual knives are difficult to properly describe, and the pictures do not do these knives justice. You really need to see it to believe it. And at $19.95, there is no excuse to not satisfy your curiosity with the Boker Plus Besh-Wedge Neck Knife.

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We Now Have Wusthof Kitchen Cutlery

wusthof cutlery
Wusthof Trident Top Quality Kitchen Cutlery
Now available at the KnifeCenter Kitchen Page, the amazing Wusthof German cutlery. These have been at the top of the quality continuum for hundreds of years and they still offer some of the best cutlery anywhere. We are proud to offer these great products from Wusthof and we will be expanding our selection throughout the coming weeks. We have always offered some of the best cutlery in the world from names like Henckels, SHUN, Forschner and Global, but we can now offer every major brand on the market.

New Spyderco Perrin PPT Pocket Knife

Spyderco Perrin PPT Folding Knife
New Spyderco Perrin PPT Folding Knife!

The Fred Perrin PPT is the coolest, all new, every-day-carry design that Spyderco has introduced this year. The uniquely shaped blade is S30V stainless, and the handles are a crazy sculpted G10. The PPT comes with a lanyard already tied on to work with the pocket clip for easier fast draw!

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Schrade STF1 Flashlight- Bright and Really Inexpensive

Schrade STF1 Flashlight
Schrade STF1 Flashlight– Bright and Really Inexpensive
Schrade did a good job with this light. First, it’s only $32.95. The Schrade STF1 LED Light is solidly built, takes 2 standard AA batteries and has a great switch. The tail button can be depressed once for a bright light, twice to get a lower power, three times for a strobe and four for a red light and five for green. Then, once it is on, there is a button on the head that also cycles through the various options. This is a great light. It seems as bright as the Olight model OLI20 which is almost twice the price. That light is smaller and is also a great light, however. This Schrade is a good deal!
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Really Smart Emergency Tool: ExiTool Seat Belt Cutter

Columbia River Kommer ExiTool Seat Belt Cutter
Columbia River Kommer ExiTool Seat Belt Cutter
This is about the most clever contraption we have seen in a while. This emergency tool from Columbia River Knife and Tools, will be there when you need it. Instead of being stashed in the glove box, this one clamps right on your seat belt. It has a cutter, a light and a glass breaker. These make a very thoughtful gift, too.
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