Great Collaborations from Swiss Knifemakers Klotzli

Klotzli Swiss Made Folding Knives
Klotzli Swiss Made Knives, Emerson Design

We now have Klotzli knives and that is quite an honor. This fifth generation family company from Switzerland makes some of the finest folders in the world. They have partnered with Michael Walker for years to build his linerlocks. They are also now partnering with Ernest Emerson to produce his first gentleman’s knife. We are pleased to offer two Walker models as well as this Emerson design-of which only 100 are to be made. The Emerson Klotzli collaboration has no equal in the production knife world.

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High Quality Kitchen Knife Luggage from Ultimate Edge

Ultimate Edge High Quality Kitchen Knife Luggage
High Quality Kitchen Knife Luggage from Ultimate Edge

If you have to travel with your kitchen knives, you know what a hassle this can be. There are many knife rolls and bags on the market, but most are designed for the casual user. The Ultimate Edge has designed a line for the professional and those that want the best. The durability of the materials used, the quality of the bags’ construction, and the thoughtfulness that went into the design make these the finest cutlery bags on the market.

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See the Gorgeous New Bradly Kimura IV Butterfly Knife

Bradley Kimura IV Butterfly Knife
Gorgeous New Bradly Kimura IV Butterfly Knife!

The latest installment in the Bradley Kimura series is here…finally, a clip point! These butterflies, made by Kershaw right here in the US, are a great value. They are also great flies, whether you want them for training and performing, or just as an every-day-carry knife with a twist. With Spyderco and Benchmade reducing their butterfly offerings, Bradley is rapidly becoming the go-to for high end butterflies.

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New SOG Woodline Pocket Knife

SOG Woodline Folding Knife
SOG Woodline Folding Knife

A while ago we introduced you to the new Woodline series of fixed blades from SOG. We are pleased to now introduce the folding version of this beautiful knife. While it is a departure from what we expect a SOG knife to look like, there is no departure from the quality and value that is a hallmark of the SOG knife company. This is a great knife for camping, hunting, and everyday chores… it just looks a little snazzier!

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See Boker’s New Johnson Fixed Blade

Boker Plus Johnson Fixed Blade Knife
Boker’s New Johnson Fixed Blade

If you like a large, heavy, solid bowie knife, say hello to the Boker Plus Johnson. This knife is as beautiful as it is ready to go to work for you. It is also an amazing value at under ninety dollars. Finally, it is based on the design of the first Boker Plus Collectors series, so its collectability is assured-and to that end it comes in a beautiful gift box.

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Finally, a Ceramic Knife Sharpener from Kyocera

Kyocera Battery Powered Ceramic Knife Sharpener
Kyocera Ceramic Knife Sharpener!

If you own ceramic material kitchen knives, then this is the sharpener for you. We have never recommended end users sharpening their own ceramic knives before, we always encouraged them to send them back to the manufacturer for maintenance. Kyocera is a foremost producer of ceramic material products, and when they decided to make a sharpener we were very excited. This sharpener uses diamonds, runs on batteries, is very safe, and is quite easy to use. If you own ceramic knives, this is the sharpener for you.

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Half Machete, Half Sword, All Condor

Condor Bush Cutlass Sword/Machete
New Condor Bush Cutlass Sword Machete!

It has gotten to the point where the only place a man can be swashbuckling is in his own backyard. The clever folks at Condor took their experience making all sorts of machetes, and applied it to a short sword. Now you don’t have to destroy that prized saber when there is Kudzu to hack or bamboo to beat back. The Condor Cutlass is black coated carbon steel with a plastic handle, to keep the cost down and functionality up. Oh yeah… and it is ridiculously fun to use!

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We Are Proud to Present a New Benchmade Assisted Opening Subrosa

Benchmade Lerch Subrosa Assisted Pocket Knife
New! Benchmade Assisted Opening Subrosa

Full titanium handles with a Chris Reeve inspired monolock… and assisted opening??? Finally, the much anticipated Lerch Subrosa is here! This knife is easy on your pocket, powerful and strong. It is also beautiful. Plus, if you act quick, the batch we currently have on our shelf is serial numbered and marked first production run. This knife will be looked back on as one of the classic Benchmades.

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New Camillus TigerSharp Skinning Knife

Camillus TigerSharp Titanium Skinning Knife
New Camillus TigerSharp Skinning Knife, with Replaceable Blades!

If you like hunting and skinning, but you don’t enjoy sharpening-or skinning with a dull knife-then this is the knife you need. When it gets dull, just change the blade for a razor sharp new one. Imagine a comfortable to hold and use Camillus hunting knife with a replaceable TigerSharp razor blade. Actually, you don’t have to imagine… all you have to do is hit the “add to cart” button and never have to sharpen or skin with a dull blade again!

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Ken Onion’s Eros Gentleman’s Folding Knives

Ken Onion Eros Gentleman's Knife
Ken Onion’s Eros Gentleman’s Folding Knives

Ken Onion is famous for the assisted opening knives he developed for Kershaw over a ten year period. Now that he has moved on from Kershaw to Columbia River, he also seems to have moved on from assisted openers. Not to worry, fans of fast opening knives, his new CRKT Eros folder opens just as fast-if not quicker. The secret to Ken’s new speedy folders is the bearings that the blade floats on-the official name is IKBS-that allow it to open like its on roller skates! CRKT is so proud of these knives that they are serial numbering them.

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