Gerber Warrant and Prodigy Fixed Blade Knives

Gerber Fixed Blade Knives
NEW Gerber Warrant & Prodigy Fixed Blade Knives from $29.95
Gerber Knives has always had a reputation for producing no-nonsense tactical fixed blades–all the way back to the company’s beginning. Their offerings for 2011 include two new tactical fixed blades. The Warrant and the Prodigy Tanto are very well priced, and built for using. The Warrant is made in the China; the Prodigy is made
in USA.

Spyderco C143GP Large Lum Chinese Folding Knife

Spyderco Large LUM fiolder
Spyderco C143GP Large Lum Chinese Folding Knife
The next really good thing from Spyderco is the new Large Lum model. This is also a big, beautiful, leaf shaped, flat-ground blade. What it also features is the unique profile of the style of the late Bob Lum. The handles are G10, and big enough to give you control over a blade this big.
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SHOT Show News Day 1

Day One! Leatherman Tools announces 2 new tools. The Sidekick and Wingman that both are smallish and have a mild spring action. One hand operation allows you to get at the knife and scissors or saw. The Sidekick has a saw and the wingman has the scissors. They come with pocket clips. They will be available in September 2011. Inside tools don’t lock. The carabiner is available on the Sidekick.

Ka Bar has a full line of- get this – Zombie Killers! Continue Reading


This week is the annual Shooting Hunting Outdoor Tradeshow in Las Vegas. We’ll be keeping you updated on the latest offerings and what all the companies will be introducing this year. It’s always exciting for knife people like us and we’ll try to convey as much of the excitement as possible on this blog and tweets.

Boker Anso 67 Folding Knife

Boker Anso 67 Folding Knife
Boker Anso 67 Folding Knife
Another gem from the creative mind of Jens Anso. Jens is one of the hottest designers in the knife business and Boker Knives has gotten a few great models from him. This one is a remarkable folding knife with one textured G10 side and on titanium framelock side. Similar to the way some Strider knives and Emerson superCQC7 knives were made, these are workhorse tools. Made in Germany, this knife is top quality.
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Pinkerton Custom Fixed Blades

Pinkerton Custom Fixed Blade
Pinkerton  Custom Fixed Blades
These are beautiful knives. The Pinkerton Customs are custom made fixed blades from Dirk Pinkerton. They’re simple but really different and advanced in their design. The blades are very heavy and the handles are short but adequate. We like these knives and feel that they’re great values.
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Buck and TOPS CSAR-T Full Line of Tactical Knives!

Buck and TOPS CSAR-T Full Line of Tactical Knives
Buck and TOPS CSAR-T Full Line of Tactical Knives
The Buck and Tops collaboration has been one of the most exciting new knives we saw last year. It is all “beef” with a super strong blade and handle configuration. This year, 2011, Buck is offering an enlarged selaction for this series. Included is an economy model, a rescue model, and a fixed blade. We think these will really be big news
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Benchmade 480-1 Shoki Gentleman’s Folding Knife

Benchmade Knives New product
Benchmade 480-1 Shoki Gentleman’s Folding Knife
No details were overlooked in the production of this elegant gentleman’s pocketknife. Benchmade knives has really done it again with a great new folding pocket knife.
You can see them all at
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