KA-BAR TDI Law Enforcement Folding Knife

KaBar TDI Folding Knives
KA-BAR TDI Law Enforcement Folding Knife
Ka-Bar Knives introduced the TDI Law Enforcement series years ago and they have been adding to it through the years. The TDI knives are designed as last-ditch weapons to be carried in one’s boot or belt. These new models are the first folders in the series. We like the series and respect the design and intent of these weapons. These new models are certain to be useful and well made.
They can be seen at www.knifecenter.com
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CASE Knives Tony Bose Models 2011

Tony Bose Models From CASE Knives
CASE Knives Tony Bose Models 2011
Case Knives releases beautiful Tony Bose models every year. They just released two models with damascus blades that are spectacular.
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Boker Plus SOB (Spec Ops Blade)

BokerPlus Special Ops Blade
Boker Plus SOB (Spec Ops Blade)
We’ve mentioned the lack of gentleman’s fixed blades on the market these days, and though it is a little on the big side, we think the new Boker Spec Ops Blade falls into this great category. The SOB, as it is called, features Micarta scales and a Kydex sheath that can be matched to a Tek-Lok—though it is not included. The knife is comfortable in the hand, and the modified sheepsfoot blade is built for a variety of tasks—utility, tactical, and even culinary!
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Benchmade 581 Barrage AXIS-Assisted M390 Super Steel Blade

Benchmade Barrage with M390 Super Steel Blade
Benchmade Barrage with M390 Super Steel Blade
Benchmade has begun using this super steel M390 which, by all accounts, is the best on the market. We haven’t tried it here at the KnifeCenter, but objective accounts claim it is superior to the ZDP189 that we love so much. You can buy this knife and let us know! This Barrage model has an upgraded handle, assisted opening operation and the super hard steel blade. What’s not to like?
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Benchmade AFCK Limited Edition

Benchmade Knives AFCK
Benchmade AFCK Limited Edition SHOT Show Knife -SOLD OUT- Combo Edge Coming Soon!
Back when the KnifeCenter was starting out in the mid 1990’s, when we were the only web site selling Benchmade knives! the AFCK was a best selling item. It was, along with the Emerson designed CQC7, the knife that made Benchmade Knives a famous brand in the world of American cutlery. We’ve seen a few offerings through the years with this great design, but this new one is extraordinary. These were only available at the SHOT Trade Show in Las Vegas to dealers of Benchmade Knives that were placing orders. We got in line for a limited number of these. The look is striking with the textured handle and blue medallion. The pocket clip is designed for deep pocket carry and is brightly polished. The action, though, is really smooth and solid. The disengagement of the liner is super easy. Then you have the new material for the blade. This M390 steel is really tough and hard and should be about as top quality as you can get. This is truly a Benchmade classic and they are very limited in availability. Limited to a production quantity of 250.
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Gerber Fit Light Multi-Tool

Gerber FIT Multitool
Gerber Fit Light Multi-Tool
Gerber Tools has created another unique multitool. It has some great features at a really great price. Even Gizmodo likes it and featured it on their page! Here’s what they said: “Can you believe this multi-tool costs just $30? With its sleek looks, nine tools plus a 25-lumen LED, it’s bloody good value for those late-night fumblings as you try and break into your own house.” (quoted from Kat Hannaford )
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Case Elvis Presley Blue Bone Folding Hunter, Shadow Box

Case Elvis Presley Knife in Shadowbox
Case Elvis Presley Blue Bone Folding Hunter, Shadow Box
Case Knives produce a lot of commemoratives. Frankly, we don’t feature many of them. This one was special and so we decided to offer it to our customers- many of whom are Elvis memorabilia collectors. This is one that is worth keeping. It features a blue bone folding hunter and is really spectacular.
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Case Desk Knife Burnt Stag Handles Damascus Blade

Case Damascus Desk Knife
Case Desk Knife Burnt Stag Handles, Damascus Blade
Case Knives produce some beautiful and useful items. Take the Desk Knife series. They’re well made (in the USA) and work perfectly as a desk tool. You can open letters, boxes and all the odd things you need a knife for sitting at your desk. This new Desk Knife has a fantastic layered Damascus steel blade and stag horn handles. These are really striking and make a wonderful gift. They come in a very nice gift box.
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Swiss Army Victorinox Ceramic Blade Kitchen Knives

New Ceramic Blade Kitchen Knives from Swiss Army
Swiss Army Victorinox Ceramic Blade Kitchen Knives
When the Swiss Army Company creates a new product, it is going to be exceptional. These new kitchen knives are a prime example. The blades are so thin, that you can see through them! They are expertly made and they will be a wonderful addition to your kitchen collection. If you’ve been considering a ceramic blade knife to complement your cutlery selection, now you have a good reason to make your purchase.
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Boker Plus Locking Folding Knives

BokerPlus Folding Locking Knives
BokerPlus New Locking Folding Knives
We got a mess of new items from Boker this week, several of which are the new Boker Plus gentleman’s locking folders. With materials ranging from wood to titanium to ceramic, and in a variety of sizes and shapes, these are wonderful knives. They are also wonderful knives for the money, produced under Boker’s supervision in their factory in Asia. These are great knives at great prices! Boker has done it again.