Cryo Craziness! Kershaw Cryo Models Arrive

Cryo Craziness Kershaw Cryo pocket knives in several varietiesCryo Craziness! Kershaw Cryo Models Arrive

The Kershaw Cryo assisted opening pocket knives have been hot, hot, hot with our customers. They’re inexpensive and have all the bells and whistles everyone wants in an every day carry folder. Designed at Kershaw with the master knife maker Rick Hinderer, these are fast opening and feel great in your hand. In fact, this model was voted the 2012 best buy of the year by Blade magazine. We now have 2 sizes and three different color combinations and many in plain and serrated variations. You can see the whole Kershaw Cryo selection at

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Ken Onion Ripple gets a Redo!

Ripple knives by Ken Onion get a REDO
Ken Onion Ripple gets a Redo
The Ripple series has been a great selection since they were introduced last year. This iteration has really dressed them up. The handles are a lot smoother with a steel material rather than the aluminum they formerly came with. The blade steel has also been upgraded to the Acuto 440 which comes harder and should give very good service to the user. The overall feel and “walk and talk” of the knives is, in our opinion, much improved. As always, they fly open on ball bearings making any spring assist mechanisms unnecessary. You can see the entire Ripple Series HERE or you can see the new ones HERE
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United Combat Fighter w/ sheath $14.95

United Combat Fighter with sheath

United Combat Fighter with sheath

United Combat Fighter w/ sheath $14.95
The KnifeCenter doesn’t feature many knives at this level of pricing. We like to sell quality products but we understand that there is a place for all types of tools. You may not have a $100 socket set in the trunk of your car for emergency use. A $10 special from the rack at your hardware store may do that that purpose. If you’re going into an outdoor arena where you need a good size knife but have a good chance of leaving it behind, you may not want a $300 Chris Reeve knife- maybe this is a great option. This is a heck of a deal at $14.95 and we just can’t get over the value for the dollar and overall features on this item. The sheath is a basic plastic but does a great job. We think this is an incredible value and that’s why we offer it to you at
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New HTM M390 Torpedo Gunhammers are Here!

New HTM M390 Bowie Gunhammers are Here!

After the overwhelming success of our first run of Exclusive M390 Gunhammers, the KnifeCenter is extremely excited to see the new batch of these awesome tactical knives come in with the Torpedo style blade shapes. Available in either serrated or honed, spring-assisted or manual opening, you now have the choice between a tactical black DLC coated blade or an attractive Stonewashed finish. If you choose to go with a manual opening knife but are not familiar with the Maxx Glide Pivot System these knives utilize, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. This ball bearing design is exclusive to knives by Darrel Ralph and it really does close the speed gap between assisted and manual knives. With little to no wrist action, the blade flies open using the thumb studs or flipper mechanism and locks up solidly with the overly-thick titanium lockbar. M390 Steel from Bohler is an excellent performance steel balancing corrosion resistance and extremely high hardness (62HRC) which  provides superb wear resistance during hard use cutting. You can check out these new M390 Gunhammer models exclusively at

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New Damascus from Boker Plus

Boker Plus Damascus Folding Knives
New Damascus from Boker Plus
Boker Plus has long been known as the brand the Boker of Solingen offers with the innovative designs that they can offer at reasonable prices because they’re made in Taiwan or China. They keep getting better and better at producing pocket knives and hunting knives that are world class in quality and materials and still reasonably priced. These two new offerings in Damascus steel are a case in point. The traditional folder has all the design points from Boker’s Solingen made Optima series and their lockback series with the curved bolsters. They have done the blades as well as the bolsters is beautiful Damascus and the knife makes a gorgeous folding lockback at an incredible price. The Damascus Cuisine folding pocketknife is equally elegant as an all Damascus handle contains both a long pen blade and a fork entirely made of the elegant layered steel. Personally, I don’t care who made these pocket knives, they are beautifully made and will be a real keepsake for anyone who owns one.
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Boker SUBCOM Dusk to Dawn- Orange Handles

Boker SUBCOM Dusk to Dawn- Orange Handles
Boker Plus’ Chad los Banos SUBCOM line of thin profile pocket knives has been a great seller here at the site for years now. Boker Plus keeps coming up with new permutations of the features and these new orange handle SUBCOMs are perfect. Orange handles means you are less likely to leave these knives behind. If you are looking for a new pocketknife, consider these and also consider they will offer this in a slipjoint soon. See these at
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