Kizer Cutlery Rugiada Flipper

This week we’re spotlighting the Rugiada and Seppia Flippers from Kizer Cutlery. These attractive and lightweight knives are a great, stylish option for your everyday carry.

The blade can be deployed via the ambidextrous thumb stud or the flipper feature, which has a very smooth, quick action. Length is just over three inches. Blades are manufactured from S35VN stainless steel, and are available in two styles, drop-point or a tanto radian recurve. I’m a big fan of the stone-wash finish on this line.

Rugiada is the Italian word for dew, which ably explains the dappled handle on these pieces. The machined, hand-finished titanium has a pleasing textured pattern that lends the knife an excellent grip. The shape of the handle feels very comfortable to hold, with the large choil and light jimping on the spine lending good control when you really need to bear down. A frame lock keeps the blade firmly in place when extended. The handle comes in silver, as well as a blue, adonized titanium.

The titanium pocket clip is a little on the tight side, which makes it somewhat cumbersome to clip on, but also means it won’t be jostling around on you. The slim profile makes carrying very comfortable.

Overall, the Rugiada and Seppia Flippers from Kizer Cutlery represent a solid pick for an everyday carry blade with a little extra aesthetic appeal. To learn more about these knives, click here. To see our entire inventory visit

Cold Steel Talwar

This week’s special is another mean offering from Cold Steel: the four inch Talwar. The design is a collaboration between custom knife-maker Andrew Demko and Cold Steel president Lynn Thompson, who based the Talwar’s long, curved blade on the Indo-Persian sword of the same name.

The blade is manufactured from 8A stainless steel, and is flat ground, with a continuously curved cutting edge from choil to upswept. It sports Demko’s ambidextrous thumb plate, but the action is a little stiff on this thing, meaning it’s likely to be a two-handed opener for many users. The knife of course features Cold Steel’s Tri-Ad locking mechanism, meaning the blade is extremely secure once extended.

The pistol-grip handle is made from American G10, textured and contoured for maximum grip. It features strategically placed finger grooves for added comfort. Overall hand feel is very satisfying.

The attached pocket clip works pretty smoothly, and the package includes an alternate one for left-handed use. That combined with the ambidextrous thumb plate make this a very good option for lefties.

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Chroma Cutlery Kitchen Knives

Today on Warehouse Hunts we’ve dug up this beautiful set of Type 301 knives from Chroma Cutlery, designed by F.A. Porsche himself. Yes THAT Porsche, the same man who designed the classic Porsche 911. These beautifully designed and razor sharp blades could truly be considered the uh, Cadillac of kitchen knives.

Included in the set are a seven and a quarter inch Santoku, an eight inch carving knife, and a three and a quarter inch paring knife. They come packaged in this beautiful box, protected by a tight-fitting foam cushion.

The first thing you’re going to notice about these knives is the sleek design. No surprise, considering the designer. Each knife is made from a single piece of stainless steel, the handle tapering directly into the blade with no seam. The only mark of the delineation is a metal “pearl” indicating where the handle ends.

The handles feel very comfortable to hold. The differences in size and shape of each lend you the optimum grip for the distinct cutting task. There’s a reason these knives are favored by gourmet chefs.

The Type 301 series is so named for the high quality Japanese 301 steel used in the construction. These knives come razor sharp right out of the box, having been carefully sharpened by a master’s hand.

The Type 301 series from Chroma Cutlery are beautiful, functional and affordable. The only real downside I can see is that they’re not dishwasher safe, which is only a problem if you’re lazy like I am. With proper care, these knives will serve you in the kitchen for many years to come.

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Schrade Viper Series

This time on Steal of the Week we’re highlighting the Viper line of assisted opening folders from Schrade. The Viper line is a series of sturdy, formidable knives, and I’m not going to bury the lead here; what sets them apart is the patent-pending side-opening mechanism.

Check this out. You’ve got a finger hole here on the side, which you use to nudge the blade out, and the mechanism takes care of the rest, extending the stainless steel blade with decent speed. It’s going to take a little getting used to, for sure, but after the first few openings it becomes surprisingly intuitive.

Once extended, the blade is very solidly locked in place. To fold it back down just slide the lock back. The Vipers also come equipped with a safety slider, which very effectively prevents the blade from deploying.

The machined aluminum handles are edgy and industrial across all Viper models. I mean look at these things, it’s like they fell out of a Nine Inch Nails video. The various handle shapes all feel reasonably comfortable in the hand, with the texture providing very good grip. The jimping on the slider gives your thumb a good place to lock in when you need that extra bit of control. As an added bonus, the finger hole in the handle affords a number of unique grip styles.

All Viper models come equipped with non-reversible right-hand pocket clips, allowing for tip-up carry in most cases. Even the biggest of these beasts is quite slim, making for an unobtrusive carry. Overall, the Vipers are a very cool, unique line from Schrade. Available in multiple shapes and sizes they represent excellent options for everyday carry.

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Leatherman Rev

This week’s spotlight falls on the new Rev multi-tool from Leatherman. This rugged item, while low-profile nevertheless manages to pack-in 13 soon-to-be indispensable tools, leaving you fully-equipped to handle just about anything life may throw at you. Except maybe reality television. A big plus for this model is the outside accessible blade, which the liner lock prevents from collapsing on your fingers while you work. This knife will certainly get the job done for you, but as is expected with a multi-tool like this, the handling is a little awkward and uncomfortable. The Rev features the standard Philips and flathead screwdrivers, a bottle opener, file, and more.

The slim design means you won’t be sacrificing too much pocket real estate to the Rev, and the pocket clip slides on and off very smoothly. As a secondary option it can be purchased with a nylon sheath to hang on your belt. The high-carbon form of 420 stainless steel makes this an extremely durable tool, and as always you’re backed by the Leatherman 25-year guarantee. That combined with the overall portability and enviable functionality makes the Rev an admirable tool for everyday carry.

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Condor Tool & Knife: Machetes

This weekend our many specials include these two affordable machetes from Condor. The Thai Enep machete comes in a durable leather sheath with swiveling belt loop for ease of carry. Snap that open and withdraw the machete with grace and precision. The 18” high carbon steel blade has an epoxy black powder coating, and clocking in at just over 2 pounds its weight and traditional shape lends the machete a very ergonomic balance. The smooth wooden handle feels comfortable in the hand, but when hacking through the South American jungle your sweaty palms may tend to slip.

The Thunderhead machete addresses this risk with its textured high impact propylene handle, tapered with a bulb on the end to enhance your grip. The 16” blade is also coated high carbon steel, though its tear-drop shape feels a little top-heavy when compared to the Thai Enap, despite weighing less than 2 pounds. The double-edged design will make quick work of your frenzied hacking, but requires extra caution if you’re the kind of person who values intact extremities. This machete also comes with its own leather case.

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This week’s Steal is a compact and exceptionally rugged line of every-day-carry knives: this is the DPx Gear HEAT/F.

The HEAT, which stands for Hostile Environment At Hand Tool, was conceived as a more compact take on DPx’s popular HEST folder, in order to give law enforcement and first responder personnel an equally constructed tool with a more economic blade and design.

The thick two-and-a-quarter inch blade definitely carries itself like a much larger knife. It deploys smoothly and certainly via the dual thumbstuds. The bottle-opener notch calls back to Robert Young Pelton’s early experiments with fixed blade knives, and functions as a thumb grip or “quick open” mechanism. Blade steel differs depending on the model and ranges from Sleipner to D2 Tool to Niolox stainless steel.

The titanium frame lock is extremely secure, and there is even a left-handed version available, making the line even more accessible. The handle scale ranges from carbon fiber to G10 to an attractive 3D titanium version. Comes with a removable pocket clip and glass breaker. The hand feel is quite comfortable for such a compact knife.

Overall, the Heat/F line from DPx Gear packs a ton of features into a compact but stout package.

Father’s Day Gift Guide: Go Big or Go Home

In our final Father’s Day edition of Warehouse Hunts we’re looking at few knife options for those looking to go all out on the big day.

First up we have the king of the EDCs: the Spyderco ParaMilitary2, which won the 2015 crown in KnifeCenter’s Ultimate EDC tournament back in March. The thing is a perennial favorite; it combines fantastic functionality with solid construction, materials, and definitely punches above its price point. The blade is nearly three-and-a-half inches long and made from CPM-S30V steel, and the handle is textured G10 with a crazy versatile 4-way pocket clip. It’s easily one of my favorite knives ever.

The Benchmade 940 Osborne is another incredible carry option. It’s super slim and a breeze to carry around at under three ounces. I love the deep green color of the aluminum handle scales. The blade is three-point-four inches long and made from S30V stainless steel with a slim and interesting modified reverse tanto shape – very unique. Deployment is via the dual thumbstuds. My favorite part of the knife has to be the AXIS locking mechanism. It’s just so solid and easy to manipulate, and it provides a rare and refreshing level of ambidextrous functionality.

The LionSteel SR-1 stole my heart the minute I opened the package. The single-piece aluminum handle has great construction, a subtle, pleasing “rippled” texture, and a great overall hand-feel. Comes in several color schemes. The blade three-point-seven inches long and made from D2 Tool steel with a satin or black MilSpec finish. Deployed via the dual thumbstuds. Big fan of the frame-lock mechanism, which secures the blade with a satisfying certainty.

Finally, at the top of the Father’s Day gift Olympus we have the Rick Hinderer XM-18 flipper. Pretty much out of the realm of possibility for most of us gift-giving mortals, but mere image of Dad prying his jaw off the floor after unboxing one of these beasts is something to savor. The attractive wharncliffe blade is made from S35VN steel and the handle features a G-10 face scale and one of the smoothest titanium frame-locks I have handled. Hinderer designs are darlings of the current knife industry, and this blade is certainly something to strive for.

Overall, these are a few knives that really go the extra mile – or ten – when it comes to Father’s Day gifts.

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QTRM5TR QSE-8 Emmett “Doc” Brown

The QSE-8 Emmett “Doc” Brown flipper – yet another quality reference from the pop-culture-happy naming gurus at QTRM5TR Knives – is a collaboration project between the company and designer Austin Weiss. The final product retains a rock-solid construction while easing away from the rather bulking, tank-like structure of other Quartermaster models.

The modified wharncliffe blade is three-point-seven inch long and made from CPM 154 stainless steel with either a Texas Tea stonewash or limo tint finish. Its slim, tapered look took some getting used to, especially coming from a company like Quartermaster, but I’ve started to appreciate the understated and utilitarian design.

The action on this thing is crazy fast thanks to the nice-sized flipper feature and smooth movement along the ORB pivot system. Combine that with a great titanium frame lock and you have a knife that is a real joy to open and close. Total weight is just over four-and-a-half ounces, giving the knife a solid level of portability.

Overall, the QSE-8 “Doc” Brown is a nice addition to the Quartermaster line up, and probably my single favorite design from them so far.

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Weekend Special: Spyderco Equilibrium

The Spyderco Equilibrium is actually a re-design of a previous Spyderco product, the Balance, which – hard to believe – was even smaller than the current rendition.

The blade is one-point-seven-three inches long with a one-and-a-quarter inch edge, and it’s made from VG-10 steel; so not a lot of cutting room on this thing, but it’s sharp and should handle a variety of smaller everyday tasks with inconspicuous ease. Deployment of the small blade is surprisingly simple thanks to the Spyderco Round Hole.

The stainless steel handle features a frame-lock design and provides enough weight and structure to make this pint-sized folder feel solid rather than flimsy. The finger choil helps gives the hand more room to move, though it will probably still disappear in larger paws. Features a 4-way pocket clip for carrying versatility.

Overall, the Spyderco Equilibrium offers a solid build, good materials, and most of all, a high level of portability.