Al Mar Knives Payara Folder
Al Mar Knives Payara Folder
Al Mar quality is famous. They have their knives made in the best factories in Japan using the best materials. Instead of flooding the market with different models, they carefully select designs that will work for years and years. They create classics and that is what this new liner locking folder is. The blade shape is highly unusual and is sure to be a hit with a lot of people.
Here is Al Mar’s information:
The Payara™ is an aggressive design for the serious outdoorsman, named after the elusive and vicious saber-toothed fish found in South American rivers that feeds on Piranha by impaling them on fangs up to six inches in length! Building on the proven Al Mar liner lock system, pillar construction, and flow through design, the Payara adds an aggressive blade for maximum cutting power and penetration. Dual thumbstuds and stainless steel clip complete the package.


* Steel: VG-10
* Blade Length: 4″
* Overall Length: 8.5″
* Blade Thickness: 0.12″
* Weight: 6 oz.
* Action: Liner Lock
* Scales: Textured G-10
* Clip: Black Stainless Steel
* Made in Japan