This weekend our special items are a couple of vibrant models from ASP’s Poly Triad line of flashlights. You’d be hard pressed to find two brighter flashlights in this price-range, and they’re ever so stylish in a neon orange or, uh… high-visibility pink.

The shape is standard and comfortable to hold, with a soft vinyl grip that enables some nice traction. The package includes two CR123A batteries, which will power the light for two solid hours. The butt of the handle twists to enable three different modes, the primary of which is your standard click on, click off mode. One twist over puts it in a locking mode that keeps the switch from being pressed, so you can stow the flashlight in a bag without it getting turned on when bumped or jostled. The final mode makes it so the light only remains active for as long as you are pressing the button down.

The output on this model is an impressive 300 lumens, for a nice and bright, focused beam. I know to a lot of you lumens don’t necessarily mean much of anything, so we’re going to do a quick comparison. We’ve pulled a comparably-priced light from our stock, one that only puts out 125 lumens, so we can demonstrate the difference.

For this test we’ve turned the camera’s auto-exposure off and locked it at the correct setting for the room as currently lit. With our standard set up you can clearly see all the details on this Kershaw Intellect. Now I’m going to turn all the lights off and put us in pitch blackness. Here’s the 125 lumen light from two feet away, and as you can see it doesn’t do much to light up the space, with the camera barely able register anything. When I push it closer you can pick up more detail, but of course that narrows our field of vision. In contrast, from two feet away our ASP flashlight illuminates the whole space and you can see quite a bit of detail. If I push it closer like I did with the other one, areas of the image will actually blow out to pure white.

All-in-all, the ASP Poly Triad is a solid and reliable flashlight with an impressively bright beam for its price range. To learn more about these two flashlights, click here. To see our entire inventory, visit