Bark River is a brand that simply hasn’t received the attention they deserve for their vast array of high quality fixed blades. They specialize in knives for outdoor survivalists or anybody who needs real performance in the field, and offer an elegant  combination of traditional style and contemporary techniques.

The most exciting thing about the brand is simply the staggering number of knives they offer.We carry 24 distinct models, and each of those is available with various handle styles and blade steels, meaning there are over 200 different varieties available. The materials in question are absolutely top notch, with blades manufactured from CPM-3V, CPM-154, Elmax, or A2 Tool Steel, and handles made from Micarta, G10, stacked leather, or even some seriously classy stag. Every single one of these knives boasts incredible craftsmanship and an outstanding fit and finish, meaning they’re going to survive whatever tasks you can throw at them – and look good doing it.

You’ve gotta love all the different types of knives they have to offer, from about as classic a fixed blade as you can imagine, to a slim ringtail, to a mammoth Senegal jungle knife, to even a karambit. These were all designed with efficiency and functionality in mind, which led to some terrifically ergonomic and user-friendly knives. Included with each is a genuine leather sheath that’s easily rugged enough to survive in the toughest environments, so you don’t have to be paranoid about your carry system failing.

All-in-all, it’s hard not to be impressed with Bark River’s outstanding selection and jaw-dropping American craftsmanship, and the sheer number of options means they can suit your needs to a tee. To see the full range of knives available from Bark River, click here. To view our entire inventory, visit