This week on Spotlight Series we’re taking a look at the new Benchmade Barrage and Mini-Barrage. These Warren Osborne designed assisted-openers have been favorites for quite some time, and now in 2016 Benchmade has heard the demand for full G-10 handle scales.

The standard Barrage comes in at a pretty large 4.8″ closed and sports a 3.6″ inch blade. By comparison, the mini-barrage is only 4″ closed, with a blade just under 3″, which doesn’t sound like a big difference until you see the two side-by-side.

Size notwithstanding, both knives offer essentially the same handle shape, so the best one is going to be determined by your personal preference. I find I like to have a handle that’s longer than the width of my hand, so the standard Barrage is my favorite of the two. That being said, you can’t go wrong with the Mini either, which nests in the palm really nicely and offers a great cutting angle. The all-new gray G10 handle scales are 3D machined for a comfortable, secure grip. They’re built over skeletonized stainless steel liners and even a steel backspacer, making this one sturdy son of a gun.

The Barrage was the first knife to feature the AXIS assisted opening mechanism, so it’s no surprise to see it still in action here. The dual thumb studs give you an ultra-responsive, satisfyingly fast action. There’s a simple safety slider on the spine of handle, press down and slide up to lock, then back down to unlock.

The blade also finds itself with an upgrade on this version, now manufactured from CPM-S30V stainless steel rather than the previous 154CM of most older models. The drop-point blade is available with or without partial serrations and in either a satin or tactical black finish, meaning between the standard and the mini you’ve got eight options available.

Speaking of options, you’re looking at a reversible pocket clip that allows for either left or right side, tip-up carry. The smooth shape slides into the pocket with no trouble, and the clip gives you a really secure, comfortable ride.

While there may be no real design surprises in store with this new batch, Benchmade has still managed to make a great EDC even better with this suped up Barrage. To learn more about these knives, click here. To see our entire inventory, visit