This week on Spotlight Series we’re going Roy Batty for the new Replicant bali-song from Bladrunners Systems. While BRS hasn’t been around for all that long, they’ve already managed to stir up some serious hype around their knives, and are building a reputation as the purveyor of some of the finest bali-songs on the market.

It’s going to be really hard to find a butterfly knife with a more refined design than this one. The Replicant is built with a heavy emphasis on functionality and ergonomics. Unlike BRS’ Alpha Beast , this model features G10 handle scales, making for the surest grip yet. These scales have been rounded to ensure an ultra comfortable handling experience, and to facilitate some of your more elaborate tricks. In the interest of a totally complete tactile experience, the ubiquitous BRS chevron has been machined into the G10 to let you feel your place on the handle at all times.
The real beauty of a BRS bali-song is the smooth pivot and unparalleled balance which enable very fluid opening and closing motions and open the way for some seriously slick tricks.

Everything has been engineered with performance in mind, even the latch is designed with a stop to keep it from getting in between the handles and marring the blade. The blade itself is a 4.55″ clip point tanto with a 4.25″ cutting edge and a stonewash finish.

Build quality here is phenomenal, with the blade being manufactured from 154CM stainless steel. Beneath the G10 scales the handles feature full titanium liners, and the pivots use T10 Torx screws. No question here, this is definitely a knife that’s been built to last.

While perhaps a little robust for beginners, any bali-song enthusiast would be hard-pressed to find a better butterfly knife than the BRS Replicant. To learn more about this knife, click here. To see our entire inventory, visit