This week on Spotlight Series we’re going to check out the new A2 folder from Böker Plus. This design was originally a custom collaboration between South African knifemakers André van Heerden and André Thorburn, and Böker has now licensed the design for a production model.

This knife has an elegant simplicity to its design, with a no-frills ergonomic handle and a drop point blade shape. For their part, Böker has complemented the design with some excellent materials, most notably the eye-popping blue anodized titanium liners. Handle scales are a 3D milled G10, as are the backspacer and pocket clip, and the blade is VG10 stainless steel with a horizontal satin finish. Considering the price point this is a very solid build.

The handle is quite thick, which lets it fill the palm and contributes to a comfortable overall hand feel. The way the shape sits in the hand allows for a really nice cutting angle. There’s some jimping at the base of the blade’s spine to provide purchase for your thumb, and the backspacer features some subtle, wider jimping that facilitates alternate grip styles.

As mentioned earlier, the pocket clip is 3D milled G10, and allows for right-hand, tip-up carry. Due to the thickness of the handle this knife is pretty noticeable in the pocket, but the smooth lines prevent it from being an uncomfortable carry.

These two versions are functionally identical with the notable exception of their deployment method. The easiest and fastest action is going to be the model with the front flipper, which you can snag with either your thumb or the side of your forefinger. I personally find it easier to use my thumb, but your own mileage may vary. Either way you get a lightning quick deployment. The other model doesn’t have the flipper but instead features a fingernail nick, making it a two-handed opener and thus legal to carry in many more localities.  Opening is not as quick but is equally smooth, as both knives feature the same IKBS pivot system. They also sport identical liner locks to keep the blade firmly in place.

Thanks to the refined design from our two Andres and a high-quality build from Böker, this is a sleek gentleman’s folder with a tactical spin. To learn more about these knives, click here. To see our entire inventory visit