Boker Rescue Knife
Boker Plus CK-1 Rescue Fixed 3-1/2″ Round Tip Combo Blade, Yellow Zytel Handles
We offer a lot of rescue knives at Boker produces plenty of rescue products themselves. This one is a new favorite. The Boker Knife Company is constantly searching out new knife products of every description. When they saw this design by Abe Elias, they knew that they could produce a version with the BokerPlus production facility that would be both amazingly useful and economical. The result is extraordinary.
Please read the following description from Boker Knives:
U.S. outdoor and kayak specialist Abe Elias designed this emergency knife, based on his specific experiences. It is an essential tool in every situation in which quick aid for yourself or others can be a matter of survival. Bright yellow handle scales (detachable), made of Zytel, make the knife visible in any situation, and provide a firm and secure grip, even with wet hands or gloves. The straight cutting edge prevents the material being cut from slipping off the edge, maximizing the effectiveness. Partial serrations behind the tip make it easy to cut belt or webbing without working the whole blade close to the body, and the sheepfoot design with the round tip prevents injury. The blade steel is 440C stainless, titanium coated. Includes a Kydex sheath. Blade length: 3 1/2″. Overall length: 7 3/4″. Weight: 3.5 oz.