The first thing you notice when handling the Böker Plus Urban Trapper pocketknife is its feather-like feel. At an airy one-point-eight ounces, this thing can be carried anywhere and everywhere with worrying about unnecessary heft or bulk.

The blade is three-point-four-three inches long and made from VG10 steel in a nice slim, attractive shape. It is deployed via the flipper feature, which succeeds in the tough task of being both effective AND inconspicuous. Very fast deployments on this thing.

The titanium handle features a liner-lock design and handles scales – either black G10 or this nice cocobolo wood version – for added grip and aesthetic appeal. The hand-feel is quite comfortable, and there is a pocket clip for tip-up right-hand carry.

Overall, the Böker Plus Urban Trapper’s slim build obviously disqualifies the knife from workhorse status, but it’s a good looking blade with solid construction and materials.