Boker's New Limited Editions
Boker’s New Limited Editions
One thing that Boker does well is to build their German, conventional style folding knives. These two are old time standards from Boker. The BO2020Y folding hunter is a very old style and this one is really attractive with a bright yellow handle. At $44.95, this is a great deal and only a limited number were made. We have them at:
The blade steel is typical high carbon (non stainless) that a lot of folks really like because they feel it is easy to sharpen.

The BO2002GOLD is a really unusual model that will appeal to all the Boker collectors out there. The 200x series is a real steady seller but this one has an unusual color bone handle and a gold plated blade! The prices of these new offerings are really reasonable.
Here is the Boker information for both items:
BO2020Y: Boker Classic Two Blade Yellow Bone Folding Hunter

Fresh off the banana boat… The Boker Classic Yellow Bone Folding Hunter. This limited, special run folder features 4” blades made of carbon steel, highlighted by the Solingen Classic frosted etching. Solid brass linings and nickel silver bolsters. Closed length 5.25″. This is a beautiful folder done the old way in Germany.

BO2002GOLD: Boker Lockback with Gold Plated Blade


A special production run at a very special price… this was an over-run for a European customer. This fine lockback features a curved bolster shape and high quality stainless 3-1/8″ blade. The unique gold plated blade works beautifully with the jigged white bone handles. The quality build of this knife is what can be expected from a Boker knife made in Solingen, Germany. Extremely limited!