This week on Spotlight Series we’re taking a look at the new Sniper line of flippers from Brous Blades. This is a tremendously capable knife with that sleek, modern Jason Brous styling, and represents one of the most affordable flippers Brous has ever put out.

Deployment on this model is super smooth and quick, thanks to the proprietary Brous Bearing System. This is a very satisfying action. Blade is a hollow ground trailing point style that’s a lengthy three and three quarter inches, most of which has a cutting edge. Blade is held in place by the stainless steel liner lock.

To facilitate covering the blade in the closed position, the handle has a gentle curve to it. This lends itself to really comfortable handling, as this curve nestles perfectly in your palm. The careful machining and the chamfering mean there’s nothing in the way of hotspots. There’s some nice jimping up on the top of the handle and the spine of the blade to provide that extra bit of control.

This is a remarkably thin model at less than a half inch think. The aircraft grade 6061 aluminum makes for a really lightweight knife, but it still feels solid and confident. The Sniper series is available with a pretty wide variety of handle colors, most of which are available with either a satin finish or black acid stonewash blade.

The only real drawback on this model is possibly the pocketclip. It’s actually one piece with the stainless steel insert for the liner lock, so you’re locked into the right-hand, tip-up carry. That said, it’s a really solid clip that rides very nicely.

The Brous Sniper line is a terrific everyday carry option if you’re looking for something light and slim with a lot of style. To learn more about this knives and all the available colors, click here. To see our entire inventory, visit