This weekend our special comes to us from Buck’s Lux line of folders – this is the bead blast version of the model 816. The 816 Lux is quite an elegant gentleman’s folder with a sturdy build and a slight tactical spin, making for a sleek and capable EDC.

There’s some heft to this bad boy due to the stainless steel handle scales, which have been titanium coated for additional durability. In order to keep the weight from getting too unwieldy, you’ll note the open spine on this model. This flow-through design also makes for easier cleaning of the interior. Handle is on the smaller side, but the ergonomic shape and heavy flare on the butt lets it nest really comfortable in the palm of the hand.

The blade deployment via the dual thumb studs is deceptively satisfying. I’ve always been more of a flipper guy, but even I can’t deny this confident action. The thumb studs are the right size for good traction, and opening is smooth, it’s easy, and you can really hear the frame lock activate and hold that blade down solidly. The pivot is nice and tight, with no play anywhere along the axis. Blade is a 2.75″ drop point with a hollow grind and just bit of a recurve, enabling some great slicing action.

The pocket clip is the same titanium-coated stainless steel as the handle scales, and is affixed in the right hand, tip down position. It’s a bayonet-style clip, allowing for a super deep carry so the knife disappears comfortably in the pocket. Thanks to the smooth finish on the handle it’s a very easy draw as well.

If you’ve been on the lookout for an affordable gentleman’s folder that is sophisticated in appearance but rugged in construction, you can’t go wrong with the Buck Lux. To learn more about this knife, click here. To see our entire inventory, visit