Case Trapperlock Folder
CASE Trapperlock Folders
CASE is always coming out with new handle varieties. They also, occasionally, come up with new models. These Trapperlocks combine some traditional features with modern. They have the “trapper” shape and handle configuration. Then they added a thumb stud for easy opening and a liner locking system for security when open! Really, these are great, every-day-carry knives. They have that Case look and feel and quality and all the features we have come to enjoy with more modern knives. They have released them with three handle materials: a yellow handle with carbon steel (non-stainless) blade, and red bone and stag bone with stainless blades. So, whether you are a stainless fan or are a proponent of the carbon steel blade with it’s easy-to-sharpen qualities, they have produced a Trapperlock for you!
Here is the CASE information about this model:
CASE is proud to introduce the Trapperlock. This pattern ‘54L is born from the legendary Trapper, perhaps the most popular knife in the company’s 119 year history. Completely reengineered, incorporating the one hand opening performance so many desire. The saber-concave ground Clip blade pivots on a special bushing, making the action of the Trapperlock smooth as silk. The engraved thumb stud’s fixed by a torque screw for better control. And, of course, there’s the added confidence of a liner lock. The Trapperlock- a new legend unfolds.