Lots Of Specials! – Here’s a Breakdown on the Great Deals

Ok, we have a heck of a lot of specials going on at the same time. It can get confusing. Which ones are really cheap and which ones are just everyday sale items. I’m here to give you the inside scoop. First, let me point out that the reason for these lists is that we have so many items – the list is really enormous and so many of them are really great deals. We just want to help everyone get to what they are looking for and it’s not always easy. For instance: We just posted the “80 Items up to 80% Off- greatest sale ever” promotion. That’s a pretty big claim. Well, these items are hand picked as good items that we just happen to have too many on the shelf. We are willing to make just a bit on them to lighten up our inventory level for the end of the year. We are all in a buying mode right now and, as I say repeatedly, you have to make hay while the sun shines.

Then we have the flat rate shipping through today. Well, this is just a great deal.

We are running the Medford Sale that gives you some really solidly built knives at a reasonable price. Medford likes to price their product way Continue Reading

Spartan Blades Harsey Hunter and Model II Combat Knives

Spartan Blades Harsey Hunter and Model II

If you’ve ever wondered what the ideal tactical “go-to-war” combat knife may be, the Harsey family from Spartan Blades might just be the answer. The Hunter and Model II are classic, functional designs with some hi-tech, new-age features. The full-tang S35VN blades are 3/16″ thick which provides excellent torsional strength and are available in your choice of color. The canvas micarta scales are 3D machined and contoured to give you a firm grip while also offering superb ergonomics in the forward and reverse grips. Many people believe a fixed knife is only as good as it’s sheath and if that’s the case, this is where the Spartan Harsey blades excel. You have the choice between a MOLLE compatible Cordura sheath or one made from Kydex, both lock in the knife extra securely and provide an ample array of carry options. These knives are based loosely off “The Yarborough” fixed blade designed by William Harsey, which is the knife presented to each cadet of the US Army Special Forces Qualification Course upon their graduation. You can see these works of edged art at www.knifecenter.com.

More from Spartan Blades about these knives and William Harsey: Continue Reading

Spyderco Sage 4 Honoring Al Mar

Spyderco welcomes a fourth member to the excellent Sage Series; the Al Mar inspired backlock with beautiful Arizona Ironwood and Titanium Bolsters. This knife continues the superb line Spyderco has produced to honor Knifemakers who’ve contributed major innovations to the industry. The same blade and handle shape as previous models, the ergonomics of the Sage 4 make it comfortable to use in the regular saber grip as well as choking up with your index finger in the choil.  An excellent knife design, the Sage 4 will make  a great user and a nice addition to any collection. You can see these at www.knifecenter.com Continue Reading

Al Mar Knives Falcon Classic Series

Al Mar Knives Falcon Classic Knives
Al Mar Knives Falcon Classic Knives
Al Mar Knives has a classy selection of products. They don’t bring out new models every month like some other companies and they don’t offer every type of product under the sun. But the products Al Mar Knives does offer are all high quality, well made and very well designed. The Falcons have been slightly neglected through the years but, with this new issue, that may have changed. These are the top-of-the-line Al Mars with the solid bolsters and deluxe handle materials.
More information from Al Mar Knives HERE: Continue Reading

Al Mar SERE Operator 5″ VG10 Steel Fixed Blade Knife

Al Mar SERE Operator 5
Al Mar SERE Operator VG10 Steel Combat Fixed Blade Knives
The Al Mar SERE Operator has been a well respected combat fixed blade knife for years. It just had a redesign and we like it very much. The holes in the handle really make a difference. The grip is better and the weight is lighter. They are out in 2 sizes with great combat sheaths included. You can see them at www.knifecenter.com
Here is the info from Al Mar Knives: Continue Reading

Al Mar Eagle Folders with Honey Jigged Bone handles

Al Mar Eagle Folders with Honey Jigged Bone handles
Al Mar Eagle Folders with Honey Jigged Bone handles
Al Mar has been producing great knife models for many years and this “Classic” series was one of the earliest. The Al Mar Eagle series is awesome. In fact, we like all of their gentleman’s folders including the Osprey key ring knives, Hawks, Falcons and Eagles. The Eagles are full size pocketknives and these models with the beautiful jigged bone handles are really elegant. All of these folders are made in the best factory in Japan which has been making Al Mar products for years. It’s nice to be able to get this kind of quality and we are proud to offer these to you!
Al Mar has the following to say about these products: Continue Reading

Al Mar Knives Payara Folder

Al Mar Knives Payara Folder
Al Mar Knives Payara Folder
Al Mar quality is famous. They have their knives made in the best factories in Japan using the best materials. Instead of flooding the market with different models, they carefully select designs that will work for years and years. They create classics and that is what this new liner locking folder is. The blade shape is highly unusual and is sure to be a hit with a lot of people.
Here is Al Mar’s information: Continue Reading

Al Mar Eagle Classic Lockbacks

Al Mar Eagle ClassicsAl Mar calls this knife the Eagle Classic. They are not kidding. It is as classic an Al
Mar knife
as has been seen, probably since the passing of the company’s namesake. From the brass liners, to the seamless matching of blade spine to backspring, the quality in this product is classic Japan – Classic Al Mar. The bolstered black Micarta handles are also reminiscent of product not seen for decades. The Eagle Classic is available in two different blade shapes, and both come with leather pocket sleeves.