Spyderco Rock Salt Large Fixed Blade with H1 Non-Rusting Blade

Spyderco Rock Salt large Fixed Blade with H1 Non-Rusting Blade
Spyderco Rock Salt
The Rock Salt is an amazing knife. First of all, it was designed by one of the most creative designers anywhere, Ed Schempp. It has a Kuhkri style blade with a great handle. The steel they used for the blade is the H1 which has been tested again and again for rust resistance, and the folks at Spyderco cannot get it to rust! On top of that, it holds a great edge. You can use this knife in any environment.
Here is Spyderco’s description:

Buck Gen-5™ Rosewood Handle 154CM Steel Blade Skinner

Buck Gen-5 Rosewood Handle Fixed Blade
Buck Gen-5™ Skinner 3″ Blade Skinner with Rosewood Handle and Nylon Sheath
The Buck Gen-5™ Skinners just keep getting better. This new one is a regular production model with gorgeous rosewood handle and 154CM top quality steel blade. It is the brainchild of the latest generation Buck, Josh. His great, great grandfather would be proud.
Here are the specifications from the manufacturer:

Case Boy Scouts of America Jr. Scout

Case Boy Scouts of America Jr. Scout
Case New Boy Scouts of America Jr. Scout
A beautiful new offering the Scouting selection of Case knives. The Junior Scout Model features the exclusive Boy Scout stamp as well as very useful blades and tools
Here is Case’s description:

Buck Knives Redpoint Folders

Buck Redpoint Folders
Buck Knives Redpoint Folders
These are great, inexpensive folders which come with a “deep pocket” pocket clip, have a great opening system. There is a wheel at the end that you can easily flip with your forefinger to open the blade. The button on the handle is the lock- so simply move it to release the blade to close it. they are lightweight, comfortable to hold and easy to carry. What’s not to like?
Here are some specifications from BUCK:

Benchmade Rant Fixed Blades- Now made in the USA

Benchmade Rant Fixed Blades
Benchmade knives has taken their RANT fixed blades back to their Oregon factory for construction. The Rant steel has been upgraded and the handles are slightly modified, but the prices have stayed pretty flat. The upgraded steel (to 440C) is probably the biggest plus. The sheaths are still the great leather wrap-around style. Here are some SPECS: