Boker 2011 Annual Damascus Collectors Folding Knife

Boker 2011 Annual Damascus Collectors Folding Knife
Boker 2011 Annual Damascus Collectors Folding Knife
Boker Knives is a company that does a lot of things and does a lot of them right. Their damascus knives are world class collectibles that the KnifeCenter has featured them since the mid 1990’s and we have collectors around the world ordering them in. This 2011 annual folding knife issue is outstanding. It features a thick liner, raindrop style damascus blade and gorgeous desert ironwood handle. This is a timeless beauty.
You can see them (while they last) at
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Shun Reserve Series Kitchen Cutlery

SHUN Reserve Series

Shun Cutlery produces some of the most beautiful knives in the world. Here at the Knifecenter, we are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the new Reserve Series from Shun Cutlery. These gorgeous knives are masterfully handcrafted in Japan from beautiful high-performance 33-layer Damascus steel. Shun has fitted the full-tang riveted handle with stunning Charcoal & Crimson PakkaWood scales. ¬†Go check ’em out at!

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CASE Knives Tony Bose Models 2011

Tony Bose Models From CASE Knives
CASE Knives Tony Bose Models 2011
Case Knives releases beautiful Tony Bose models every year. They just released two models with damascus blades that are spectacular.
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New Santa Fe Stoneworks Knife with Dinosaur Bone Handles

150 Million Year Old Dinosaur Bone Folding Knife
Santa Fe Stoneworks Knife with Dinosaur Bone Handles, Own a Piece of History!

It is amazing what you can get on a knife handle these days. The skilled artisans at Santa Fe Stoneworks have released a beautiful lockback with 150 million year old fossilized dinosaur bone. This handle is matched to an equally exquisite Japanese made sandwich damascus blade. Each one of these knives is truly unique, and is already an heirloom!

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Check Out The Exquisite Benchmade Gold Class 690-101

Benchmade Gold Class Pocketknife
The Exquisite Benchmade Gold Class 690-101

All of the brands we carry make top notch knives. The custom and limited edition products we carry are some of the highest quality knives on the market. But only Benchmade’s Gold Class series takes those excellently designed knives and advances them to the next level with extravagant and rare materials. From the hornet’s-nest damascus blade to the anodized gold titanium liners, the Gold Class 690-101 is a piece of art. Take note: The Benchmade Gold Class 690-101 is one of the most expensive folding knives we carry. But it is also one of the most beautiful and unique knives we have had the pleasure of offering to the public.

The blade of the Gold Class 690-101 is made out of a complex damascus. It is like a Rorschach test, with each examination revealing new insight. The mammoth ivory used for the handles is very rare, coming primarily from mammoths preserved in the Russian tundra. The bolsters are made of mokume, a Japanese style of metal very similar to damascus, but made with gold and other rare metals.

The collector who is looking for the prestige of a well made, rare, and valuable knife need look no further. This is the pinnacle of the art form.

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Unique Damascus Bowie Knives from Bear and Son at the Knife Center!

Bear and Sons Damascus Bowie Knife
New Damascus Bowie Knives from Bear and Son at the Knife Center

Every now and then we get offered an amazing opportunity by our vendors. Recently, Bear and Son came to us with a batch of these bowies that they had made several years ago, but had misplaced in their factory. These were typically made with a 10.25″ blade, but, due to a mistake by the lazer cutting machine, these have a unique 7.5″ damascus blade. They also feature beautiful cocobolo handles and a leather sheath. These are Western Style Bowies made in the USA at really great prices.

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New Benchmade Damasteel Tactical Pens

Benchmade Damasteel Tactical Pens
New Benchmade Damasteel Tactical Pens!

Benchmade was integral in elevating the pen to a tactical tool. Now they are elevating the tactical pen to a work of art. This is not the first time damascus steel has been used in the shaft of a pen, but it is the first production tactical pen to be made available in this beautiful material. As with all Benchmade pens these feature the un-equaled performance of Fisher Space Pen refills. The perfect gift for the discerning, but prepared, father!

You can see them at

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Benchmade Gold Class Osborne 3.4″ Damasteel Blade, Titanium Handles,

Benchmade Gold Class Osborne
Benchmade Gold Class Osborne 3.4″ Damasteel Blade, Titanium Handles
Benchmade Knives offers their Gold Class series for the collector/investor. They are very limited in production and really excel in craftsmanship, materials and design. This new one is based on the classic BM940 series– always a favorite because of the sleek lines and great action. It has their top quality Damasteel blade and a really well designed handle.
You can see these at
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Kyocera Ceramics Gentlemen’s & Ladies Folder Damascus-Look Ceramic Blade

Kyocera Advanced Ceramics Gentlemen's & Ladies Folder
Kyocera Advanced Ceramics Gentlemen’s & Ladies Folder 2-1/8″ Damascus-Look Ceramic Blade
Kyocera is the world leader in ceramic housewares. They offer a whole variety of top quality products and we are proud to offer many of them.
This is their folding pocket knife. It is well made and made in Japan- where the cost of manufacturing is actually higher than it is in the US. It is not made in China where virtually all of the rest of the ceramic home products are made.
This, particular knife is really striking. You can see them at:
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Kershaw Barrage and Zing with Damascus Blades

Kershaw Barrage and Zing with Damascus Blades
Kershaw Barrage and Zing with Damascus Blades
Kershaw released some beauties that are American made and sell at great prices. One model, the Barrage, is brand new and the first one we received is with a Damascus steel blade. It is a flipper opener -and, although not assisted, it is “blur-like.” The other is one of the new ZING models but has the same Damascus steel blade. We like these very much and will have plenty of stock next week.