Boker Leo IV Custom Fixed Blade

Boker Leo IV Custom Fixed Blade
Boker Leo IV Custom Fixed Blade
Boker produces the finest damascus blades in the knife industry outside of the customs. These are really custom quality and each one is unique and hand worked to bring out the real beauty of the steel. We try to keep a good selection of Boker Damascus at the Knife Center and many of our customers appreciate it. This new model is fantastic!
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Magnum Damascus Folders at Great Prices

Magnum Damascus Folders at Great Prices
Magnum Damascus Folders Great Quality and Great Prices
How does Boker/Magnum do it? How do they come up with these beautiful and inexpensive folders? What they do is, they get German engineers and knife designers to produce wonderful knife designs and easy methods for producing good quality layered damascus steel. Then they send it over to Asia for them to produce these knives at great prices. You, the consumer, wins. Layered damascus steel will take a very sharp edge and these knives have a classic style.
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Damascus Sebenzas from Chris Reeve

Chris Reeve Sebenzas with Damascus Blades
Chris Reeve Damascus Sebenzas
The Sebenza is a classic folder that many people, including some knifemakers, prefer to carry. Although all are of top quality with no sacrifice to materials or manufacturing quality, Chris Reeve produces some extraordinary models. We got in 2 small Sebenzas with unusual damascus blades. The damascus pattern is very tight with a herring bone type of zig zag. The chatoyance effect (play of light) is really remarkable. They are each, of course, one of a kind creations. Here are the specs on one of them: Continue Reading

Boker Damascus New Models Have Arrived

Boker New Damascus Blade Knives
Boker Knives Damascus Blades
Boker always has such wonderful damascus and this year they have even more new models than normal. The Kalashnikov Damascus has the Leo-Damascus steel forged out of the barrel of the German battle tank Leopard I. This one is etched so that Kalashnikov’s name is in the layers of steel!
We also have another Damascus WWI Trench knife: this one with a stag handle. It’s a gorgeous fixed blade with a Damascus blade (180 layers) from high performance ATS-34 and 12C27 Sandvik steels. Only 500 will be offered world wide.
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