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American Made Products at the KnifeCenter of the InterNet
We have thousands of products made in the USA. We try to find the very best American Made products that we can. We have a page of links to various products that are made in America. From American Made Folding Knives to American Made Mulititools, to American Made Kitchen Products and American Made Flashlights and much, much more.

KA-BAR Combat Kukri Fixed Blade

KA-BAR Combat Kukri

Is it a tactical combat knife or a wilderness blade? That’s for you to decide. The Combat Kukri from KA-BAR is an extremely versatile knife built to handle the toughest tasks with ease. Fitted with an 8-1/2″ curved blade, the Kukri is well designed for chopping and hacking or  for draw cuts and slashes. The Kraton handle provides a good, hand-filling grip and also helps to reduce shock absorbed by the hand. The pommel at the butt end adds to the knife’s capabilities, allowing for light hammering and smashing duties. For a knife measuring in at just over 13″, the best thing about the Combat Kukri is it’s weight. At 13.4 ounces, you get enough weight behind it to get the job done but the balance of the knife makes it feel much lighter and it’s very very maneuverable. Whether you’re a combat professional or weekend camper, try out a Combat Kukri for yourself and find out just how great this knife really is. Best of all, it’s proudly made in the USA and available at

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Blade Show 2011

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KA-BAR Dog’s Head Series of Pocketknives

KA-BAR Dogs Head Series of Pocketknives
KA-BAR Dog’s Head Series of Pocketknives
Isn’t it great that you can still get an American pocketknife built the old way? Ka-Bar Knives offers this series of classic folding pocket knives. Any one of this Dog’s Head series is a pocketknife like your granddaddy carried. Made entirely in America with American materials, these are folding knives that you can pass down through generations, but they still are reasonably priced. You can see the series at
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KA-BAR Big Brother Fighting Utility Knives

KA-BAR Big Brother Fighting Utility Knives
KA-BAR Big Brother Fighting Utility Knives
Ka-Bar Knives have been a fixture on the world combat knife stage since WWII. They’ve steadily expanded their offerings and now they are offering “super-sized” versions of two of their best sellers. These are monster combat knives with 9-1/2″ long blades and they’ve added a long sharpened and serrated section on the top of the blade for extra utility. These are a great idea! You can see both models at
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KA-BAR TDI Law Enforcement Folding Knife

KaBar TDI Folding Knives
KA-BAR TDI Law Enforcement Folding Knife
Ka-Bar Knives introduced the TDI Law Enforcement series years ago and they have been adding to it through the years. The TDI knives are designed as last-ditch weapons to be carried in one’s boot or belt. These new models are the first folders in the series. We like the series and respect the design and intent of these weapons. These new models are certain to be useful and well made.
They can be seen at
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Check Out the Dozier Bobcat from Kabar

Kabar Dozier Bobcat Pocketknife
Dozier Bobcat Folding Knife from Kabar

Looking at the image, you might think that the Dozier Bobcat is a fixed blade. When you’ve got it open and in your hand, you might think the same thing! Dozier’s design results in a knife that really does feel like a fixed blade. It locks open like it was never closed, and the handle design is clearly inspired by the Bull Dozier, also from Kabar. The rubber insets make the handle grippy, and also very comfortable.

This knife is heavy, but it is also heavy duty. The weight helps to make every strike of the blade stick, making this a great blade for batoning wood and other camping duties.

All in all, this is a great knife for less than $50. We highly recommend it.

See this knife at

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Ka-Bar Dozier Designed PHAT BOB liner Lock

KaBar Dozier Designed PHAT BOB liner Lock
Ka-Bar Dozier Designed PHAT BOB liner Lock
Ka-Bar has produced a number of Bob Dozier designed folding pocketknives for years now. The designs are amazing with wide, heavy blades and comfortable handles. This new model has a Micarta handle and a feel that is really special. It really seems like a tool ready for work. It fits perfectly in the hand with some jimping on top of the handle for your thumb. The grip is solid and sure. The drop point blade design has great geometry for cutting, chopping or whatever.
You can see these at
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Ka-Bar Besh Wedge BOGA

Ka-Bar Besh Wedge BOGA
Ka-Bar Besh Wedge BOGA
Ka-Bar Knives does it again- another great new introduction. Not a week goes by, it seems, without us introducing another Beshwedge’d product. This one has a unique twist—get it, they all kind of have a “twisted” edge configuration? What makes the Boga unique is that it is designed as a personal defense tool for women. The name is short for “Back Off-Get Away”. It can be carried on a neck chain, in a purse, or strapped to an arm or leg. You can see them at
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Ka-Bar Johnson Adventure Blades – Potbelly and Baconmaker

KaBar Johnson Adventure Blades Potbelly and Baconmaker
Ka-Bar Johnson Adventure Blades – Potbelly and Baconmaker
Ka-Bar has some new, incredible fixed blades from a new series. The series is called “The Adventure” after a young man who likes to enjoy himself named Steve Johnson. The designs are really distinctive and, equally distinctive are the sheaths they come with. They have enormous pockets so that you can include all kinds of gear with the knife in one easy pouch. Also, a smaller knife is included called the “Piggyback” which is touted as ” the smallest Adventure blade — cuts like a knife twice its size.” This Piggy back model is made in China, but the full sized knives are all American made.
You can see them at
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