The Best Last-Minute Gift Ideas

There’s still time! We can get some great Christmas gifts to you that will really “WOW” your friends and family. Be sure to take a look at our holiday shipping calendar for details so you can choose the right shipping option at checkout.

If you’re experiencing the freak out associated with last minute shopping, we’ve got you covered. We have a ton of amazing products that are  and ready to ship. We’ve featured some of our favorite last-minute gift ideas below!


Nail Nippers


Stop browsing and start buying – these Concord Executive Nail and Toe Clippers are only $32.95. Buy now!


Nail nippers are another gift that everyone needs, be it on their keychain or by their bedside. We carry the highest quality nail clippers that are going to guarantee a clean snip every time. If you’re looking for some premium, durable options that will stay sharp, Concord Gentleman’s Accessories has you covered. DOVO, absolutely the best grooming company out there, also has great clipper sets that can be attached to your keychain and cuticle cutters that will keep your nail beds tidy. If you’ve finished up most of your shopping but need a handful of stocking stuffers to divvy up, you can’t go wrong with any of these quality nail nipper sets.


Just Launched is proud to announce the launch of a specialty site for home and kitchen products, The new site aims to combine a boutique atmosphere with quality service and low prices. There are refined search options, knife categories, and recommended products to make your shopping experience easier and more enjoyable. As a bonus for a limited time, all orders will receive free shipping!

High Quality Kitchen Knife Luggage from Ultimate Edge

Ultimate Edge High Quality Kitchen Knife Luggage
High Quality Kitchen Knife Luggage from Ultimate Edge

If you have to travel with your kitchen knives, you know what a hassle this can be. There are many knife rolls and bags on the market, but most are designed for the casual user. The Ultimate Edge has designed a line for the professional and those that want the best. The durability of the materials used, the quality of the bags’ construction, and the thoughtfulness that went into the design make these the finest cutlery bags on the market.

See these bags at

More information from Ultimate Edge:

Benchmade Knife Luggage – Knife Attaches and Brag-Bags

Benchmade Knife Luggage - Knife Attaches and Brag-Bags
Benchmade Knife Luggage – Knife Attaches and Brag-Bags
Benchmade Knives has released a great selection of knife luggage items. Leave it to Benchmade Knives to do about the best job we have seen in knife luggage. They have a beautiful attache case that holds up to 11 folding knives. Then, they have a “brag bag” base case that you can add to with additional pages for folding knives and another additional page specifically for fixed blades. These are great items and are really well made. We have some great models from Spyderco as well.

Knife Sets in Travel Cases

Knife Sets in Travel cases
Knife Sets in Travel Cases
There are some great deals on knife sets out there. The quality of these knives is “fair” to “very good” and the value is extraordinary. The set we have from Kershaw, the Camp Trader, is excellent quality.

Spyderco Spyderpacs Carrying Cases

Spyderpac Cases from Spyderco Knives
Spyderpac Carrying Cases from Spyderco Knives
Leave it to Spyderco to come up with the absolute coolest way to carry your precious blades. Top quality construction and an easy Velcro closure system makes these carrying cases a “must have” for all enthusiasts. Spyderco’s name and bug logo are embroidered in gold thread on the closing flap and will be recognizable to those who know- all others will just see a great looking case with no idea what’s in it.