The Best Last-Minute Gift Ideas

There’s still time! We can get some great Christmas gifts to you that will really “WOW” your friends and family. Be sure to take a look at our holiday shipping calendar for details so you can choose the right shipping option at checkout.

If you’re experiencing the freak out associated with last minute shopping, we’ve got you covered. We have a ton of amazing products that are  and ready to ship. We’ve featured some of our favorite last-minute gift ideas below!


Nail Nippers


Stop browsing and start buying – these Concord Executive Nail and Toe Clippers are only $32.95. Buy now!


Nail nippers are another gift that everyone needs, be it on their keychain or by their bedside. We carry the highest quality nail clippers that are going to guarantee a clean snip every time. If you’re looking for some premium, durable options that will stay sharp, Concord Gentleman’s Accessories has you covered. DOVO, absolutely the best grooming company out there, also has great clipper sets that can be attached to your keychain and cuticle cutters that will keep your nail beds tidy. If you’ve finished up most of your shopping but need a handful of stocking stuffers to divvy up, you can’t go wrong with any of these quality nail nipper sets.


Blade Show 2011

The Blade Show 2011.

Schatt and Morgan NEW items

Schatt and Morgan NEW items
Schatt and Morgan NEW items
Some knives are born classics. Schatt and Morgan Knivesare about the finest American made pocket knives made. They have released a beautiful series with “October Harvest Bone” handles. As you can see, they are a beautiful orange color smooth bone and the workmanship on these is second to none. Limited to 600 pieces of each model.
We have the series at
Here is the information from Queen / Schatt and Morgan:

Schatt & Morgan File & Wire Tested Series #4-5 Cotton Knife

Schatt & Morgan File & Wire Tested Series #4-5 Cotton Knife
Schatt & Morgan File & Wire Tested Series #4-5 Cotton Knife
Schatt and Morgan produce knives the old fashioned way- quality built by hand in an American factory. They come up with knives that we like. We always like the odd models and this new one is one of those- a cotton sampler. The blade shape is unique and the quality on this one is superb.
Here is what Schatt and Morgan has to say about this item:
There is no better choice than Schatt & Morgan Select.

Schatt and Morgan President’s Knife 2006

Schatt and Morgan / Queen president's Knife year 2006
Schatt and Morgan / Queen President’s Knife year 2006
Every year the Queen company produces a Schatt and Morgan President’s knife. We try to order them but missed this one a few years back. There were a few left and so we though we would bring them in for our collector customers. These are beautifully done with pearl inlay and the letters “S” and “M” inlaid on each with the opposite color pearl- black in white and white in black. Really gorgeous pieces- that’s why we were positively going to get these in even though we are late with them!
Here is the description from Queen: