Shadow Tech Knives New Tactical Combat Weapons

Shadow Tech Knives is a new brand for us here at the KnifeCenter and we are excited to have them. They bring an entirely new design to the combat knife table with their Scorpion and Stinger models. Fit with cylindrical shaped blades and steep grinds, they were designed to be concealed self defense knives for tactical situations, perfect for stabbing. If those aren’t quite your style, the push daggers with their multi-position carry clip can do all the same jobs and more. They pack a lot of blade into their compact designs and the Kydex sheaths attach easily to any belt. See these new knives from Shadow Tech at

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DPx Gear HEFT Woodsman and Assault Fixed Blades

The DPx HEFT is the bigger, more versatile brother of the original HEST model. Fit with German Sleipner tool steel and hollow removable scales, the knife is ideal for hard use work out in the woods or to protect your life. Available with a 4 or 6 inch blade and in a tactical Assault or camping Woodman configuration, there’s a model to fit everyone’s individual style. You can see these at

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HTM Darrel Ralph DDR Gunhammer Torpedo

Introducing the production version of Darrel Ralph’s custom Gun Hammer folding knife, the Torpedo. This knife is an absolute tank, featuring a lightning fast assisted-opening mechanism and a wicked 3-1/2″ S30V bowie style blade.  The handle is made from thick 3D-machined aluminum  and features a .09″ thick titanium liner lock. It is an overbuilt knife that will stand up to torture, hard use, and anything else you can throw at it. A superb design using top quality materials, the Torpedo makes an excellent combat, tactical, or camp knife and we will be receiving additional variations of this knife soon. You can see them at Continue Reading

New Condor Barong Machete

Condor Tool and Knife Barong Machete Carbon Steel Fixed Blade
New Condor Tool and Knife Barong Machete!

The Filipino Barong Machete is a great choice for several reasons. It is longer than most fighting knives without being measurably heavier – making it a favorite of martial arts folks. It’s a very easy and effective weapon to wield. It is also a favorite of outdoorsmen in the know, as it is weighted towards the front of the blade, making it great for clearing foliage tirelessly.

You can see them at

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Boker Plus Jim Burke NEW Resurrection Folding Knife

Boker Plus Jim Burke Resurrection Folding Knife
Boker Plus Jim Burke NEW Resurrection Folding Knife
This is a reissue of the Mini-Ressurection. Boker Knives has re-released it with slightly thinner liners and blade than the former one, with a 3-3/4″ long blade with a width, This Jim Burke knife doesn’t feel in any way small. The Mini Resurrection and they both have a lot of really great features and top manufacturing quality all rolled into a knife at a great price. It has the wide, heavy blade like the Zero Tolerance and Strider lines, although not quite to that extent. The liner is strong and the G-10 handle is well designed and also massive. There is jimping on the top of the blade for thumb purchase. The wide pocket clip is also a great feature similar to the Kershaw Junkyard Dog and Packrat models. This is a cool knife that will do real work at a great price. You can see them at
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Boker Fred Perrin Shark Neck Knife

Boker Fred Perrin Shark Neck Knife
Boker Fred Perrin Shark Neck Knife
Boker Knives releases a new Fred Perrin designed neck knife. We’ve been selling Fred Perrin designs here at the KnifeCenter of the InterNet for many years. His small fixed blade have had an incredible impact on the knife market from the beginning. This new Boker Magnum SHARK neck knife is true to his form and it is an awesome small knife. The emphasis is on “small” with a mere 1.3 inch cutting edge and a very small overall size, this is a real backup item. It fits snuggly into the Kydex neck sheath.You can see them at
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Gerber Guardian Back-Up Tanto Boot Knife

Gerber Guardian Back-Up Tanto Boot Knife
Gerber Guardian Back-Up Tanto Boot Knife
Gerber Knives has produced the Guardian combat knife forever- it was one of their original combat knives. It has been a mainstay of militaries worldwide for decades. Now, they have released a tanto version. Boot knives have kinda taken a back seat to neck knives in recent years as the back-up knife of choice. Gerber thought it was time to re-visit the boot knife, and bring some of the neck knife styling cues to the other end of your person. They also made sure it was still all Gerber. The Guardian Back-Up Tanto is a perfect low profile boot knife, and it is also very user friendly. The handle is all-weather grip-able, and the sheath tension is adjustable.
You can see this new Gerber Guardian Combat Knife at
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Smith & Wesson HRT Neck Knife

Smith & Wesson HRT Neck Knife
Smith & Wesson HRT Neck Knife
Smith and Wesson Knives has some great models. This new neck knife is awesome. There are a lot of neck knives out there, in all ranges of quality and price. Finding the balance between price and quality is always the tricky part. That task becomes less difficult when the name on the neck knife is Smith & Wesson, and the KnifeCenter price is only $17.95. This is a great knife for the price, and it comes with a great multi-carry position sheath—though you will need to provide your own neck chain!
You can see this item at
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KA-BAR TDI Law Enforcement Folding Knife

KaBar TDI Folding Knives
KA-BAR TDI Law Enforcement Folding Knife
Ka-Bar Knives introduced the TDI Law Enforcement series years ago and they have been adding to it through the years. The TDI knives are designed as last-ditch weapons to be carried in one’s boot or belt. These new models are the first folders in the series. We like the series and respect the design and intent of these weapons. These new models are certain to be useful and well made.
They can be seen at
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Pinkerton Custom Fixed Blades

Pinkerton Custom Fixed Blade
Pinkerton  Custom Fixed Blades
These are beautiful knives. The Pinkerton Customs are custom made fixed blades from Dirk Pinkerton. They’re simple but really different and advanced in their design. The blades are very heavy and the handles are short but adequate. We like these knives and feel that they’re great values.
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