SOG Fatcat ARC Lock Folder 4.5″ Blade

SOG Fatcat ARC Lock Folder 4.5" Blade
SOG Fatcat ARC Lock Folder 4.5″ Blade
SOG has been coming up with some fantastic, high-end knives this year. They are truly some of the finest production items we offer and this new Fatcat is no exception. The Fatcat is the largest and most massive folder SOG has offered but it still has a light and fast feel. The two-tone blade and handle design make it an attractive item. Add the top quality materials and Japanese craftsmanship and that makes it a SOG!
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SOG Tomcat III Carbon Fiber Handle

SOG Tomcat III Carbon Fiber Handle
SOG Tomcat III with Carbon Fiber Handle
The SOG Tomcat is an awesome knife. It is a heavy duty folder with top level materials and manufacturing quality. This latest offering has textured Carbon Fiber handle material and is truly the finest Tomcat we have seen.
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SOG Vulcan Tanto Folders

SOG Vulcan Tanto Folders
SOG Vulcan Tanto Folders
SOG makes some great folders in Japan. The Vulcan series are solid work knives with great style. They are sturdy, well built and fast opening with the ARC lock which is similar in deployment to the Benchmade Axis Locks. These new models with tanto shaped blades arrived in full size and mini and are a welcome addition for those who need the tactical shape.

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SOG Knives Visionary Folders

SOG Visionary Series
SOG Knives Visionary ARC Lock Folders
The SOG ARC lock is a great and easy system that has been in use for several years. Tactical and Stylish” is the theme behind the Visionary. This series features the same spectacular blade design of the Spec Elite series, with the handle of an X-Ray Vision! The Visionary is a member of this high-tech family of folding knives and was created for optimal performance and value. Better still, this knife is further enhanced with SOG’s revolutionary Arc-Lockā„¢ for fast-access and full “lockup.” The Visionary keeps a low profile with its low-reflectivity Black Powder coat finish and glass-reinforced black Zytel handle, keeping it lightweight and comfortable to hold and carry. A reversible clip allows both righties and lefties to carry the Visionary II conveniently in pocket and pack or on vest, belt or jacket. Continue Reading

SOG SOG-TAC Their First Automatic Knife

SOG TAC Auto Opener
It’s a natural for the company like SOG KNIVES that produces mostly tactical knives- both fixed blades and folders, to make an automatic opener. We are glad that it’s one of the finest automatics we have seen. The SOG TAC is all that and more with an intricately machined handle and a super fast blade opening system, it is a tactical weapon all the way. The lockup is super tight with a safety for added security.
This product is controlled the federal government and is available only to police and active duty military.
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